Dear Zindagi: 5 lessons to learn from your own story

Have you ever imagined someone shot you on middle of your head and left you alone to heal it? Welcome to the most innocent and lively torturous ride of 3 hours: Dear Zindagi! Are girls out there reading it? Good, you have got another reason to go on ‘Aww!’ mode as after English-Vinglish , Gauri Shinde is all set with her vision to cater young women.

We have 5 lessons for you to live your own story more lively:

1. Do only romantic relations matters? – We all have cried because of ‘our him or her’ and tried to flush the whole world but why is it like this, when only that one relation matters? The movie has the answer: “Why we cry for them? Look it this way – we all have someone special for our coffee time, gossip time, intellectual time and the crying time without which we feel void, then why to overrate the romantic one with so much importance? Let it play its part.” As simple as that.

2. Why always the difficult way, try an easy one! – Success is through the path full of fire, they said it and you agreed! Did you try the easier one, especially when you were not even ready for the difficult one? Can’t we keep it simple? That’s what the movie says, ‘Why always choose the difficult one, try the easier one. Live with simplicity.’

3. Have you ever been to furniture shop? – Have you imagined that even buying a chair can be an answer to all the problems? But the visionary Gauri Shinde did, and she did it in the most fantabulous way: “Whenever you go to any furniture shop, do you select the first one you see? NO, you look for all other options, sit on it, jump over it and then decide the final one!  Why not the same with relationships.. why do you want to die on a single broken chair? Can’t you buy new one?”

4. Don’t try to forget but to forgive – Are you also trapped in worst memories of your life? Let it be your childhood, teen or adultness, we all are caged up by the beast called, ‘I’ll never forget it.’ Its okay, if you feel so then don’t. We can do one thing; let’s just forgive them, not for anyone else but for ourselves so that we can open our cage and FLY!

The best thing is everything involved. Did someone tell you that SRK only has 35 minutes of role? Don’t get depressed, sometime and especially this time, that much is sufficient. All you would feel when you  step out from the theatre is like someone washed you sweetly to remove your disguised face with the purest water and then dressed you in the way that you can own your own personality.

5. It’s your story! – You thought only you knew about all your heartbreaks, failures in career and all the bad stuff you have gone through, then how did she came to know about all these, so accurately with exactly the same emotions. Yeah, this time your life is portrayed on the silver screen. It is your biography!

But to in contrast to your character on screen, your story in real life is incomplete.

You suffered and now you thought you are healed. Sorry sadly but you are not, all the pain is lost somewhere inside you only; you need Shahrukh Khan to pull it out of you!

I won’t say this time to go and enjoy another most sensible and finest movie in Bollywood..

This time you should go to complete your own story!

If You Are Starting to Read Novels, Begin With These Six

Reading novels is an unparalleled joy, it is said. And there is a reason that novels are flooding a large section of the market in India as well as all over the world. Earlier, reading novels was not as popular in our country as it is today. No matter how much we criticise Chetan Bhagat and his likes, for writing mediocre books, we have to agree that these chick-lit authors have done a good job by turning a large population of the country into readers. However, I do not suggest you to start reading with their books, because then it becomes difficult for you to switch to the real literary fictions; if you are a reader already then it is not a problem to read their books for reviewing.

There are other books which you can start with if you plan to read acclaimed literature. The list below presents books in order from six to one, presenting the novels you can start reading with.

And here goes the list:

6. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle


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No matter how far one has gone in reading books, but undoubtedly, no reader can ever forget Sherlock Holmes which he must have read in the beginning phase of his reading life. The twists and turns in the stories keep the reader gripped and increases the reading hours of a beginner reader.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is quite a decent book to begin reading with.

5. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

kafka on the shore novels start reading

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Haruki Murakami has got unique abilities of a writer. He can writer illogical things at times but still make you equipped in the book. Kafka on the Shore is one such book, which is lengthy, reads awkward at times, but still is a page-turner in true sense. You can start with this book if you think of reading some great literary fictions in future.

4. Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie


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Haroun and the Sea of Stories is a novel which delights the reader to such an extent that he has to keep turning pages till the book ends. It is not at all an exaggeration, but this book has really got that quality. From the names of characters and places to the many fantastic events, the book is a winner in winning any reader’s heart. The story is quite childish but even an adult can very well pick this book up and enjoy , because it appeals to the child in us.

