How to pick up hot chicks? 8 Tips from Barney’s ‘The Playbook’

Barney Stinson, from the hit sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is one of the most popular characters on television. And, those who’re into this serial must know about “The Playbook” by Barney.

To those who are unaware of what this incredible book is, let me enlighten you by describing, in Barney’ words “every scam, con, hustles, hoodwink, gambit, flim flam, stratagem, and bamboozle, to pick up chicks (and give ‘em the base)”

Here I have created a list of hand-picked top tricks from The Playbook so you too can learn how to “Suit up. Score Chicks. Be Awesome.”  just like our favorite Barney Stinson.

1. The Author 

If you have an eye on a hottie who is reading a book, probably in a library or a café, peek into the title and author of the book and memorize it. Then approach her in a confident manner and introduce yourself as the author of that very book and ask her whether she likes it or not. And voila! That will do the rest.

According to Barney, this will get you back to her place for “Speed Read.”


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2. The Brian’s Friend

Everybody knows somebody named Brian (Well in US, yeah!), isn’t it true? All left to do is go to the girl and say, “Hey, it’s great to see you again! I feel silly, I forgot your name.” Of course she will deny knowing you. Simply say “I’m Brian’s friend.” It’s bound to work with its 90% success rate.

PS: To let this work on Indian soil I would suggest you to replace “Brian” with Aakash or Aditya or Shubham. Tell us if it works for you.


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3. The My Penis Grants Wishes

Dress like a genie and tell her that ‘it’ can make her desires true.

It goes somewhat like this,

Girl: Really? A genie comes out of it?

Barney: Only if you rub it hard enough. *wink*


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 4. The Don’t Drink That

Considered as a basic trick, rush towards a girl who is about to sip her drink and stop her from taking it while warning her “Hey! Don’t drink that! I saw some guy slipped something into it” and point towards a friend or someone maybe. This way you get the trust required to move forward with your plays. The rest is your inner skills how you woo a woman. A perfect ice-breaker and a decent initiator.


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5. The SNASA

Be in your best suit, look sophisticated and sound intelligent. To break the ice, use “I’m actually in a top secret government space programme called Secret NASA, *dramatic pause* or SNASA.” She might well ask in laymen’s words like moon stuff or something, of which reply smart stating, “not the Moon you’re familiar with. I’ve been to the SMOON.” Just don’t forget to add the class.

Sit back, sip your drink and watch her being amazed.


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6. The Billionaire

Step 1: “Accumulate a billion dollars.”

Step 2: “Sleep with women”

Barney swears this will work with a 100% success rate and it attracts “any woman throughout space and time.”


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7. The Terminator 

You’re the terminator! Hell yeah! Pretend that you’re a robot and reach up to any girl in terminator style and say, “I’ve been sent from the future to save you. We must go. Come with me now.” Add “We have to go to the chopper” for extra effort. The success rate is uncertain but it sure deserves a try.


 Image source :

8. The Hot Dude 

This is so far the easiest and most assuring of all. All you need to do is “be really attractive” and then, according to Barney, “have sex with chicks.”  If you have a handsome face and swimmer’s body, this has 100% success rate.


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So these are few of the amazing plays mentioned in The Playbook which may or may not work, who cares! But we all are sure that it is fun & amazing and, shows your love and trust for one of the brilliant and most lovable shows How I Met Your Mother and Barney.

And, if you try any of the above-mentioned plays and tricks kindly let us know which one of it worked for you.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be LEGEN-wait for it-DARY.


* The Barney wink 😉 *

Terrorist Attack in Istanbul. When will they stop?

Imagine if you’re travelling to your home country from a foreign place. Your mother would be waiting for you, craving to see you again, to hold you in her arms and hear from you about how your life is going. Now imagine what if you don’t make it. The last thing she hears about you is maybe a phone call from the authorities that tells her that you were killed in an attack, or maybe worse she sees you on television dead. Just think as to what would happen to her if that ever happened to her. Despite your good fortune there are many people around the world today who are going through this.

