Everything You Need to Know about Aleppo Situation Explained Simply.

The battle of Aleppo has been a part of the Syrian Civil war since 2012. The battle continues with no sign of any ceasefire in the near future. Here are some of the basics about the battle

When and how did it start?

On 15 March, 2011 protests broke out all over the nation against the government led by President Bashar al-Assad. The protestors demanded a democratic reform and demanded action to be taken against the corrupt within the government. The Assad regime and the security forces responded to the public through means of harsh resistance. By July in the same year, rebels took up arms against the government as a united militant group.


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Who are the big players involved in the war?

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US had sided along with the rebels. Most of the rebels came from the Aleppo countryside and from towns including Al-Bab, Marea, Azaz, Tel Rifaat and Manbij. Russia on the other hand has been allies with Syria even throughout the cold war. Syria has also been a regular Russian arms customer. From 2007-2011, Russia accounted for 78 percent of Syria’s military imports, including aircraft and high-tech missile systems. Russia’s presence has helped Assad secure victories over a few cities in the recent years.


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Ceasefire attempt

Turkey had recently managed to strike a ceasefire deal with Russia temporarily to allow the civilians to evacuate the city. Unfortunately, less than a day after the deal was struck the ceasefire was violated by both parties. Not only that but civilians claim that the rebel groups began shelling any civilians attempting to flee the city.


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Current Situation

The West blames Russia for using terrorism related techniques to combat the rebels. Russia on the other hand accuses US of supporting terrorists by backing the opposition. Recently Russia established a permanent military air base in Syria. Russia’s chances of accepting a no-fly-zone remain low. As long as Russia dominates the skies, however, Assad enjoys a significant military and political advantage over his opponents.


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We hope the battle ends as soon as can be for the sake of the innocent civilians dying every day. Indeed, this is the ugly face of war that those civilians suffer from right this very moment.

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Love, a name under which every element survives. But this is also the word responsible for several deaths and several depressed minds around us.

The major irony sprouts when you are scolded to pronounce LOVE in front of your parents because it will destroy your future, and they do this because they LOVE us.
Teenagers are seen falling in love in a huge arena nowadays. Ever wondered why?
Why are the tiny grasses of our society watered with a feeling of intimate love?
And why are they criticized on the same vibe too?


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For the basics, love is not the same element as people around us imagine. It is merely a feeling and mostly a responsibility. Love is the call of heart but the curse for mind. It is the building block of nature and the devastating beam of life; unless handled with care.
Every one among our society falls for the opposite genders and this attraction is shouted out as love. If you meet a handsome boy or a cute girl in your backyard and he/she never gets off your mind, it is called love. But this is not right to declare war only when our hands are learning to pick the guns.


Image source : theflimexperience.net

‘Look, she’s too cute. I must propose her! She is my love.’ Boys can easily relate this line and the opposite goes for the girls too.(But they are quite good at hiding.)
People like this, fall for lust and after a few days, blame love. Love is not in proposing her/him. Love is also not confined in the terms of cuteness and handsomeness!
Love is that nightmare which will leave you awake in the middle night imagining whether they did eat or not? Love is the break in voice whenever you hear them laughing. Nobody can define how love feels like and how love is given birth. Love starts in you, from the time you took shape in womb and ends whenever your progenies stop taking your name. It is not merely restricted to that girl or boy upon whom you fell down for!


Image source : ndtv.com
Teenagers, can, sometime make the elders realize what love feels like but nowadays, they are busy finding out the next backup if their BOYFRIEND/GIRLFREIND breaks up with them.


Image source : google.co.in

Personally, I can’t imagine any vision to those two terms capitalized above!( BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND). Looking up at the words, they mention a gender in the first part (BOY/GIRL) and a relationship of friendship in the remaining part.(FRIEND) But how do they carry a meaning of love, which everyone around us imagine?

Being in love and being in relationship are independent things. Just as independent as the body being burnt and the name, yet taken in the memories.
We need to learn that love is a bond which defies every definition. Your mind will never answer the margins of love and lust but your heart will. It will show you shine in the dark clouds of their eyes.


Image source : h-cdn.co

It will guide you through several people in the crowd and then stop at those eyes, which you will wish to stare in any devastations. A future is been clearly seen in their smile when you see them after every cry!


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Demonetization- The reality check letter for our PM.