3. Pet Sematary by Stephen King

pet-sematary novel start reading

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Pet Sematary by Stephen king is not only a spooky horror novel, but a spooky-gripping-involving-emotional-unforgettable-horror-novel, and is definitely one of those books after reading which I turned into an avid reader myself.

The story will leave you stunned at places, and don’t find it odd when you start crying with the protagonist. Nobody knows the art of making the story flow with expertise than Stephen King.

2. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


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It is hardly possible that you have not met any person who has not read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This book has sold so tremendously that it would not be wrong to say that someone in your city is reading this book right now. And the mammoth sale has been possible for a reason. The story of The Alchemist is like a grandmother telling you a story, and the way it grabs the reader makes me put this book in this list here.

1. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hossein.


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The book that tops this list of novels to start reading with is none other than The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. The Kite Runner is an addictive book which, I think, convinces any person how delightful reading novels are. This book tells you a story of friendship, love, hatred, war and cultural relations between communities. It deals largely with the condition of people in Afghanistan and the turmoil in the country. It is a moderately paced novel with a great story to tell, which is perfect not only to a person who is about to begin reading novels, but also to people in any walk of his life.

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Watch: Hitler’s Hilarious Reaction to Modi’s Demonetisation

Whether you are supporting or against Modi and demonetisation, this video of Hitler reacting to the scheme is simply spot on and captures the sentiments of the populace rather perfectly.

The abolishing of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes and the subsequent rules regarding withdrawal of money has seen the entire nation line up outside banks and ATMs. It has also triggered a nationwide mania of memes and videos praising and trolling the move.

This is one of the latest in this trail of extremely hilarious videos that have sprung up and gone viral.

The clipping used in the spoof is part of the Austrian film – Der Untergang (Downfall). In the original film the sequence depicts when Adolf Hitler is informed by his troops about their loses during the Second World War. Knowing about the ground reality, the Nazi commander asks his men to leave except the top officials. This in the parody video is brilliantly used to demarcate those using ‘debit cards’!

So, how was it? Didn’t you enjoy Hitler being helpless like that in front of Modi?


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COLDPLAY: Global Citizen Festival’s Sparkling Star

The hype was on the air since August about Coldplay’s debut gig in India. We were all high since the first rumour of their performance, but what is it to experience them? Shaking the butt unconsciously for hours, waiting for them to appear once on that goddamn stage in front of your eyes and make you dance.

You always wanted to fly with the magical beats of Viva La Vida and Fix You, then it is the time to cheer for Mumbaikars because they are probably living their dream right now.


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All of us were busted by that 25k ticket price rumour. However, the COLDPLAY organiser offered free passes to social workers. This has proved to be a highly appreciated initiative and gained a lot of popularity. Other than COLDPLAY, Mumbai is witnessing sparkles in the sky Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Jay-Z and A.R. Rahman in the Global Citizen festival.
Back in 1996, 2 ‘pioneers’ Chris Martin, a vocalist and keyboardist and a lead guitarist Jonny Buckland started the British rock band, COLDPLAY and started their journey to carve the history. They suffered a bit in their initial times with co-ordination within the band. Later, with their music, for lack of better words, they pushed forward evolution itself.
If you are reading it, then you have probably not attended the concert. It’s okay; I’m writing this and haven’t been to it too: I’m stuck with examinations and going through a financial crisis, yeah half of India is BROKE!But it’s okay! We can make another lavishing plan to witness THE Sunburn in Pune this #NewYear !


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RockOn 2: Hard Hit of Boredom on Face.

The sequel of one of the most blockbuster album of all time in bollywood, RockOn is simply “the” disaster of 2016. Worst good-bye you can wave to the 2016. By the way are you a music enthusiast? You better stay home, bro!

RockOn 2: The movie with a large number of stars in guest appearance; Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Shraddha Kapoor and Kumud Mishra everyone is awarded whole 20 minutes role in whole 2 hours. Farhan Akhtar is staying far away from his past somewhere in Meghalaya and Purab Kohli is trying to play as excited as he was in 1st instalment, while Arjun Rampal is now a big music sensation and a ‘trapped’ star. Shraddha Kapoor is the stereotyped father-fearing budding music talent, and then comes the cliché Bollywood ideas and storyline. Story-writers seemed to be so much desperate to join all of them again but totally fail in keeping the frame in one flow.


