10:40am, 13th September, 2016


Heartbreaks are heart rending situations that are difficult to come out from . A heartbreak is not just an aftermath of a breakup but there is always a deeper meaning associated with it . The pain and modifications due to it are like whirlpools in the consciousness of mind that keep it in a state of flux . Scrutinizing the pain in the wider sense can help you learn lessons from your life . These lessons are not just lessons in textbook format but the lessons which can form the base of who you are . So we present 10 lessons you can learn from heartbreaks which can make you a better you .

1.Knowing your defense mechanism .

Heart breaks familiarise us with our defense mechanism to handle the excruciating pain . We all have our way of handling pain . Some of us like to tackle it by listening to music for hours , a good book a book with a cup of coffee in hand or by exploring new places . So the next time something happens , you know you what to do .


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2 . Learning how to embrace your imperfect self.

Sometimes it is okay not to be okay .It’s okay to feel what we feel . It’s okay to crib and complain. To be okay is not your job but to be a human is and you are already one . So smile and be proud of it .


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3. Knowing who to cling on.

All the pain you handled could be handled because of the people who stayed by your side in your extremes .They held you through when you were there fixing yourself.


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4. Knowing what to value .

When divorce, death of a partner or a break-up happen, not only do you lose the person, but you lose all of the dreams and plans you shared for your future. This forces you to re-evaluate what was missing in your past relationship so you can choose more wisely in your next one. You realize that the people and the relationships you took for granted cannot always stay . Their existence is susceptible to mortality.


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5. Being your own hero

You are the one who crept your way back up . You found your way through the dark . There were people who held your hand when you were growing through it all but you are the one who actually faced it . You won the battle because you wanted to and that is what makes you a hero .


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6. Valuing the good time

The pain helps you to value the good time you have in your life . You start valuing the little jiffies of joy rather than looking for the big happy moments.


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7.Everything in your life has now a better meaning.

The things and people you lost in your life now hold a clear meaning to you . Their absence made you realize their importance . It is now you know now who you want in life.


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8. Time is the greatest teacher and the biggest healer .

Things that matter to you now will not matter in a long run. The dream job and the luxury car you failed to own will not matter 20 years hence. Then you will be sitting narrating the funny story to your kids .


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9.Your greatest strength sometimes lie in your vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability is the greatest measure of courage . It is only when you face the worst , the fact that your vulnerabilities can be your strength dawn on you . You are stronger than you think and imagine . Your extremes polish you to redefine you to a better self.


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10. There are always better possibilities .

The entire world cannot be yours but the little world you own is entirely yours . There is always light at the end of the tunnel .Hold on better things are coming .


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