RSS to don new uniforms from Dasara

BJP’s ideological mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has decided to change its 90-year-old trademark attire Khaki knickers to the brown trousers, from Vijayadashami this year, for which the sale has already kicked off with starting price Rs 250 per piece.

As governing Bharatiya Janata Party’s ideological mentor RSS will officially adopt its new uniform or “Ganavesh” (as Sangh cadre call it) on its foundation day, this Vijayadashami, on October 11, 2016, at its Headquarters in Nagpur; almost 7 lakh trousers will be provided to ‘swayamsevaks’ in the first phase, said the RSS source to news agency PTI.

According to Manmohan Vaidya the head of RSS’ communication department, “Around 2 lakh full pants have already reached offices of organisation in various states that is being provided to all its members.”

The raw material of the brown trousers was produced in the textile town of Bhilwara in Rajasthan but stitched in Haryana’s Gurgaon and several other places.

The price of full pants ranges between Rs 250 for a 24 inches waist size to Rs 360 for a 46 inches waist size.

RSS New Pants

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However, Mocking the decision of BJP’s ideological mentor, former Rail Minister, and Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prashad Yadav, said earlier this March that it is Bihar’s former Chief Minister and his wife Rabri Devi who forced RSS to switch the dress code. As in a controversial statement this January, Rabri Devi has said, “Aren’t the RSS oldies ashamed to wear half pants in public?”

In his tweet, Mr. Yadav wrote, “Rabri Devi has forced Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh to change its dress code.” Adding to it he also said, “we will again make them return in half pants”.

Although it is not the first time that the Hindu nationalist organization has changed its uniform, with the course of time they have always updated their dress code. In 1940, they converted their Khaki shirt to white. And, in 2010 they shifted from thick leather belts to canvas belts.

Since last nine decades ‘swayamsevaks’ were recognised with their Khaki Knickers, white shirt, black cap and a bamboo stick, but after this switch, it will be interesting to see Sangh cadre in new Avtar.

Let us know in the comment box, what do you think about this upgrade.

Source: PTI, NDTV

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Bihar Topped The Number Of Sedition Cases In The Nation: NCRB

According to the data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the sedition cases in 2015 have come down from 47 to 30, and among all the states Nitish Kumar’s Bihar topped in maximum numbers of sedition cases in the Nation.

In 2015, a total number of 30 sedition cases were registered in the country, which is 17 less than 2014’s NCRB data. While nation recorded a drop, Bihar has the maximum number of sedition cases. With total nine out of thirty, Bihar leads the list, and Haryana, Karnataka, and Kerala follow Bihar.

However, the bureau data also states that in 2015, a total number of 571 cases under ‘offence against the state’ were registered in the Nation. It was last year when NCRB first listed  ‘Offences against the state’, it includes waging or attempting to wage war or abetting waging of war against the government (Section 121 of IPC), conspiracy to commit offences punishable by Section 121 (Section 121A) and collecting arms with intention of waging war against the government (Section 122), among others.

According to the data, in 2015 Bihar’s Eastern neighbor Uttar Pradesh, topped the list of ‘Offence against state’, with total 60 cases registered in the state, which was followed by Telangana with 54 cases, Karnataka with 49 and Kerala with 45 such cases.

A few days back in Karnataka, a sedition case was filed against former Member of Parliament, and Actor Ramya for just saying, “Pakistan is not hell, and people there are just like us.” Which again outraged the debate of how people misuse the 156-year-old, colonial-era law.

Let us know what do you think about sedition law, do we use it, or abuse it? Do we even need it?


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Article Source: ETV Bihar, Times of India





Government tries to appease the labourers with a wage rise, but the Unions in Delhi are not satisfied. Why? Read on.

The labourers, On Wednesday, took a sigh of relief as the government approved the proposal for a hike in the wages of the daily-waged labourers. Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal was quite happy with the government’s decision. On the contrary, the trade union representatives couldn’t disagree more with this scenario. They along with several Industrialists complained that the business would shift drastically as the manufacturing costs will rise in Delhi.