To PM,

First of all a huge round of applause for one of the boldest decision any PM could ever take in a democracy; Behave like a dictator. Probably that’s what Abraham Lincoln meant when he explained the concept of democracy i.e. ‘And then on one blessed night, your elected representative will hold the mike and dictate the orders to drag you on the streets.’

We as the world’s largest democracy witnessed a similar incident when the 500 and 1000 Rs. currency notes were demonetized on night of 8th November by your government. Let it be your manifesto of 2014 election, later schemes, various projects and uncountable promises, as your citizen, I grinned every time and said, “Let it be this way.. after all it is for my country’s betterment.”, but this time I think you crossed the fine line between guiding and manipulating.


Image source : indianexpress.com

You are highly appreciated for your take on digitalized India: Great ambition, I must say but don’t you even have a research crew before launching anything?


1. By census of 2011, India has a total population of 1,210,193,422 people out of which only 377,105,760 live in urbanized area that constitutes merely 30% of Indian population. (sources- Census 2011)

2. And by 2014 records, India has 340,873,137 people with internet availability (Not regularly, though) that constitutes 27% of India’s population. (Source- Wikipedia)

Well now let’s have a take at the demon called black money’s stats.

3. Cash disguised as fake currency and black money make Rs 4 lakh crore in total and it makes 9% of Indian black economy.
(Just for the fact, the coal gate scam consists of Rs 2 lakh crore in itself. Well, yeah! It doesn’t even matter, leave!)

• So, you are expecting from the highly urbanized (30%) and advanced in internet sector (27%) to become digitalized over night? You said in your speech from the mighty Red Fort on 15th august that, even in a village Hathras, which is just 3 hours away from Delhi, it took 70 long years for electricity to reach there. Well even today, there are numerous villages in India which are deprived of basic needs i.e. Electricity, clean water etc. but yeah, you took a bold step!

Welcome to digitalized India, sir! But you know what, Sir, let’s just cut the crap now.

Yes Sir, you identified me correctly. I’m an asshole! And that’s my duty, “muje cutna hi hai!” and I’m doing it quite well. Mai cut hi raha hu from last 70 years, but honestly this time, in last 2014 general election I thought, that’s it! Now it is going to change for me. Me and the whole nation that voted for you to the supreme chair of world’s largest democracy thought the same, but deep inside we all had the unconscious nightmare, Shayad is baar fir se katega!And you are carving it so slowly and smartly with the high skilled art, and that nightmare still continues. Above anything else, you are still left with your half tenure; even now you can try to work for our betterment, it is not too late.


Image source : google.co.in

But you do not have to worry, we illiterates gave 70 years to them to molest us, we will also give you “nice time”, but probably not as much as 70 years, not as much as seats and majority like you had in 2014, maybe you come with the coalition government next time, but we will give you another chance because yes, we like you, as at least..
Aap to keh k lete hai.

From another assholes, (highly influenced by your biased media).

Thank You.

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Don’t miss the Success of Delhi International Queer Theater and Film Festival

What did you know about of Delhi International Queer Theater and Film Festival? Well, it’s a suc-cess that beams a lot of hope to the LGBTQ Community of India. Find out how it went.

Day 1 of Delhi International Queer Theater and Film Festival organised by Harmless Hugs and Love Matters Kickstarted with the inauguration by eminent personalities including Prince Manven-dra, Jess Dutton (Deputy High Commissioner from Canada to India ), Vithika Yadav (Country Head, Love Matters India) along with the founder of HH Vinay Kumar.

The event started with a power packed theatre called Pehchan by Asmita Theater Group and was followed by a number of short movies. The event continued with a play by a German couple – I step on Air and then ‘Hum to Bolenge’ by Sangwari.



Post that, renowned Artist Piyush Mishra arrived at the venue and launched the collection of short stories. Other prominent personalities including Arvind Gaur, Shilpi Marwah from Asmita and lead-ers and representatives of other partners like Impulse New Delhi, India HIV/AIDS Alliance, Youth LEAD India, Ketto, The Education Tree and more.



Post that, Piyush Mishra took the stage and enthralled the audience. In his interaction with Harsh Agarwal (President, Harmless Hugs and Convenor DIQTFF) , Piyush said “I see no difference in the homosexual and heterosexual community. They have given me the same respect, same love and affection that I get anywhere else I go. If there is something unnatural, nature won’t let it exist. It’s the conflict of nature and society which we now observe where society is calling nature unnatural which is ironic.”

The event concluded with another powerful play Lihaaf by Asmita Theater Group.