Image Source:
The worst part of the movie is.. Yes! It’s music. Naturally, you enter the theatre with high expectation to dance on the ‘RockOn type’ beats, but you end up praying to shut the Shraddha Kapoor’s voice off the speaker. The only person you wish to stay is Kumud Mishra, who sadly appears merely for 10 minutes. Director tries to deliver various messages which make it something known as horrendous.
The only thing you are going to love is the theme of movie: Roocckk On!! (and best part is, they had cut the Shraddha’s part in theme song)
Listen, it’s simple! We all are going through the 100 note’s crisis. We suggest you save them for anything else, but not this. But if you want to go, may Jesus be with you. #Amen.


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Open Letter to the Creator of Sonam Gupta

Dear Sonam Gupta’s Aashiq,

I don’t know whether Sonam Gupta is real or not, whether she exists or not, whether she was just your fantasy love, who just said no to you, because you were disgusting in her opinion, or maybe any other story. As you know you have now almost embarrassed all Sonam Guptas around the world, trust me, Sonam Guptas will never forgive you.

However, she is the trending topic every Indian on social networking sites is enjoying at the hour of an economic revolution, in India.

And, people are really curious about, who’s Sonam Gupta? Why is she bewafa? Well, I don’t know (In Trump’s Voice), but I know that media organisations have already presented their hypothesis on Sonam Gupta, and so has decided to cover you, the creator of Sonam Gupta Jokes, instead of Ms Gupta.

No matter what is the situation, Indians know it very well how to enjoy their life. And, you have added a little more humour in our lives. Sonam Guptas, all over the nation must be a bit sad with this joke, especially if they have a boyfriend, or girlfriend to pull their legs.

And, of course, feminists might argue, it’s an attack on women, why are only women targeted as “bewafa”? And, I believe they’ve all the rights to argue it. If they are not doing it they are missing it, and they must do.

However, on behalf of our community, I would like to express thanks, to you for making us laugh again ‘together’, as we used to do earlier. I mean, it’s the first time I saw, AAP supporter, and BJP supporter laughing together on the same joke, can’t say about Congress (I mean if only Mr Gandhi would have understood, it’s just a joke and Sonam is not really bewafa).

I think, there is one element Indians used to have earlier, which was pure humour, a humour without curse words, which we misplaced in the past few years, or decade. We even forgot the decent ways to criticise people. Now we use the easy way of ‘abuses’ to either bring humour or to criticise.

So, definitely you deserve a big shout out, for bringing a short-term change, and if I talk about the butterfly effect, it might have a big impact in future.

Well, you know how creative Indians are when you see, events been created in solitary with Ms Gupta, and to appreciate their creativity, and to add on to your legacy TheMatchbox would like to show you few of the Facebook posts we found online.

Sonam Gupta Viral India Joke UP Elections


Sonam Gupta Viral India Joke Gandhi Nehru

Sonam Gupta Viral Indian Funny Joke Deepika Padukone

Sonam Gupta Viral Funny Indian Joke

Cheers! And enjoy Sonam Gupta till we find another joke.


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A Middle Class Man’s Honest Open Letter to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi sir,


My name is Prasad. I have a small industry in Balanagar Hyderabad. My industry turn over is about 2 lakhs per month. This means per year it is 24 lakhs. Honestly and truthfully with all the exemptions I should be paying about 3 lakhs Income Tax to Government. But I just pay 30,000. Why?

I was born in a middle class family and with hard work and studies I came up well. Initially I did some job for a living but after saving every paisa I have grown to the level of having my own start up industry. About 1 lakh is enough to take care of my family’s needs and other 1 lakh I invest (either in gold or shares or buying lands).

In the one lakh I spend for family, about 30000 is going indirectly in some form or the other to the government. From groceries to TV to mobile I am paying 20 to 30% of spending in tax only. If I enjoy a small party of say 3000 on drinks about 60% is going as tax to government.

Buy a car, there is road tax, get on road there is toll tax. Are we not ripped off sir?
Even for a liter of petrol I am having pumped about 30 rupees is going to government as tax. When I bought the car in form of taxes alone I paid about one and half lakhs. For a plot I paid 1 lakh as registration fee. The colony I am residing does not even have a road of any standard and hence I paid 50,000 as development fee.

After seeing the plight of patients in government hospitals and knowing well the looting well the looting nature of private hospitals, I took a health insurance policy for my family members and shamelessly even on that I am charged a service tax.

Like robbers every where I am taxed. Even in graveyards government is taxing people. But what is this government doing to us in return?

Do we have confidence that our children will learn anything if joined in a government school? Are we assured to come home alive if we go to a government hospital? Other than country’s defence and laying roads we are not understanding where the developments works are going. Buy a car, there is road tax, get on road there is toll tax. Are we not ripped off sir?

Where is the money we are paying in taxes sir? If I have to raise salary of the employees in my industry I appraise their work and give an increment. But what are the governments doing? Even if a government employee works or not they get the same salary and same increment. Why is it that our money is so cheap, sir? On top of it taking our tax money as salaries people don’t do our work. If office is at 10 people come at 11 and wont move a pin without bribe. So, tell us sir, why should we pay taxes? If my industry has to get uninterrupted power I need to pay bribe. In all I pay around 10000 as bribe per month. How can I show this bribe in white, SIR??

Simply for this reason we hate to pay tax to governments sir. That does not mean I have no social responsibility, sir. I gave 10000 when you have appealed to help for the army fund. I give 20000 a year to an orphanage in my neighbourhood and gave a donation of 1 lakh in the name of my father when people of my village said they will uplift the school. But sorry, I don’t have same heart to pay tax to government, Sir!

Anyways, this is past. Now we will see everything in white. Since you have taken the call, I will pay 30% tax in the 10 lakhs I have and change it to white. But can you guarantee me that I don’t have to pay the 10000 bribe I need to every month? Or will you permit people to take bribes too in the form of cheques?

And I did not talk about leaders…from street leader to MLA for all the elections for all the parties I should give funds. If not I am doomed. Will you bring an act to such people to accept funds in the form of cheques? Will the party funds be revealed to public?

Already we are paying so many taxes and tell us how is the government serving us. We wont pay taxes for the luxurious life of politicians or for salaries of government employees sir. We will try to not pay as much possible.

In another 10 years the country will see again a huge rise of black money. Will there be demonetization even then? This is not why we have elected you sir. Win our trust, do justice for the taxes we are paying first, then people will repose faith in the governments. We are ready to support you, and waiting to see you act!


Fan, and a voter



This article was first published by You can read it here.

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10 Most Emotional Songs of Leonard Cohen on YouTue

One of the greatest singer-songwriters of the golden sixties and seventies, Leonard Cohen dies at the age of 82.

“It is with profound sorrow we report that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has passed away,” the statement made by Sony Music Canada, Cohen’s label, read. “We have lost one of music’s most revered and prolific visionaries. A memorial will take place in Los Angeles at a later date. The family requests privacy during their time of grief.”   

Cohen was one of the few artists in the realm of popular music that can be called poets. He was one who raised the bar for song writing in his period.

“I never had the sense that there was an end.”

He was 33 when his first record was released in 1967. He played with an acoustic guitar and cheap keyboard and sang in a grave bass voice. But his lyrics, ah his lyrics magnificent and succinct, meditated on love, hate, sex, faith, sacred and profane. He was sometimes known as the ‘the master of erotic despair.’

“I never had the sense that there was an end,” he said in 1992. “That there was a retirement or that there was a jackpot.”

Over a musical career that spanned more than 50 years, Leonard Cohen made an impact that might be only bested by Bob Dylan. He has become a legend whose songs have been covered and recorded more than 2000 times by various artists. He is a cultural force that has influenced a lot of us in different ways.

Here are 10 of his best Songs You Shouldn’t Miss.

1. Hallelujah

2. I am Your Man

3. Suzanne

4. Bird on the Wire

5. So Long, Marianne

6. Famous Blue Raincoat

7. Dance Me to the End of Love

8. Tower of Song

9. The Future

10. Almost Like the Blues

“I’ve always been into self-dramatization,” Cohen said last month. “I intend to live forever.” And, mind you, Leonard Cohen will live forever.

When do we start Making America Great Again?

In 1861 Abraham Lincoln founded the Republican party which is also now known as GOP (Grand Old Party). From the year 1832 to 1858 Lincoln had a series of unlucky incidents throughout his life which even involved him losing the elections various times. I wonder how would he react if he saw the situation of America today. A country where a man from his own party who with no political experience at all won the presidential elections on his first attempt.

America being a superpower had almost the entire world at the edge as uncountable people around the world had their full attention turned to the presidential elections of USA while anticipating and hoping that the candidate of their preference would win. Many Americans had declared it beforehand that this year’s elections would be difficult to the people as they would have to choose among two candidates, neither of which were favoured by the general public.


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One of the leading candidates was Hillary Clinton who was representing the Democratic Party in the elections. She has been the first lady of US from 1993-2001 and even served as junior US senator from 2001-2009. She is also known for having served as US secretary of State from 2009-2013. She is known to have participated and won various elections during her school and college life. She is often deeply respected by the public for the work she has done for women empowerment and to support women’s rights in various areas.


Image Source:
Coming to the winner and the new President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump a candidate of the Republican Party. At the age of 70, he is the oldest first-term president. After Theodore Roosevelt, he is the second president born in New York city. He is the current Chairman of The Trump Organization, a real estate and construction firm. He announced his candidacy for president in June 2015.
Talking about the elections, AP predicted the number of votes this year will pass 50 million which is 4 million higher than the last presidential election. At 10.30pm the New York Times gave Trump an 80% chance of winning and by 11.30 they put it to 95%. Trump’s victory was evident when he managed to achieve 266 of 270 votes needed to win while at the same time Clinton had managed to secure 218 of 270 needed.
Lastly, let’s review a few promises that Trump has made to the people of America for when he becomes President. Among his various promises some include heavy surveillance and closing down of mosques, prosecuting Hillary Clinton, make marijuana illegal, stop spending money on space exploration, challenge China’s power. Also, let’s not forget the two most important promises he’s made, Make America great again and Bringing back the American dream.
What happens now is just a matter of time. Let’s see if Trump sticks to his promises or not. We on behalf of the rest of the world wish the people of the United States a good life and may they see bright days in the next few years to come.


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Chhath- The Festival of Unity and Purity.

Among several of the festivals indulging in the praise of Rivers and the Sun, comes one of the holiest festival of Chhath. Succeeding the festival of Diwali by just a couple of days, Chhath involves every section of the society under one shade of the sky.



The reflection of social integrity and fraternity is seen in these four days of the Puja and around a month in its preparation. Too often had our society been fragmented on the bias of religion, caste and social divisions but in this festival of intense purity, different religions unite themselves for the holy praise.

How else could a picture be perfect which includes every section dipping in rivers with their hands open to receive the blessings and their lips hymning in tone. If seen with the eyes of social criteria, the poorest lady of that society stands beside the richest lady of the city in the same water which flows equally and both of them praise the sole sun of the sky.



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Not only bringing together the different communities, Chhath also gives the important message of purity, cleaning and sincerity among every section of society irrespective of their religion. From every house of a colony, people bring out the brooms to clean their vicinity. They have to get assured that the pilgrims, who are in the fast of these 36 hours, don’t get any sort of difficulties in their path of prayers. Lightings, sounds and all the required arrangements are been organised to maintain the festive meter .


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In our upbringings of the Indian society, we are often told to worship the rise of sun which marks the rise of a new day, a new hope and the new bliss of opportunities. But it is the message of this festival that provokes us to thanks the day went behind, that is; to offer prayers for the sun going down in the sky.

Every new day has travelled through a night set behind it. Then why just to praise the new day and not the night that died to give birth to it?

From cleaning the rivers that are mostly used for garbage dumps to cleaning the road which are often seen as public bin for spits and wastes; at least this festival of Chhath, awakens our social responsibilities. Alas! But just these days bring out the sleeping good human in us which defies every weaker part of our evil to give our best to support the pilgrims and to pray the almighty to bless us like they always had been doing.

Bringing not so much out, Happy Chhath to all those reading till here.

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