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A despicable fact was noted that the last minimum wage hike which took place in Delhi was in 1994 which is a pretty astounding stastics because a dilemma such like this needs to be taken care of beforehand and be of certain priority.

Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal after the decision of the cabinet was certainly poised and appealed to the traders to support their decision so that the inferior sections of the society have better amenities and standards of living. The minimum wage of unskilled labour has gone up from Rs 9,568 to Rs 14,052, for semi-skilled it has been revised from Rs 10,582 to Rs 15,471 and for skilled, from Rs 11,622 to Rs 17,033.


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The Capital reinforced officially that it is the highest paying city in the country.However, when it comes to the traders and Industrialists, they have threatened for their needs a Delhi Band, but instating the legality and depth of the matter, they have submitted a memorandum to the CM to meet him and discuss about the issue.

Unfortunately, the problem at the domestic has remained stagnant for quite some time. The government has to look for a neutral way to which satisfies both trade workers and daily waged labourers which, as a matter of fact is a decision which comes down with mutual consent and revised measures.

As Likely as it seems, The balance of this case will surely hit the political stands and as always will become a Two-Party Conflict.

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Biggest Surprise! Yogeshwar Dutt’s Bronze Medal Turns Silver!

What makes us Indians celebrate? Sometimes it’s a win in cricket match, sometimes it’s hockey. Awards at Oscars or an Indian being crowned the Mr World or Ms Universe are some proud moments for us. But as we say, the sweetest celebration is after the longest wait. Probably, Yogeshwar Dutt will bring sweetness unexpectedly after 4 years of waiting.

In Rio 2016 Olympics we might have been disappointed for the Indian contingent but this time Yogeshwar Dutt lost in qualifying round. Despite that he got a surprise. The bronze medal that he won in the 2012 London Olympics is upgraded to silver. The silver medallist from the 2012 games- deceased Besik Kudukhov of Russia was stripped off his medal for using banned substances.


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Due to a slight mistake how one’s medal can be taken away! .

We have also seen Urvashi Rautela who won Miss Universe India in 2012 ,but she was dethroned due to a controversy over her age. How a small mistake can take away one’s dignity and name!

Like Yogeshwar Dutt, there are many other case of medals upgradation like Anju Bobby George who might not be related to an Olympic event but her medal was upgraded from silver to gold after the disqualification of Russian Tatyana Kotova’s at the IAAF World Athletics final in Monte Carlo in 2005. US Sprinter Tyson Gay’s drug test helped the Trinidad and Tobago relay team to move to the second place and receive silver at the London 2012 Olympics. In the Sydney 2000 Olympics,The France Champion confessed to using performance enhancing drugs ,he later stripped off Bronze from men’s time trial event of the road cycling, that year the bronze didn’t go to anyone.
Yogeshwar Dutt, bowed out in the first round Wrestling of men’s 65kg freestyle at the recently concluded Rio Olympic Games. Whether he would be handed a silver medal will be confirmed only when the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) gets it in writing from the United World body(UWW).


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I think hard work pays off one or the other day. Despite him losing in this Rio Olympics 2016 but he got the biggest surprise and he dedicated this medal to our country. I am thankful to the International Olympics Committee (IOC) who re-tested four-time world champion’s sample which was collected during London games and have actually cleared out the result of the Asian Wrestling Championship.

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LGBT rights: While New York Progresses, India Plunges

Custodial and visitation disputes are equally prevalent in same-sex couples as they are in straight ones, and the highest court of New York has successfully recognised the fact, and India has taken a backward step on the issue, like all other LGBT issues.

The New York Court of Appeals on Tuesday invalidated the 25-year-old ruling that was the cause of custody disputes among same-sex couples.