Day 2

The day kickstarted with a lineup of wonderful movies including Boy Meets Boy, Amorfo, My Child is gay and several others. Towards the evening – the play Libaas by Saitan Theater Group en-thralled the audience.

The highlight of the day remained the closing play – ‘Ehsaas’ by Asmita Theater Group. This play was staged for the first time ever and was a monologue by the led artists of the group ‘Shilpi Marwah’



The play revolved around the life of lesbian women in India which is a subject least talked about. The play depicted the life of a woman and the pressure, violence, discrimination and measures of corrective rape adopted by family and relatives. The play touched many aspects of the life of a les-bian woman in India and tread through sensitive issues that they face.

The event witnessed a footfall of more than 700 people from the LGBTQ community and outside as well. People were also benefitted heavily from the free HIV testing camp by Impulse New Delhi and more than 100 people got tested in two days.

Bismaya Roulo, who is the Impulse New Delhi coordinator said,” MTH community is the second HIV prevalence group in India. The numbers that we got here are remarkable”

Vinay Kumar, Founder (Harmless Hugs) said, “We are happy to conclude it successfully and thank every volunteer, partners and sponsors to make this happen.”

Harsh Agarwal (President Harmless Hugs and Convenor of DIQTFF) said, “The turnout was better than we expected and we could see a lot of people outside the queer community which proves that there is progress. Hoping to do even better next year.”

Vithika Yadav (Country Head, Love Matters India) said, “We are immensely happy that we could partner and support an event like this. Not only people enjoyed it thoroughly but also got a strong message.”

Don’t you think this proves a point that somewhere a revolution is waiting? A revolution that would sweep away the peace of all those who oppose freedom and free love? Do you support Delhi Inter-national Queer Theater and Film Festival? Or are you against it? Let us know in the comments.


Rendezvous – with Film Fare Awards!

Film Fare Awards has introduced a new category of awards – Digital Short Film Awards 2017 – with an aim to support and encourage young film makers in India.

These films are to be judged by six esteemed jury from the film industry Gauri Shinde, Karan Johar, Meghna Gulzar, Vidya Balan, Zoya Akhtar and Kabir Khan. In their first year of awards itself they received 1300 entries from budding film makers from across the country. Out of these 1300 films, 30 odd films were shortlisted to be judged by the jury.


Image source : google.co.in

‘Rendezvous’, a Marathi short film directed by Omkar Nilange has been shortlisted among these top 30 for the Film Fare Awards!!! Omkar who has also written the screenplay and dialogues for the movie is now an independent filmmaker and made this film as his Diploma project with Whistling Woods International. He fondly remembers his initial days on this film when he began with the story of ‘To majhi vaat pahat asel’ by an eminent Marathi writer Vasant Purushottam Kale (popularly known as Va. Pu. Kale or Va. Pu.). Omkar started working on the film early this year in January 2016.


“It took us 2 months to actually get an appropriate location for the film! We tried several places but just could not get the perfect setting. The screenplay was first written with Gateway of India in its backdrop but it was absolutely not feasible to practically get that location. So we finally shot at one of the fishing villages in Madh Island, Mumbai.”


Image source : asien.net

Even getting the budget sanctioned was not an easy task for Omkar and his team. Since this film was to be shot in water, it required special cameras and equipment. After tremendous amount of working and reworking of their expenses they came down to a number that was still much above the highest budget ever pitched in Whistling Woods till date. “I actually acted out the whole script in front of them on the day of the final verdict on the budget and finally both Anuradha Ma’am and Rahul Sir gave a go ahead. I am deeply grateful to them for having faith in me.”
They faced several obstacles in the making of this film. The shooting was scheduled for 4 days only.

“We could only shoot when there was high tide. In low tide the water recedes almost upto 1.5 km and the boat cannot be taken that far. So we used to do all the shooting during 7am to 11 am in the morning. Even though we were well planned and had chalked out our schedule carefully we faced issues that we could not have predicted. On the first day as the tide changed and water receded the boat got stuck by a rock and just would not move. As hard as we tried it did not budge and the owner of the boat said you will have to wait until tomorrow morning’s high tide to move the boat. So we had to do a lot of contingency change of plans! On another day due to new moon the high tide was so strong that we all became sick during the shooting. The boat swayed dangerously so much so that Ketan, one of our leading actors, felt the water touch his cheek when the boat tilted on one side.”

“Despite all these difficulties all my crew members really put in their heart and soul into the making of this film. