The Scot Shots: Scotch Whisky Experience

So when I returned to Edinburgh after a three day tour with Brian – our tour guide – I walked down the Royal Mile once again. I had walked on the same route on my first day in Edinburgh but today after having returned from the highlands the Royal Mile seemed to have a different charm of its own. My eyes only fell on three things all along the way this time – The Edinburgh Castle, Lambswool and Scotch Whisky.

At the very end of Royal Mile where the road gradually rises into a mount the Edinburgh castle stands tall. At the crest of the mount on the left of the road is a place that says ‘The Scotch Whisky Experience’. I knew I had to walk in here. I had seen it on my first day in Edinburgh and after my conversation with Brian had decided that I would visit this place once I’m back.


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It was much like a Hogwarts experience. The reception desk partially hides the left half of an entrance to a tunnel that runs behind it. You can see half cut wooden barrels fitted with seats running on a track and passing into the dark tunnel every now and then. On the wall on the right side of the tunnel entrance is a portrait of the owner of the place. Its not just a portrait. The picture inside the frame moves around and beckons the on-lookers. At the far right end is their whisky shop that holds one of the most popular, well known as well as rare brands of scotch whisky. They have whisky bottles in all sizes and shapes. This is the most exotic looking whisky shop that I have ever seen.

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We took the ride to take the tour of the scotch whisky experience. They took us to the entrance of the tunnel and seated us in the half cut barrels that we had seen disappearing into the tunnel.


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Once we were seated the barrel moved forward into the darkness of the tunnel and we were in the world of scotch whisky …as if we were inside the barrel with the whisky while it was being prepared. It was a 4D experience as the barrel had been fitted with various outlets that gave us the feel of heat, humidity, smell and sound of the whisky while it was being made. It took us through the whisky making process of Malt Whisky.


The process of steeping the grain (barley) in water to let it germinate and then drying it in heat.


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The dried germinated grain called malt is then ground into course floor and then hot boiling water is added to it. It is stirred to convert the starch to sugar. The liquid thus obtained is called wort. The residue after removing the liquid is called draff which is processed into cattle feed


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The wort is now cooled and yeast is added to it. This living organism consumes the sugar in the wort and gives out alcohol and carbon dioxide. The releasing of carbon dioxide gives rise to a lot of froth and bubbles. You can see the bubbles in the picture here. After 2 days of fermentation the content now contains 6-8% of alcohol by volume.


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The liquid containing alcohol called the wash is distilled mutiple times to separate the alcohol from the water, yeast and residue. It is distilled repeatedly until it becomes 68% of alcohol by volume.


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The Maturation:

This fresh alcohol is then filled in casks/ barrels and locked for a long time where all the flavours in it get enhanced and blend well with each other. This is where the whisky becomes smoother and attains its golden color depending on the type of cask used.


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By Law the Scotch Whisky needs to be matured for atleast 3 years but most single malt whiskys are allowed to mature for about 6-12 years before they are bottled and sold.

By the time I was out of the experience, I knew how to identify the smell at different stages of whisky making and had a strong urge to taste the final product that comes out of it. Still fantasizing on the wizardry of whisky making that I had just experienced, I wondered how many different types there were in Malt Whisky and how they were different from each other. Just then a lady announced to us:

“I will now take you to the Whisky tasting experience. Follow me please.”


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We will go whisky tasting in the next Scot Shot!

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Okay. So, the very moment when both shook hands was the defining tint that one is going to fuck the other in every stature possible and the vice-versa. Just a couple of things you should know, I will be mentioning Trump as ‘Drumpf because Originality and transparency is what Drumpf abides by. I felt so privileged that I was watching the most awaited and scrutinising debate one could ever expect from them. Little did I know that it will turn out to be a debate between two kids fighting and accusing each other of guilt and retrospective loss.


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The only person who seemed legit in the entire course of the debate was neither Hillary nor Drumpf, it was surprisingly Lester Holt (Host). Without him, the entire debate would have been about how the other party had failed America or will fail America in any possible manner. Some really unexpected points put forward by the leaders made me think about the very reason that why did they even care to debate about it. They could have just used a pager to convey their views.(Sorry).