The ruling that existed till date only recognized parents who had clear adoptive or biological ties to the child, overlooking the others who might have played a major role in the child’s upbringing, leading to unresolved issues regarding custody and visitation among these couples. The court found this rule to be “unworkable when applied to increasingly varied familial relationships”

The court ruled that going forward, a partner can seek visitation and custody if it is shown “by clear and convincing evidence that the parties agreed to conceive a child and to raise the child together.” The new ruling will help protect the children, regardless of the marital and financial status of their parents. Many couples will raise children without getting married, where one partner has no biological relation to the child, and where the couple does not proceed with a second-parent adoption.  In the case of same-sex couples, the area where the majority of the reported New York cases arise, one parent, and in some cases neither parent, is biologically related to his or her child. Further, couples often cannot meet the financial costs attendant with an adoption; in some cases, the parents’ relationship terminates before the lengthy process of an adoption can be finalized. parenthood needs to be determined by looking at how the parties live as a family, and who cares for and provides for the child — both emotionally and financially. The alteration of the definition of a ‘parent’ in the state of New York is definitely going to influence the rest of the states in the USA and even the countries of the world.



“Finally, New York is bringing its law in line with the reality of thousands of children who need protection for their relationships,” said Susan Sommer, an attorney at gay-rights organization Lambda Legal who was involved in the case. “No longer is there some harsh, absolute bar.”1

Whilst the state of New York and major parts of the world are making breakthroughs in the matter of LGBT rights, there’s India, making life harder and harder for this community. The

Surrogacy Regulation Bill, 2016 stands as an epitome of homophobia in India. The bill, confirming to the hetero-normative norms, now only allows for married straight infertile couples to enjoy the privilege of surrogacy, denying the human right to parenthood to foreigners, NRIs, single parents, live-in partners and same-sex couples. This very bill evinces the backwardness of thought prevailing in the Indian society even in the postmodern era.
What are your opinions on same-sex and LGBT parenting rights and the surrogacy ban? Have a discussion in the comments!

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1. The Wall Street Journal

Heartbreaking story: 12-Year Old denied Medical aid, Dies on Father’s Shoulders in Kanpur.

What is happening in India? In a time span of just a couple of weeks, reports of deaths and begging due to inefficient and corrupt healthcare authorities is coming up on news. In another such dire turn of events, a 12-year old boy, Ansh, died on his father’s shoulders after being denied treatment at a Government hospital in Kanpur.

Sunil Kumar,36, residing in the Faisalganj area of Kanpur reported that his son was down with high fever since Sunday and so took him to a neighbourhood doctor. The doctor there told him to take his son to a better hospital.

On Monday, Sunil ran with his son on his shoulders to the emergency ward of the government-run Hallet Hospital, the biggest in the city, where his father waited for 30 minutes before he was told to take his son to the children’s ward which was 250m away from there. Allegedly denied a stretcher, Mr Kumar rushed out on foot, hefting the boy on his shoulder, where the doctors declared him dead.

The Hallet hospital claims that the child was dead when his father brought him.Uttar Pradesh health minister Ravidas Mehrotra said: “Whoever is guilty will not be spared.”

This makes one think about the destabilizing conundrums which the bigger cities go through when it comes to the medical facilities they provide. At the political level, such problems needs to be solved with certain dignity. A medical apathy like this surely irks the masses and at some level affects individually too. Government hospitals needs an undivided attention of the authorities to make it more accessible and credible for the citizens which in turn will bring a sense of responsibility into them.

John Kerry Bows Down to Rain and Traffic in Delhi

“Atithi Devo Bhava” . Well, tell that to the heavy rains in Delhi. The heavy downpour and vehicular congestion in the national capital spares no one. Not even the VVIP’s like John Kerry. As troublesome as it gets for him , it’s about time we question a lot of things.

With the climate change high on the  agenda for US State Secretary John Kerry ironically on his fourth visit to India, his motorcade became the victim of Delhi’s rain-induced traffic  jam.   

US secretary of state John Kerry arrived in New Delhi on 29th August to participate in the 2nd  Indo-US strategic and commercial dialogue ( S & CD’s ) which was held on Tuesday for the first time in India .  

