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Going out for a movie? What to pair up with your dress? I understand, lady. These are some of the most difficult questions in the life of a woman. But to find an answer, you need to be aware of the options available to you. I have listed some of the most common as well as uncommon trends seen in the ‘heeled’ world today. This is just to help you out in the toughest of times!
1. Stilletos

Themost loved, the highest of all high heels are the Stilettos. They are a fashion statement these days and can reach upto 8 inches. Some of them are even platforms due to their enormous height. Be it a party or for regular office hours, stilettos can give you the elegance to turn heads in your direction!


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2. Platform
A Platform can vary in the height of the heel. Its only distinguishing feature is the platform, a thick part of the shoe which is wider under the sole. Due to a lesser difference between the back and the front of the foot, it makes walking comfortable.


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3. Pumps
Pumps, or simply high heels are different from the stilettos because they can go upto 3 or 4 inches, have a low cut around the front and are usually wider. Pumps give you the everyday classy look! Go for them, they’re a great choice!


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4. Ankle Strap Heels
A really magnanimous pair could be the Ankle-Strap Heels which are in vogue these days. A strap that goes around the ankle distinguishes them from the rest. It makes walking easier. Though its height can vary, the style statement is usually appreciated.


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5. Sling-Back Heels.
These pairs of heels, known as the Sling-Back Heels are like the ankle strap ones, instead the heel has a strap that wraps itself around the back of your foot heel to provide balance. They look gracious while being stable!


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6. The Wedges
The Wedges are very much seen on streets these days because of the comfort they provide. Wedge heels are flush, just like any other high heel but without a separation from the heel to the sole. They are a great match for skirts and jeans alike.


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7. Peep Toe Heels
The most common, can be seen in ballrooms, malls, workplaces or libraries are the Peep Toe Heels. They are named so because your fingers get a chance to peep out of the sandal! And that adds to it’s grace because your beautiful toe nails and their vibrant nail enamels can be easily visible to onlookers. Isn’t it just great?


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8. Kitten Heels
The tiny Kitten Heels are great for work places where you don’t need extra height and you have to walk for hours! They’re really comfortable and go with every outfit you wear. They are cutest pair you can find in stores.


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9. Cork High Heels
Cork High Heels, made of a material named cork can be found in all shapes and sizes. The cork material helps to provide comfort to the wearer. These heels have a much softer base and and a more established step. Many working ladies prefer these nowadays!


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10. The Mules.
There are heels which cover the front of the foot neatly, may be leaving the toe sometimes! These trendy pairs are known as the Mules. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn on almost any attire, Indian or Western. Corset Heels, come from the same family, being the ones that are tied from both the sides, thus goes the name.


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11. Spool Heels
We also see heels which are thicker at the sole, and then they meander inwards towards the other end, making its neck thin and protrude out at the base. These are known as spool heels. They look exactly like a spool of thread woven together. The French or the Louis Heels are kind of Spools but with a naughty curve at their end!


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12. Ball Room Dance Shoes
The most elegant of them all are the Ballroom Dance Shoes with a strap going round the back of the foot along the ankle for providing support. They are generally low in height but they give you the lift you require! They can be matched at weddings and dance lessons alike.


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13. High Heeled Boots.
Want to look sexy in winters? Go for a pair of High Heeled Boots! They can be worn under denim, skirts or even dresses. Your gait would be admirable, trust me!


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14. Oxford Heels.
Now we come to the grand Oxford Heels which have come on scene lately. They provide you with a formal yet ravishing look. They have a flat base but rise much higher than a traditional Oxford pair. Doesn’t the name itself suggest that something flamboyant is in store for you?

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15. Chunky Heels.
You might have seen women these days wearing heels as high as stilettos but with a base that is broad and wide and typically square. Have you wondered what they might be called? They’re called Chunky Heels. Yes, lady. Chunky Heels!


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16. Espadrille Heels
Espadrille Heels are the most diverse. They can have a traditional flat base or even a heel. They can also have a wedge base! They have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a plaited fibre sole usually made of jute. This style has originated in Pyrenees.


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17. Fantasy Heels
What’s fantasy? Anything and everything. Isn’t it? It is difficult to define it. So are the Fantasy Heels. They come in random shapes and sizes, can take any form, can make you look like the Eiffel Tower or you’ll be left touching the ground. Who knows who wears them? They’re different. They’re distinct. They can be spotted in a crowd. Try hunting for them, they are worth having!


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We all love wearing heels. Now, all you have to do is, go in a store and ask for the one you want without giving a long description! Just name it. Name it with style.

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