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So, when both were asked to explain their plan to make America a better place to live, first Hillary spoke to tell her party’s agendas which sounded very cliched and monotonous. Helping the middle class by improving their economic state, indebt college fees and other shit. Contrarily, Drumpf was all about how if his party is dominant he will lower down tax pay from 35% to 15%, without any base of whether or how he will put it into action. Moving on, Drumpf was so obsessed with bringing back all the jobs and companies back to America that it looked like he would have risked his own money to bring them back.


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With Hillary’s “Fact Checker” and her public sources, she was sure that her party would generate 10 million jobs and that Donald’s would degenerate 3.5 million jobs.

Being a true businessman at heart, he just focussed on how the wealthy, after becoming wealthier, will be able to help the poor. On the other hand, Hillary was adamant that if the capital was focussed on the middle class people, it will generate a trust factor at all ranks and between them. When Lester moved their focus to the African-Americans, it got pretty difficult for him to handle them. Because one agreed over the fact that African-Americans are gaining their place in the society and the other was not satisfied with the treatment of the blacks yet.

It all ended as a fairytale come true where both are smiling and agreeing on random stuff which no one cares about (as compared to other pressing issues). A point of mock debate turned into a mockery of debate. Let’s just say that all the hard WORK and facts will be answered on November 8th with all the dignity they maintain and show towards each other.

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Yash Chopra born in 27th September 1932, needs no outset for himself, as his what one is in to speaks. One of the most successful Director and Producer and by the same token known as “king of romance”. He has contributed a great equal of movies to the Indian Cinema. He has taught us what is it is called “Desi Romance”. The Indian family whether from 70’s, 80’s or 90’s group could connect to the movies . Every distinct guy would sing “Kabhie Kabhie mere dil mei yeh khayal ata h…ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya h mere liye”. At the same presage every girl must have twirled far and wide with  “Mere khwabon mei jo aye…. Aa ke mjhe cher jaaye..”.

Irrespective of what he did, whether it was direction or production, he did his business efficiently. Yash Chopra is further known for his buoyant and warmhearted character. We the Indians couldn’t have dreamt of just what was “Raj” or “Simran” if there was no Yash Chopra. Yash Chopra debuted with direction silver screen Dhool ka Phool in 1959, eventually, in 1969 he happened to form Yash Raj Films. On today’s occasion here is presented a list of 10 best films from  all times either directed or produced by Yash Chopra.

  1. Deewar (1975)

Haunted by the yesterday, Vijay turns to infringement, interruption Ravi, his younger brother, becomes a sincere cop. Fatepits them opposite each at variance when Ravi is sent to seize Vijay. This movie stars Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Neetu Singh,Parveen Babi and Nirupa Roy . It is a movie full of intense emotions that will churn your heart.


  1. Kabhie Kabhie (1976)

Amit and Pooja case ways to tie the wedding knot as per their parents’ wishes. Years behind, Pooja is favorably married yet Amit, even so married, carries a grudge. One point, they hit face-to-face.this movie stars Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Neetu Singh,Rakhi Gulzar. It is  a very romantic MOVIE


  1. Silsila (1981)

Amit sacrifices his love and gets married to his deceased brother’s pregnant fiancee. However, when fate brings him face-to-face with his former flame, he decides to give in to his desires. This movie stars Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Shashi Kapoor, Jaya Bhaduri, Sanjeev Kumar. This is the movie which stays evergreen forever.


  1. Lamhe (1991)

Viren falls for Pallavi, who is younger than him. But Pallavi marries her comfort, Siddharth and dies, leaving be beholden a baby girl. Her reciprocal daughter grows up and falls in comprehend with Viren. This movie stars Anil Kapoor and Sridevi. It has a versatile story line.


  1. Darr(1993)

Rahul is obsessed by the whole of Kiran and stalks her constantly. However, she is clocked in punched in to be unified to Sunil, an azure officer. When she doubtless marries Sunil, Rahul goes berserk. In this movie Shah Rukh Khan, JuhiChawla and Sunny Deol has acted in the lead roles. This movie undiscovers the feelings of a psychotic lover and how it turns into a constant fear for Kiran. This movie is  full of unexpected twist and turns.


  1. Dilwale Dulahaniya Le Jaenge.(1995)

Raj and Simran equal on Eurail and unknowingly fall for each other. Raj is shattered to recall that she is erstwhile engaged. He follows Simran to India in edict to get her and her uncompromising father’s heart. This movie has Shahrukh Khan and Kajol as its lead actors. When it come to to DDLJ, well we all love this movie!


  1. Dil Toh Pagal Hai (1997)

Rahul is a prima darcer and the leader of a frisk troupe. His close friend Nisha, who in his company, is covertly in love with him. But he gets influenced Pooja, who is engaged to Ajay.shahrukh khan, Karishma kapoor and Madhuri Dixit are the lead actors in this movie. This is a pure Yash Raj style romantic movie which will take your heart away.


  1. Veer-Zaara(2004)

Love blooms between Indian Pilot Veer and a Pakistani girl, Zaara. As Veer spends his years in a Pakistani prison, Zaarabelieves him to be dead and devotes her entire life to his village in India. This  movie stars Shahrukh Khan and Pretty Zinta. It is an enigmatic, magical movie which tells that love has no religion, no nationality, it is blind and it only knowsconnection of hearts.


  1. Fanaa(2006)

Against the approval of her friends, Zooni, a  Kashmiri female, falls in love with tourist guide Rehan. He helps her win her eyesight yet she loses him in a terror attack already she boot see him. This movie stars Aamir Khan and Kajol. This movie will make you fall in love with the movie at the same time cry hard. It is a very sensitive and at the same time mind twisting movie.


  1. Chak De! India(2007)

Kabir Khan, a retired hockey kismet, blamed to have betrayed his green, begins coaching the Indian women’s voter hockey span to bring to light his flag waving to the nation.this movie starred Shahrukh Khan. This is a real life story portrayed in the movie, it has a very heartwarming and patriotic effect after you watch the movie.

These and many other movie had kept on adding spices of entertainment in our lives. Yash Chopra is no more within us but still it will never stop us from celebrating his birthday. Decades may pass by but Indian Cinema will never forget Yash Chopra. His name cannot be separated from Indian Film, wherever there is a mention of Indian Movies there will be always a mention of Yash Raj Chopra!

Ways to keep the mosquitoes at bay this monsoon

Nearly 30 deaths in Delhi have been linked to dengue and chikungunya and over 2,800 people are reportedly infected. If you’re reading this, chances are, one of your kith and kin or an acquaintance has been hit too. As they say, ‘Better safe than sorry’. So here we present you with seven ways to protect yourself and your family from the mosquito mayhem

1. Have a mosquito repellent on at all times: They come in all forms these days- creams, sprays, patches, bands, you name it, they have it. Use it religiously and be prepared to fight the felon round the clock.


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2. Wear light coloured clothing: Dark colours tend to attract mosquitos. Wearing full sleeved garments and reducing the skin exposure also helps.

3. Make your home mosquito-free: Especially when the dusk sets in, use mosquito racquets, plug-in repellents, coils or the flashcards. Burning citronella or lemongrass essential oils in a burner, lighting scented candles of the same is a good alternative if there is a baby in the house. Ensure that your meshes around the house are hole-free and are closed throughout the night.
Don’t leave stagnant water around: This is the root cause of the problem since stagnant water provides the mosquitoes with breeding grounds. Turn all the pails over so as to prevent the collection of excess water, make sure no rainwater is collected in the house, clean out the trash frequently and make an attempt cover all utensils and empty buckets filled with water when not in use.


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4. Stay away from the bushes: Keep yourself away from the hedges and bushes when outside as these are known to be mosquito havens during this season.

5. Plant a tulsi outside your window: Research shows that Tulsi has properties that can largely help control the mosquito menace by preventing them from entering your house. Camphor, lavender, tea-tree oil, mint and neem are among other natural repellents.


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6. Avoid strong fragrances: Refrain from using your favorite floral scents in the form of perfumes, lotions or soaps this monsoon for strong scents are mosquito magnets.

7. Groom your immune system: And lastly, eat healthy. Be conscious of what you’re putting in your body and prepare it for the worst, after all, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and eat plenty of greens now to avoid eating all those medicines later.

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Indian shooter win 3 golds in ISSF Junior World Cup

At a very young age how can anyone win the Title of Junior World Cup .This is due to a sheer determination and hard work. This tale is of 18 years old Indian boy who shot a score of 205.5 to finish on the top of the podium. The boy from West Bengal marked his best ever performance at the international level shooting.


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Indian shooters called the shots and won seven medals, including three gold, on the opening day of ISSF Junior World Cup for pistol, rifle and shotgun here on Sunday.

Subhankar Pramanik gave India its first gold in the year’s second and final International Shooting Sport Federation’s Junior World Cup. This boy started practising shooter since 2006 in North Calcutta Rifle Club. In 2008, he started competing. His national coach was Deepali Deshpande. The 18-year-old Indian, who was sixth after the third series, staged a brilliant comeback, grabbing the lead at the end of the last series where he scored an almost-perfect 10.8. Pramanick had qualified in the sixth position after shooting 613.8 over six series. As per the rules, the top eight qualify for the finals. The other Indians in the fray were Mayur Deva Bhanu, V Sarvesh Swaroop Shankar, Fateh Singh Dhillon, P Ajaey Nithish and Syed Araib Parvez, but none of them qualified for the finals, finishing 10th, 11th, 13th, 15th and 16th respectively.


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In the finals, Subhankar shot 205.5 over 20 shots to edge out Filip Nepejchal of the Czech Republic, who managed 205.2 to settle for the silver. The Bronze went to Dragomir Iordache of Roumania. Subhankar, along with team-mates Fateh Singh Dillion and Ajaey Nithish, also helped the Indian team to a silver in the event.

A total of 279 junior athletes, representing 27 countries, are battling it out in 18 events.
The feeling of loving one’s own country. When our flag is raised up high, we feel immense pride because of these players. When our fellow countrymen shine in achieving the victory, we feel joy. Maybe it is a sense of belonging to something bigger than we are or maybe it’s just belonging.

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You Must Know Why Dermatology Is Not A Luxury But A Necessity

Thinking about doctors we might think about neurologist, cardiologist, gynecologist, microbiologist etc. Along with all these types of doctors there is also another type of doctor who specializes in skin, nails and hair. The word dermatology has come from a Greek word derma meaning “skin”. The common explanation for requirement of a dermatologist might be rash problem or may be for cosmetic need. Whereas the reality is that there is numerous numbers of diseases that affect our skin. For example- Skin Cancer, Lupus, acne, Hemangioma of skin, Psoriasis etc.

The names of the diseases mentioned above might sound very strange but they are very common diseases that happen round the globe. With all these kinds of diseases the need of a dermatologist becomes genuine. But the question arises whether dermatologist is cheap and easily found doctors like other more popular types of doctors? In my opinion, I feel that there is a scarcity of dermatologist in the society. Most of the cities in India we would barely find 3-4 dermatologists available. With such humongous population it not quite possible to get adequate services to all the people. Like other doctor checkups having regular skin checkup is also necessary. In fact, in India such concepts do not even exist.


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With all these background when I walk up to a dermatologist I feel it’s a luxury that I am enjoying. Going to a dermatologist won’t be anything abnormal for upper-middle class and business class families. But I am sure it will be costly affair for them. A general visit to a dermatologist for minor skin problem will cost around 1000 bucks easily. An upper-middle class family or a business class family has the financial capacity to pay off such bills but about the people who lack such financial capacity. Most of the skin care or hair care medicines are expensive and exceed the limits of a poverty-stricken household.if we see more closely, people who are wealthy enough to pay regular visits to a skin specialist are also aware enough to keep themselves hygienic and avoid diseases, whereas the once leaving in meager conditions are less aware and are in more need of skin care. But, the irony lies that the needy is the one who is ignorant of the fact that he needs it.

There can be many ways and measures to improve this situation, but before trying to pull off all there solutions it is most important to create awareness about dermatology and its existence, about its importance in life.

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The Scot Shots: The Scottish Tongue!

In the land of astounding landscapes, chilly weather and the sound of bagpipes in the air a dram of whisky is just the thing you want.

Its very fascinating how these three fit together in a jigsaw perfectly. I mean if you were to listen to a bagpipe anywhere else in the world it would just be noise to your ears. If you have your scotch whisky when you are back in your home country, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate its taste, smell and feel as much as you would in the land of Scots. Say that same thing to a Scot and they’d swell with pride and go… ” Ou buh daats tru! Scotch whisky is noh made anewherre else en dey wurld!” And you instantly know they are right! Just by the sound of their English.


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So when was it that I really felt like having a whisky in Scotland?
I was travelling in a group with a tour guide – Brian – around the Highlands. We were almost at the end of our trip having gone from Inverness, Loch Ness to Isle of Skye and back; On the way back to Edinburgh he stopped the bus at a cafe for a coffee break and announced. “I’ll let yous haav a brreak of an hour here. If yous caan be baak by fourr therrty please!” So we got off the bus and stretched a bit and I went straight to the cafe which was an open outlet rather than a full restaurant. It only had a couple of tables set up in front of it with mounted umbrellas over them.


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I sat at one of them sipping my coffee when Brian walked up to me and said “So you lev en Endia or do you lev here en Scotland?”

‘I live in India; In Delhi to be precise.’

“En Delhi. Aand wat do you do en Delhi? Aer you e student or aer you wurkin?”

‘Ohh, I wurrk… Sorry… I work therre.’ I answered wondering what was going wrong with my tongue! It was like his accent was slowly getting to me. And I couldn’t help it.

“Awright. Ye know I haav seen de shows on TV wherre dey show hou de trains in Endia aer full of peopal. Some even haang on et and some climb on to the ruf of the train. Many people aer dying bcoz of dat aren’t they?”
‘Well, yeah there is some truth to that I wouldn’t deny. But I think India is much more than what you see on TV. You should come and see it yourself to understand.’

“Umm…well I don wanna bey cheeky abouud et buh…you see…Here en Scotland everethin es so orrgenized…Look aat de trraafik. Evereone follows ruls. Buh en Endia I haav seen therre is just no orderr. Hou do you maaneg lyke daat? Hou does everethin wurrk ouut on de road?”


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At this moment I couldn’t help laughing! As much as I wanted to explain I just felt its much easier to play along and let him have some fun. So I said…

‘Ohh I don’t know. It just works out on its own. If you need to get your way in the traffic you just honk or shout and do what you have to. You don’t wait for anyone or anything. You just do it as and when you want and everything else falls in place. It works for us without order! But I think rather than me explaining how things work there, why don’t you come there and visit a few places. India is beautiful you know!!! ‘


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At this he looked a little flustered and gave a hysterical laughter before saying

” Ehh…No buh Endia es noh on the way to ane place you see. So lyk Singapore es on de way tuh Australia so I can drop der fur a day or two buh Endia es noh on route. Aand to bey fraank Endia es noh on my go-to lest ef you know wht I meeen. So I dunno ef I will go to Endia. Buh who knows!! Who Knows!!”

This time I was a little upset. So I told him ‘No. You need to want to come to India and you should. You don’t drop over on your way. You come TO India. Plan a tour and stay there for a few days.’

“Aye! Aye! Buh et es noh on my lest you see… “

This was when I thought ‘Ughhh…My coffee is not working anymore with his theories. I need some Whisky to digest this!’ and walked back to the bus with him listening to his idea of ‘Endia’. In my defence the weather was cold for me and it was windy as well so I was cold and the whisky would be just right for me. I decided I would visit a Whisky place as soon as I was back from the tour in Highlands!

I’ll take you to the Whisky place in my upcoming Scot Shot!


Don’t want to stop reading? Read the next Scot Shots: Scotch Whisky Experience Here!

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Can Rahul Gandhi’s Kisan Yatra Bring Glory To Congress ?

Congress is trying its level best to regain the face it lost in UP, almost three decades back. Kisan Yatra is a tried and tested method that they are bringing to the menu again.


Rahul Gandhi, Vice-President of Congress indulged himself in election campaign . Once again, he has taken the charge, this time to conquer the largest state of the country.  He had launched Kisan Yatra his party’s  election campaign at Deoria, a town in eastern UP on September 6 ,by conducting a khaat Sabha. But, as soon as the meeting was over, the public created a chaos to collect the Khaats present over there . There were around 2000 khaats and the aim to arrange such campaign was to listen to the problems of the farmers. But, the public wanted at least some benefits from congress. This attitude of public questions the image of Rahul Gandhi.