Istanbul attack 1

Image source :

Istanbul has been the location of three attacks in 2016, including two suicide attacks in January and in March that were both linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and a car bombing in early June claimed by the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons. The most recent attack in Istanbul was seen at Atatürk Airport. It is known to be Europe’s third busiest airport in passenger traffic. It was started in 1924 and renamed in 1980. The airport has two passenger terminals, one domestic and one international. The airport will be closed after the massive Istanbul New Airport – planned to be the largest in the world – opens in the Arnavutkoy district. Its first phase is due to be operational in 2017. There are X-ray scanners at the entrance to the terminal but security checks for cars are limited. The first bomb went off on the ground floor at the arrivals terminal, the second one went off on the first floor at the entrance to the departure terminal and the final one went off at the car park terminal.

The three suicide bombers claimed the life of 41 people and 239 were injured. At least 13 of those killed were of foreign nationality. 109 of those hurt have now been discharged from hospital. One Iranian and one Ukrainian were confirmed dead. British counter-terrorism officials claimed the pattern and signs of the attack point towards IS being the culprits. The lack of any immediate claim for this attack by so-called Islamic State is not surprising. IS rarely claims responsibility for attacks against the Turkish state yet it is quick to advertise its assassinations of Syrian activists inside Turkey.

Istanbul attack 2

Image source :

IS has been targeting Turkey because it sees its government as being un-Islamic. Their attempt at taking the law and work of gods into their own hands has again led to massacre of innocents. Not only have they been spreading incorrect values in the name of Islam but they have even massacred innocents in the name of a religion that forbids murder. US and the rest of the world has been steadfast in its support for Turkey. Our hearts go out for the families of the victims of the attack.

May God have peace on the souls of the lost ones and may he ease the pain of the victim’s families.



Here’s why you should support the LGBTQ Petition.

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”– These were the words of Alice walker in her Pulitzer-winning novel ‘The Color Purple’. And in India after long decades of ignoring the color purple (later turned rainbow) community, it seems the ignorance really pissed off the LGBTQ celebs and they finally are out for justice.

It is the first time in India that the affected people themselves moved to Supreme Court, against the Colonial-Era Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which restrict and criminalised homosexuality. The petitioners are the notable faces of the community, which Includes journalist Sunil Mehra, dancer N.S. Johar, chef Ritu Dalmia, hotelier Aman Nath, and business executive Ayesha Kapur.

What is the petition about?

Support LGBTQ Matchbox 1

Image source :

According to The Times of India report on June 28, 2016, the petitioners argued that section 377 hurts their Right to Life, guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.

The 716-page petition reads, “The petitioners are lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGBT) citizens of India whose rights to sexuality, sexual autonomy, choice of sexual partner, life, privacy, dignity, and equality, along with the other fundamental rights guaranteed under Part-III of Constitution, are violated by Section 377,”

Their petition also talks about the huge contribution of the petitioners in their fields, and regardless of their achievements, IPC Section 377 make them criminal in their own nation, it quotes “Despite their achievements and contributions to India in various fields, they are being denied the right to sexuality, the most basic and inherent of fundamental rights. Section 377 renders them criminals in their own country,”

This petition which was drafted by a team of lawyers, including Saurabha Kripal, Arundhati Katju, Himanshu Suman and Menaka Guruswamy, further quotes, “Section 377 criminalizes the very existence of LGBT people by criminalizing their sexuality, an attribute which is as inherent and intrinsic to a person as their race or gender. Sexuality lies at the core of a human being’s persona. Sexual expression, in whatever form, between consenting adults in the privacy of a home ought to receive protection of fundamental rights.

However, on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, senior Indian National Congress leader and lawyer Kapil Sibal and Arvind Datar argued for petitioners after which a two-judge bench of Justice SA Bobde and Justice Ashok Bhushan referred the petition to chief Justice of India (CJI) TS Thakur for ‘appropriate orders’. ”A decision on similar petitions is already pending in the apex court. A five-judge constitution bench is looking into all the curative petitions in this regard.” said the apex court bench.

There’s a history to this:

Support LGBTQ Matchbox 2

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In February this year the Supreme Court has already agreed to hear a Curative Petition that challenges the validity of Section 377, and it will be heard by a 5-judge bench. It is most likely that this new petition might also be heard together with the earlier pending Curative petition, “The CJI will now decide if petition is to be heard along with curative petition already pending in SC,’’ -the apex court bench further added.

Earlier, in December 2013 the Supreme Court reversed a Delhi high court verdict that decriminalised consensual homosexual acts. The High Court in July 2013 declared unconstitutional a part of Section 377 that criminalises unnatural sex, saying, “the section denies a gay person a right to full personhood…”

Though it overturned the High Court order, the Supreme Court left it to Parliament to take the final call on the controversial law.

What is the take of political parties on Section 377?

Support LGBTQ Matchbox 3

Image source :

The majority view in the political class is against relaxing Section 377. During 2014 general elections parties like AAP and CPI (M) brought the issue on their manifesto but it is really hard to say if they’re serious about it or not. In the Winter and Budget session of the Parliament, the Indian National Congress MP Shashi Tharoor twice brought his private bill against section 377 but he not only failed but also had to suffer humiliating comments from his fellow MPs. While the governing BJP-led NDA government has no particular stand on the issue. Apparently, in the LGBTQ community it is considered that BJP and other saffron allies are not so okay with homosexuality; however after the statement of Finance Minister in support of scraping section 377, it appears BJP have softened their inflexible position against homosexuality.

Religion and their sentiments.

Support LGBTQ Matchbox 4

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When it comes to several religious groups, it seems they are also not okay with homosexuality. The All India Muslim personal law board and a Christian group are opposing changes in Section 377, saying they had “cogent” arguments against decriminalising homosexuality. In fact, they were among the petitioners who successfully opposed the High Court verdict in the Supreme Court. 

However, spiritual leader and the founder of Art of Living Foundation Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his December 11, 2013, tweets revealed “Homosexuality has never been considered a crime in Hindu culture. In fact, Lord Ayyappa was born of Hari-Hara (Vishnu & Shiva). Homosexuality-not a crime in any Smriti. Everyone has male & female elements. According to their dominance, tendencies show up & may change.”  Sri Sri also mentioned it will be ridiculous to brand someone criminal because of their sexual preferences, “Nobody should face discrimination because of their sexual preferences. To be branded a criminal for this is absurd.”

It’s time…

Support LGBTQ Matchbox 5

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Not only LGBTQ community but also many supporters of equality are religiously waiting for the Supreme Court’s positive response. In their fight for the identity, privacy, dignity, equality, freedom of choice of sexual partner and the basic right to live with one’s own sexual preference without suffering discrimination, the LGBTQ community should always stay together and remember what author Larry Kramer said in his classic novel Faggots “There will always be enemies. Time to stop being your own.”


Article Source: PTI, Times of India, and
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Top 10 Instagram Accounts Not to be missed by street photographers & lovers.

Instagram could make you go viral in 3 hours. Beyond gaining attention, followers and fans , Instagram is also exposing the world of art to everyone. With all kinds of photos from artistic to stylistic, personal to commercial it also gives a valuable knowledge to the diverse category of interested audiences on photography. Here are Top 10 Instagram Accounts that you must follow if you love street photography.

These are few selected accounts which is related to street art photography. Check, follow and and get inspired.

1. @Gustaviminas


2. @todd_gross


3. @m_mateos


4. @rollie6x6


5. @tavepong_street


6. @halberstam


7. @jaspertejano


8. @aaronbergerfoto


9. @shinnoguchiphotos


10. @burnmagazine


There are 150 million active users on Instagram. Each of them sharing their vision of the world and each of them surfing through the plethora of colours and perspectives. Why don’t you create one on your passion and interest? Probably you will also be featured in the next top 10 Instagram accounts! 

Feature image: @davidalanharvey

Ladies coach of the Delhi metro is not always smooth ! Read out how

The Delhi metro has a railway track extending on 213 kms across NCR. Proudly it makes around 2000 trips daily from morning 5.30 to 12 midnight. Each trip has only 1 ladies coach allotted specially for ladies. And the total population of Delhi is approx 1.7 crores whereas the population of ladies only in Delhi is 80 lakhs. Calculations states about 50% are ladies across NCR. Read out what happens when the metro is delayed and how it adjusts such a number in its ladies coach.


“When I think about life I think of – Life is not in the destination. It is in the journey.”
Well, not anymore… Journey my foot!

The other day I walked into a overcrowded platform on a metro station seven stations away from my place in Delhi. Normally a journey from there to my station which is Mayur Vihar Extension would take not more than 20 minutes. But today it seemed like there had been no metro for a long time. The platform was so crowded that people had now begun to queue down upto the staircase leading to the platform. Clearly there was a technical issue with the metro. I waited for another 10 minutes before the train arrived.

Scene I

As soon as I got in they started playing a pre-recorded announcement in the metro …
Male Voice (In Hindi): ” Is seva me thoda vilambh hoga. Asuvidha ke liye khed hai. “
Immediately followed by the same in English –
Female Voice (In English): “There will be a short delay in this service. We apologise for the inconvenience.”
I parked myself next to the door right in front of the one I came in from. The platform for my station arrives on the other side so its convenient to already be next to the door when it opens. That’s about my destination which apparently is not important! What’s important is the journey… but my journey refused to begin. So the doors of the metro remained open. All the possible crowd on the platform, beyond the platform and on the staircase had now boarded.
Me (thinking): What the hell are they waiting for ?
After 5 minutes in the stationary metro… Again …the pre-recorded announcement-
Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “
Female Voice: “There will be a short delay…”
Me (thinking): Fineeee… Now move…
It finally started moving after another 5 minutes. It only managed to pull itself upto the next station. Obviously, when the entire nation is inside one train how can it move faster than that? We’ve not developed that kind of technology yet. As if one nation was not enough as soon as the doors opened another nation-full of people barged in.
Me (thinking): Hahaha… Somebody tell them the train is not moving. They look so happy to squeeze in!
Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “
Female Voice: “There will be a short delay…”
The same repeated from station to station. The announcement kept coming at periodical intervals pissing the hell out of me and everybody around me.


Image source :

Scene II

By this time I could hardly move. The crowd was overwhelming. Moreover I was in the Ladies’ coach – a no mercy zone for girls. Normally one would get breathable space in a general compartment becuase they are cautious of a lady being around. In the ladies coach the only mercy is when men enter the compartment and refuse to leave. One can call the women safety number and register a complaint.
Here it was bad. Overcrowded. Can’t move. Can’t breath. Some girl behind me broke the ice …
Damsel-in-distress 1: “Someone please call the women safety number.”
Damsel-in-distress 2: “And say what?… There are too many ladies in the ladies’ compartment?”
Silence… Announcement :
Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “
Me: “Somebody punch this guy who is announcing”
Chorus from the ladies: “Yeah… Yeah… Punch him man! Just shut that thing!”


Image sorce :

Scene III

Next station: More ladies try to push themselves in.
In general from the metro crowd: “There is no bloody space in here. Don’t … Ohhhhhh… Ohh… Damn”
We are squeezed into each other’s faces. Two friends standing together got separated inside the metro because of the crowd.
Damsel-in-distress 1 (lovingly to her friend): “Monaaaa…”
Damsel-in-distress 2 (a.k.a. Mona): *No response*
Everyone in the metro is looking for Mona now.
Damsel-in-distress 1 (lovingly again): “Monaaaa…”
Me (thinking): Where the hell is this Mona?!
Damsel-in-distress 2 (a.k.a. Mona) (very lovingly): “Yeaaaahh…”
Damsel-in-distress 1 (lovingly again): “Monaaaa…”
Fists tighten in the crowd.
Me (thinking) : Punch her!
Damsel-in-distress 1 (continues): “How long until Yamuna Bank Station?”
Sniggering in the crowd. *No response from Mona* … More sniggering.
Announcement- Male voice: ” Is seva me thoda vilambh…. “


Image source :

Scene IV

One station away from my station.
Me (to those closer to the door) – “I’m getting off at the next station. Do you want to reshuffle so that I can come in the front? “
Girl-in-the-front: ” Umm… I prefer breathing at regular intervals. It’s my hobby. Do you mind adjusting next to me instead?”
Me (Moving next to her) : “Yeah… I’d like to breath too…”
Now a girl two rows behind me wanted to get off as well. She was trying to make her way closer to the door in turn pushing all of us forward. Then as she failed miserably –
Pushy Girl (to the girl right behind me): “Are you getting off at the next station?”
Girl-behind-me (As rude as possible): “No. But you please get off!”
Pushy Girl: “How can I get off if you don’t let me move forward.”
Girl-behind-me : “I don’t know that. But please do get off.”
Finally when my station arrived and the train came to a halt I saw that there were more ladies waiting to board the only train that had arrived on their platform after ages. I announced in general to the girls around me:
Me: “I can’t tell you how happy I am that I’m getting off.”
They all glared at me. Fists tightened. Before I could get punched the doors opened and I leaped out in relief. Destination sweet destination!


Image source :

We would love to know your experience with ladies coach at Delhi metro. Do write to us at

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Everything Explained about Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale

So, the Game of Thrones Season Finale is finally out and has surely ignited a fire of cravings for more of it.

The Finale is a pack of lots of Shocking deaths i.e. more or less the beauty of the season, Vengeance acts, Memories, Revelations, Revolutions, Thrones and the Queens. George has truly done more than what we can call justice with the Finale. If you haven’t seen the Finale yet, trust us, reading this article will help you to sustain your position as a Game of Thrones fan.

1. For peace or not, but The Sept rests now… Forever

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6

Image Source:

The episode starts with Loras’s trial, which doesn’t take too long as he confesses to all his crimes and agrees to join the faith militant. It was now time for Cersei’s trial except she wasn’t there nor was The King. Shady, right? Well it was. A major explosion happened then and there. It created the largest death bed after The Red Wedding, with the ashes of Margarey, Loras and Mace Tyrell, Lancel and Kevan Lannister, the High Sparrow and all his little Sparrows.

2. House Tyrell left of no heir

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 1

Image Source:

The death of Margarey along with her Father and Brother left House Tyrell no heir. Olenna Tyrell is full of vengeance and she joins hands with House Martel.

3. The fall of King Tommen

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 2

Image Source:

Margarey’s death and her blood on his mother’s hand left Tommen of no choice other than opting for a peaceful death. The beauty of the scene lies in how complementing the silence was with the way Tommen chose to self-murder i.e. not uttering a word and jumping from the window of the King’s Landing in his grief.

4. Iron Throne gets a Mad Queen

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 3

Image Source:

For those who haven’t guessed it yet, the explosion that consumed the Sept was of the wildfire. Cersei chose to burn thousands of innocent including the Tyrells to burn alive in order to avenge the pain and disrespect few gave her. She has also kept the Septa – The Shame Nun captive. After Tommen’s death she’s the only one left alive near the throne and so she now sits on the Iron Throne as the Queen. Jamie reaches King’s Landing at the time of crowning ceremony and the glances exchanged between him and Cersei showed how lost they both were now. After all of this, it won’t be wrong for people to see her as a Mad Queen just like the late Mad King. Would it?

5. Arya back in game, working on her list

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 4

Image Source:

At the Twins, Walder Frey is celebrating over his victory over the Starks. When in next scene he has been served a pie by “a girl”.  Anything more needed to say?

6. The Red Priestess banished from the North

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 5

Image Source:

Ser Davos confronts Melisandre, with the toy that he finds in burnt state, in front of Jon. She confesses her act but also she believes it to be just the will of the Fire God. Jon banishes her from the North and promises to execute her if she’s ever seen in North.

7. Tyrion rightfully the “Hand of The Queen”

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 6

Image Source:

With Daenerys having her army and ships, she is all set to sail to the Westeros. But, Tyrion makes her realize the liability that her love for Daario might become in future. She not only takes his advice and breaks up with Daario, but also names Tyrion, The Hand of the Queen just as his father was to hers.

8. Littlefinger’s dreams… Iron Throne and Sansa

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 7

Image Source:

Well the man who is the foundation of all the wars for Iron Throne couldn’t be expected to be not mesmerised by the thought of conquering it. But, as he tells Sansa, he wants it along with Sansa and offers her to sideline Jon whom he calls the Bastard not for north.

9. Revelation of the Third Dragon i.e. the R+L=J code

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 8

Image Source:

Brandon Stark, now the third eyed raven goes into his vision where he saw his father at the Tower of Joy (in Episode 6). It is finally revealed that the screams that Ned heard were of Lyanna Stark. She is seen in a state of heavy bleeding, the brother-sister bonding shown in the scene touches one’s heart deep. The biggest highlight of the scene is the moment when Lyanna hands over a child to Ned and asks him to Promise her to protect the child. This in fact is the revelation of the biggest and oldest fan theory R+L=J which means Jon Snow is not Ned’s son but in fact Mad King’s and Lyanna Stark’s son, which makes him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

10. Jon Snow– The King in the North

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 9

Image Source:

Jon and Sansa’s homely comfort could be easily sensed in their small conversation about trusting each other and how “Winter is here” and how Ned always promised it.

Our favorite Lyanna Mormont shows a classic example of how The North Remembers and declares Jon Snow her king which leads to a wave of shame in other houses of the North. All the warden pleads for Jon’s forgiveness and reunites the North by declaring him The White Wolf- The King in the North. The fierce chanting did make our heart go away.

11. Khaleesi sailing to Westeros with the Tyrells, the Martells and the Greyjoys.

Game_of_Throne_Finale_Events_Season 6 10

Image Source:

Khaleesi has set a classic example of a true queen by uniting The Tyrells, The Martels, The Greyjoys, The Unsullied, The Khalasar and of course her Dragons. The ending couldn’t have been more perfect with Khaleesi, her dragons and her massive fleet, all ready to crush the Seven kingdoms and with all having their favorite ones for all the different reasons.

The words before the release of the Game of Thrones season 6 Finale were all about how it’s the longest episode in the season’s history. It diverted the audience’s minds from all the events that may take place to the quantity of content that the longest episode might hold.

But, those who have seen the season finale must know how captive the Finale was, that even the increased length couldn’t satiate our hearts.

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Crowd Free Alternatives to Famous Vacation Spots in India

You don’t like crowd and crowded places, we know. Nobody likes it. All the famous vacation spots in India are getting so crowded that you have to stand in a ‘Q’ everywhere you go. It just gets into your nerves, doesn’t it?

So, we present to you the greatest alternatives to the greatest vacation spots in India. And trust us; all of these are crowd free! Go explore!

Kodaikanal Instead of Coorg for a Wanderer

The beauty of both the hill stations is unquestionably incomparable but, Kodaikanal – The Princess of hills has an advantage of still having some secret hideouts over the completely explored Coorg – Scotland of India.

1. kodiakanal

Image source :

Gokarna for beaches rather than Goa

We might have an unfair bias for Goa – the ultimate destination amongst youth looking for beaches, alcohol & parties. But Gokarna is no less! It is a perfect getaway for travellers seeking solace and tranquillity while they indulge in the serendipitous aura of the place.

2. g

Image source : bp.blogspot

Havelock Island is Far More Peaceful Than Palolem

Although each island of Andaman has their own exceptional beauty but, if you ever have to choose between the famous Palolem and not so famous Havelock Island, choose the latter one without any second thoughts. It is one among the few inhabited islands of Andaman & Nicobar. Havelock is commonly known for its rich marine life, white sand beaches and dense evergreen forests.

3. havelock

Image source :

Lahaul & Spiti is a Pocket-Friendly alternative to Ladakh

The Spiti Valley is surrounded by lofty mountain ranges and the Spiti River rushes through south-east of this valley in order to meet River Sutlej. The valleys are characteristically desert mountainous area. Buddhist monasteries and the magnificent natural beauty have given a unique distinct look to Lahaul and Spiti. It offers all the terrains of Ladakh in lesser money and lesser travel time.

4. ladakh

Image source :

Kasol for Travellers whereas Manali for Tourists

The beauty that Parvati and Beas bring to these places is incomparable. But Kasol has both a whole bag of adventures as well as completely secluded places to offer, whereas Manali fails to give the latter one.

5. kasol

Image source :

Mcleodganj instead of Shimla

Mcleodganj is architecturally grand as it has many temples, monasteries and ancient structures that catch the eye of the beholder. The crowd here is highly diversified.

6. mcleo..

Image source :

Gurez Valley or Gulmarg

Gurez is a valley located deep in the high Himalayas, about 133 km from Srinagar. It is a beautiful combination of mountains, valleys and rivers.

7. gurez

Image source :

Hampi or Mahabalipuram – The choice is yours

Hampi was declared as World Heritage Site in the year 1986. The pompous group of monuments at Hampi gives you an opportunity to satiate your desire of exploring ancient relics. Apart from Heritage it offers an unimaginably serene artificial lake and is also one of the Hippie shelters of India.

8. hampi lake

Image source :

Mahabalipuram is renowned worldwide for rock carvings and monolithic sculptures. In fact various sculptures of Mahabalipuram have inspired those in Cambodia, Annam and Java. The sculptures were carved from local granite, and are categorised into four categories; Rock-cut caves, Monolithic temples or rathas, hewn out of a large boulder, Bas-reliefs in the open air, Structural temples.

9. hampi tempel

Image source :

India is truly gifted in terms of natural beauty and historical heritage. We have enough to explore and it’s never going to end. So chose your next vacation spot and go on a merry ride!

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Is it right to arrest Bihar Fake Topper Ruby Rai?

This Father’s day, we all said our dad is the best. But trust me none can match Ruby Rai’s Dad. Ruby Rai as we know is the fake topper who brought disgrace to the state and at the same time broke a “Topper Scam” in the state, which gives the highest number of bureaucrats.

On Saturday last week, Ruby Rai appeared for the re-test and failed to answer the majority of questions. After which she was arrested by the Special Investigating Team and sent to Patna’s Beur Jail. As per media reports in an interrogation, she said that she only told her father to manage her results, but her father made her the topper, “Maine to Papa se kaha tha pass karwa dijiye, unhone ne to top hi karwa diya.(I had asked Papa to see that I pass but he went ahead and made me topper),”  

Rubi Rai during her retest.

Image Source:

Ms. Rai also revealed that Bachcha Rai, the director-cum-principal of Vishun Roy College was her distant relative. Vishun Roy College is the same college, which allegedly produced fake toppers in Bihar State Board Examinations. Science Fake topper Saurabh Shreshtha was also from the same college.

However, Ms. Rai’s arrest divided the government and some even criticized by asking, why is 17-year-old being arrested for what her father did? After it was found that Ms. Rai is not fit to be a topper, the BSEB announced Kirti Bharti, who secured 408 out of 500 in the examination, as the state topper.

“Biharis suffer a lot of “sautela” treatment, already.”

The topper scam brought a lot of shame to the state, but Bihar is not in isolation, flaws and cheating cases have come to light from other states too. For example recently, similar news where a student corrected his own exam copy came from Gujarat. It will be unfair to look at Bihar and Biharis with a sense of joke and hatred; it’s system’s flaw and similar flaws have been seen in other state’s system too, VYAPAM scam of Madhya Pradesh was the result of one of such flaws. Biharis suffer a lot of “sutela” treatment, already.

What do you feel? Is there any solution to the flaws in our education system?
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Missing Messi after he Missed Out

“We are all ordinary.
We are all boring.
We are all spectacular.
We are all shy.
We are all bold.
We are all heroes.
We are all helpless.
It just depends on the day.”  – Brad Meltzer

I was one of the many Albiceleste Jersey No. 10 fans all geared up in front of the television at the wee hours expecting the jinx would be broken. As fate would have it, the day turned out pretty awkward for football fans all across – Argentines and Messi were running helter skelter looking for their mojo, Spanish tiki-taka was pressed into oblivion by the un-characteristic high pressing attack of Azzurri and if these were not enough English suffered another exit from a European rendezvous and the canons for rubbing the wound were fired by a non-European Union member (can’t get worse for them, can it?). The reports splashed across all media are talking about decline of Spanish team, mass exodus of Argentine flag bearers and loss of talent in English Premier League once Britain’s exit from EU is inked.

“What struck in the grand finale was no less than a lightning bolt.”

It won’t be an understatement to say that Lionel Andre Messi is the best footballer of his generation, 5 Ballon d’Ors do justice to this testimony. He has all the stars pinned to his chest, any footballer worth his salt would aspire for but the central spot in his trophy cabinet still lies vacant. This was third year in succession when he had carried his team to an International tournament’s finale, his fans hoping he would turn out to be ‘third time lucky’ and fill the vacant spot in the cabinet. The euphoria was built on his self-bettering performances in each game even though he missed the first game; the highlights included a hat-trick in 19 minutes against Panama and an awe-inspiring free-kick against the US in semifinal which perched him to the top of the International goal scorer list for his country. It all seemed magical and lifting the cup looked like the next logical step. What struck in the grand finale was no less than a lightning bolt, dampening the mood of all and sundry. Messi is revered for converting the set pieces and nobody could have imagined him missing a penalty and getting crowned as the next ‘Miss Penalty’ (sic). The news trickled in moments after the ceremony that Messi has expressed his desire to stop appearing in Whites & Blues. Not far behind were his fellow teammates signalling that there could be more following his suit.


Messi Missed

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The way in which pundits are writing obituaries of glorious past of some modern greats (individuals & teams), the question lurking around the corner is – who’ll carry the baton of ‘role model’ in Football, who would be the ‘new kid on the block’ and who would a blossoming Messi want to get transformed into – a national hero la Pele or Maradona or a flawed genius doppelganger? 

Food for thought may be!

Swamy Vs Jaitely: The War of Tweets & Other things!

In the olden times, in every war, there used to be war elephants who thrashed enemies without mercy. But these elephants had a problem, after a while they get into musth and become mad. They run anywhere and sometimes turn on their own army, breaking their own lines. Although, Subramanian Swamy cannot be compared with an elephant, his occasional bouts can be compared with its musth. 

Nominated Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy is known for his “news boiling” statements and his long love of opposing elected governments. Recently he came to news again when he started a proxy war against Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Mr. Swamy’s first attack was on the Ex-RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, and recently after Rajan quit, it seemed like Mr. Swamy won the first round of his battle against the Finance minister but on June 27, 2016 in an interview with Times Now’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Prime Minister Modi, without taking the name criticized Mr. Swamy’s allegation on Ex-RBI Governor by saying “My experience with him has been good and I appreciate the work that he has done. He is no less patriotic. He loves India. Wherever he will work, he will work for India and he is patriotic,”

Swamy Vs Jaitley

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Prime Minister also gave his message loud and clear by defending the Finance Minister and mentioning that such statements for publicity will not be tolerated, he said “whether it is in my party or not, I think such things are inappropriate. This fondness for publicity is never going to do any good to the nation. People should conduct themselves with utmost responsibility. If anybody considers himself above the system, it is wrong.”

What do I have to do with what Jaitley said or did not say? I speak to the Prime Minister and the (BJP) party president when required.” – Swamy.

Earlier this month Mr. Swamy bombarded a lot of tweets against the Finance Minister and his officers in the Ministry. Which made Mr. Jaitley upset and he recently tweeted “An unfair and false attack on a disciplined civil servant in the Finance Ministry”. He also said, “The government has full confidence in chief economic advisor Mr. Arvind Subramanian. His suggestions from time to time are of great value. The party has said that we don’t share Mr. Swamy’s view…The constraints of their offices prevent some people (the CEA) from responding.”

However, Mr. Swamy in his own style tweeted back, “What do I have to do with what Jaitley said or did not say? I speak to the Prime Minister and the (BJP) party president when required.” Although Prime Minister Modi clearly chose his side by supporting Mr. Jaitley, and it was very obvious too, as BJP might not have forgotten Mr. Swamy’s famous tea party in 1999 that led to the downfall of Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government where he hosted Indian National Congress President Sonia Gandhi as the guest of honor (Yes! Sonia Gandhi) and according to Tamil Nadu CM and AIADMK leader Jayalalithaa, the sole idea of the Party was to bring down the one-year-old and first ever elected Hindu nationalist government.

Aggressive tweets of Mr. Swamy confirm his ambitions of becoming Finance Minister. This fight between the two eminent Leaders of BJP is getting interesting day by day, what do you think, where will it end?