Indian External Affairs minister, Sushma  Swaraj and Commerce and Industry Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman along with  John Kerry co-chaired the  second  strategic and commercial dialogue and discussed upon our nation’s shared priority issues like generation of sustainable economic growth, creating jobs, climate change, betterment of livelihoods, business improvement, taking into account the rules sustaining the global order.

This was the last time John Kerry had the privilege of leading the dialogue and he left no space for doubt when it comes to his confidence on battling the issues that can bring changes like never before, with climate change topping the list.

“US stands with India on terrorism no matter where it comes from.”

India and US signed a significant landmark agreement to share military bases for research and repair and decided to resolve the issues on terrorism  and other issues of national and international concern with Sushma and Kerry leading their respective sides at  the annual dialogue. Further, Mr Kerry vividly mentioned, “US stands with India on terrorism no matter where it comes from.”

However as ironic as it gets, on the day of his arrival in new Delhi, John Kerry faced a massive rain-induced traffic jam near the Delhi airport.

Heavy downpour in the national capital spared no one and lead to water logging in most of the areas thus causing the roads to flood with vehicles, Kerry’s motorcade being one of them. Instead of driving smoothly on roads, he got delayed in the traffic crawl after he landed. Delhi police had to be called in at this choked rush hour given the VVIP stuck in the jam like everybody else.

Waterlogging has always hampered Delhi in ways worse than the downpour itself leading to hours-long traffic jams. Journalist Nicholas Wadhams, travelling with John Kerry even tweeted the Delhi  police whilst stuck in traffic. This affected the nation’s awareness and concern about climate-related issues obstructively since waterlogging and traffic jams are problems that can be solved if the administration knows how to set the rules and play the fair game.  It was highly unusual since the VVIP’s are given a clear passage.  

With the media having fun at the cost of Kerry’s nightmare, it’s high time they also think about shedding some light on the actual problem .


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Drones detect ‘Death trap’ in Mumbai- Who is to blame?

Anyone who has travelled on the Mumbai-Pune highway will know how beautiful the drive full of pretty tunnels and scenic views can be. They also would know the dire condition of traffic on the expressway during the rush hour, not to mention the rash driving of trucks. But can this very highway be called a ‘Death Trap’?

August 29th, 2016: Over the weekend, Drones have been used to monitor vehicular traffic on the Mumbai-Pune express highway by the Maharashtra government as to check the rising accident toll.


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Deepak Kesarkar had termed the Mumbai-Pune expressway as a “death trap” in reference to the large number of road casualties reported lately. If such a statement from the Maharashtra Minister of State for Home (Urban) himself doesn’t show the weight of the situation, I don’t know what does. On Saturday, Fifteen truck drivers were fined for cutting lanes after aerial photos were captured by the drones. 14,500 accidents have been reported on the expressway since 2002 when the road was built; 1,400 people have died in the accidents.On an average, 40,000 vehicles run on the expressway daily, posing an enormous challenge to traffic authorities.

What has lead to such a situation? The roads? The goverment? The traffic police? No. We are to blame here. It is us, the citizens who are the culprits. Be it the drunk truck drivers crossing lanes or a mere hormonal youngster crossing the speed limit. At the end of the day, we have ourselves to educate and to make just everyday judgements. Stricter traffic rules aren’t gonna help the situation, us following the existing ones will.


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Let’s take a moment to appreciate the governments efforts, to look on the brighter side of things and not complain and crib for once. The Maharashtra government has not only taken a technological step forward by using the drones, but is putting in genuine efforts to resolve the situation.

On that note, the usage of drones can be dangerous. Kesarkar had recently said, “We do not have control over rash driving as the length of the expressway is long and there is insufficient police staff for surveillance.” He also said that using CCTV cameras for monitoring traffic had its limitations and hence, the idea of using drones was mooted. As the saying goes, every coin has two sides. And it is no news that drones can become a disaster waiting to happen. In that sense, it is essential for the government to take measures to prevent such a situation from arising in the future.

Convey your thoughts and opinions on the matters in comment box below!

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An Open Letter To The Reporter Who Covered The Odisha’s Body On Shoulder Shame

Dear Ajit Sir,

Last week your report startled not only Odisha but also the Nation. An unfortunate incident in Odisha’s Kalahandi where a tribal man Dana Manjhi carried his wife’s dead body on his shoulder and walks around 12 km along with her school-going daughter who was weeping, sobbing in the memory of her mother, who died because of Tuberculosis, a curable ailment.

But, the misery is her wail was not loud enough to be audible to the authorities. It was not only late Mrs. Manjhi’s body on Dana Manjhi’s Shoulder but it was the whole futile system, which he was carrying.

Since the report went on air on Odisha TV, you’ve been condemned on social media and in the public sphere for shooting the video and not helping the poor Dana Manjhi. While only a few know that it was you, who ringed the Collector, CDMO, ASMO when they were playing passing the buck.

Not many know it was you who arranged an Ambulance with the help of a local businessman.

Many ‘Professionals’ will argue, what was the need of it? As a reporter, you should’ve just recorded it and just vanished away from there, as many do. But you listened to your heart, you reported the story and as the camera turned off, you tried every bit of your source to help a poor needy, as a human, as a journalist, you won my heart, Sir.

Ajit Odisha Body on Shoulder Shame

You’ve not only brightened the thin line between journalism and the system, but you’ve brought back the trust people had in Journalists.

I remember when I was about to enroll in the Journalism course; I was asked, “Who inspired me to join this course?” that time I had no honest answer, I told the Interviewer some prominent names in journalism, they were the people who stay in their respective offices and hosts their editorials every evening.

But, now I have an honest answer, reporters like you, Ajit sir, who rush down, report an Impactful story and then as human do his bit for the people who still look at journalists with hope, who consider journalists as someone who can help in bringing the change.

Thank you, Ajit Singh sir, for bringing back the trust, for being an inspiration. Thank you!

A second year Journalism student,




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Rio Olympics? No. It’s Feminine Sportsmanship.

We have our seasons for celebration. This is the Rio season. I know most of you would agree. And it would be wrong if I call it also the season of Feminism, not because it is not, but because it spans much more than seasons. ‘We’ can conquer all odds. Yes, we can. I know you would be aware of Dutee Chand, the daughter of a poor weaver who was humiliated by gender testing, became the first woman to qualify for 100 metres in 36 years.


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And then, we see growth in badminton as well. How proud am I to say that badminton no longer remains a one-woman sport! P.V Sindhu and Srikanth have put India on the global court. Now, it is not just Saina Nehwal that comes out of the mouth of young children who leave homes with corks to make them fly, cutting across winds!


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Heard of Vijay Goel? Obviously, the one hogging the limelight. Yes, they say. Yes, I say. Politicians are leopards, they don’t change their spots. Just like I mentioned our honourable Sports Minister.

What if I say that India discovered another P.T Usha? Lalita Babar became the second Indian woman to qualify for an Olympic track and field final. Who would have thought that 32 years after the Payyoli Express, such a miracle would be born?


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Clear with the concept of Heroes and Heroines? I guess, you’ll need a bit modification. We are privileged enough to have found a new Hero by the name, Dipa Karmakar. She vaulted into a billion brimming hearts and put gymnastics in the sphere of popular sport. Isn’t that sporty?


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Overall, Rio was a good experience for India, I would say. Yes, there were more misses than hits at Rio but there were some key takeaways. Plus, the glorious audience who absolutely don’t care about early morning or late night telecasts. Day 1 of Rio Olympics had a whopping 52.7 mn TV viewers in India alone.

If we go the stats (we don’t have a choice) we find that athletes are getting better. A total of 118 athletes participated at Rio which was 35 more than London in 2012. You know what that signifies? More athletes achieved the qualifying standard!
After 70 years of Independence when India turns back on the road she had taken, she wouldn’t be disappointed. India and grown and grown and has nurtured itself. This is the core of its existence. Long Live India! Long Live the spirit of Sports!

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