Pic Credits- The Quint

In a TV interview with Rajat Sharma, Raj Babbar , Chairman of UP congress said “ Rahul Gandhi is being taken seriously by  the farmers of UP. Rahul is talking about their problems. “ when a woman present in the TV interview asked  about Rahul’s image as according to her no one takes him seriously now. His stand on Gandhi proves that every time Rahul does something he needs to be justified by his party members. It seems all his tactics are now overrated like eating at a farmers house. Day by day it is becoming tough for Rahul to relate himself to the farmers.

Rahul Gandhi’s Kisan Yatra had begun from Deoria and will conclude in western UP on October 5. Yesterday, he conducted a rally in Allahabad, where he was talking how Modiji is underestimating the farmers. .Rahul had undertaken similar campaign before 2012 assembly elections which covered around 15 districts. But, the party managed to win only 28 out 403 seats. Prashant Kishore, political strategist of UP congress is trying hard to increase the party’s vote percentage as the party is already comatose in the state.

Prashant Kishore has proved himself in 2014 and 2015 . But the year 2017 seems tough for him with Congress.


10 Major Attacks on Indian Armed Forces

Terrorist attacks on army personnel in Jammu Kashmir is not a new phenomenon.

The attack on army base in Uri on Sunday morning shook the nation. Four heavily armed terrorists striked on Army Administrative Unit near its brigade headquarters in Baramulla district’s Uri sector which left 18 soldiers dead and 30 injured. All the four terrorists were killed when army men countered back. Army announced” These terrorists belonged to Jaish-e-Mohammad Tanzeem .”

Since the terrorists had some items with Pakistani markings, I have spoken to the Pakistan DGMO and conveyed our serious concerns on the same” DGMO Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh said in a statement to the media. After this attack Rajnath Singh, Home Minister condemned and postponed his foreign visits. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday to notify him about the terror attack.

Officials say the government plans to raise this issue at UN when External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj addresses the General assembly. The military has increased patrolling across LOC. It has started to strike terror camps and their chiefs in POK and targets Pakistan army post permitting infiltration.

This is not the first time when Indian Army or any Indian Security unit has been targeted by the terrorists. Here is the list of 10 major terrorist attacks on Indian Security forces in last 5 years.

1. Uri Attack – September 18, 2016
This is the most recent attack on Indian Army by four terrorists who killed 18 soldiers and injured 30. The government started conducting high level meetings and many ministers condemned the attack. But no strict action has been taken till now rather than banning soci-economic trade with Pakistan.



2. Nowhatta Attack – August 15, 2016
A CRPF commander was killed in a terror attack in Srinagar Nowhatta area on Monday, two hours before Independence Day parade in the area. The CO Sankalp Kumar lost his life , eight CRPF personnel, and a police constable were injured . The J&K government condemned the attack.


3. Pampre Attack – June 25, 2016

Pampore attack was an attack by Lashkar-e-Taiba militants on 25 June 2016, near the town of Pampore in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. This attack killed 8 CRPF personnel and injured 20. Mehboba Mufti , Chief Minister J&K and Home Minister Rajnath Singh Condemned the attack.


4. Pathankot Attack – January 2, 2016

Terrorists attacked the Indian Air Force Station at Pathankot. Four attackers, one civilian and seven security personnel were killed while 20 soldiers were injured in the attack that lasted four days.The 2016 Pathankot attack was a terrorist attack committed on 2 January 2016 by a heavily armed group which attacked the Pathankot Air Force Station, part of the Western Air Command of the Indian Air Force. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Pranav Mukherjee and Home Minister Rajnath Singh condemned the attack and sweetly warned Pakistan.



5.  Gurdaspur Attack – July 27, 2015

On 27 July 2015 three gunmen dressed in army uniforms opened fire on a bus and then attacked the Dina Nagar police station in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, India. The attack resulted in the death of three civilians and four policemen, including a superintendent of police; fifteen others were injured. In addition, five bombs were found planted on the Amritsar–Pathankot line on a rail-bridge near Parmanand railway station, five kilometers from the site of the attack. All three attackers were killed in the operation, which lasted almost 12 hours.The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs stated that the attacks were carried out by Pakistan-based terror group Lashkar-e-Tayiba.



6. Chandel Attack – June 4, 2015 
This was worst attack at that time on army.At least 18 soldiers were killed and 11 others were injured when around 50 militants ambushed an army convoy in Manipur’s Chandel district. Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned about the attack. Home Minister, Rajnath Singh gave orders to take strongest possible action on militants and the case was handled to National Intelligence Agency(NIA). Five days later, a troop of commando went deep in Myanmar and killed around 20 militants.This was the most quick and effective response to this kind of terrorist activity.


7. Kathua Attack – March 20, 2015

A ‘fidayeen’ squad of militants in Army fatigues stormed a police station in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district, killing four persons, including three security personnel, and leaving 10 others injured in the wee hours on March 20 2015. Nine person were injured, 7 CRPF personnel one policeman and a civilian.


8. Mohra Attack – December  5, 2014 
Militants attacked an army camp at Mohra, in Uri, the regional headquarters of the army’s artillery regiment. Eight soldiers and three policemen were killed and also six militants. The attack came two days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Srinagar ahead of the third phase of assembly elections in the state. It was also a pre-dawn attack just like the one on September 18.


9. Haiderpura Attack – June 24, 2013

Srinagar attack was an attack on Indian Army convoy by the militants in Haiderpura area of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir in which eight jawans were killed
The attack took place in Hyderpura when Army trucks were travelling from Leh on Baramullah-Jammu National highway. The attack came as a day ahead of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visit to the Srinagar.


10. Bemina Attack – March 13, 2013

An attack on a CRPF camp at Bemina, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India, occurred on March 13, 2013. It resulted in the death of five CRPF personnel and 2 attackers. 10 others were also injured include security personnel and civilians.The shootout lasted 30 minutes. Five CRPF men died and ten others were injured, including four civilians. The perpetrators were both killed by the CRPF personnel. Two AK-47 rifles, five magazines, two pistols and four grenades were recovered from attackers. A curfew was then imposed in Kashmir.


There have been no war since 1999 but around 4500 army men have lost their lives till now. So is there anyone to appreciate the risk & danger these  Jawans go through while guarding the nation. Every time opposition will stand for them  not the acting government.


Samajwadi Party or Soup Parivar: Political Family Drama Ends With A Bluff

Shivpal Yadav , State –Chief  of Samajwadi Party , who also holds quite a few important portfolios in the UP government, when resigned  from all his posts in the party on last Thursday left everyone stunned. The possibility of the conflict in the family to such an extent was unexpected. When brewing  family war spilled into the public domain SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav stepped swiftly in  and  resolved all the issues after conducting frequent meetings with his brother Shivpal Yadav and son Akhilesh Yadav .



The whole issue started when CM Akhilesh Yadav stripped two ministers Gaytri Prajapati , Mining minister and Rajkishore Singh, Panchayati raj minister of UP government as they were accused of corruption. This action was taken without consulting Mulayam Singh Yadav and this annoyed him. If sources are to be believed by removing Prajapati, Akhilesh annoys Mulayam Singh as Prateek Yadav’s ( Akhilesh’s step-brother) has stakes in the mining business. A day after sacking of two ministers the CM unceremoniously sacked Deepak Singhal who is said to be a part of Shivpal’s lobby.


Hours after the sacking, Akhilesh Yadav was srtipped of the post of State President. He was replaced by his uncle and later he stripped Shivpal Yadav of his key ministerial berths including PWD department on Tuesday. Shivpal Yadav then, resigned from all his posts in the party on Thursday.  The supporters of both uncle and nephew started raising their voices in favour of their beloved leaders.Then,  Mulayam Singh Yadav came forward and urged the supporters to stop shouting slogans and said” I built this party with sweat and blood and will not allow this”.


There were various high level door closed meetings with the party workers ,Shivpal Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav  . After these meetings Shivpal Yadav regained all his posts except PWD department. Both the ministers Gayatri Prajapati and Rajkishore Singh restored their posts and all the charges were turned down. Deepak Singhal has been given the post of Chairman of State Vigilance Commission and Administrative Tribunal. Now, everything is normal in the party. With whole of this drama Akhilesh Yadav has redefined himself and has now created an image which will definetly provide him some benefits in coming UP elections. An image for which he was striving from last four and a half years he got it in a week with the help of this drama.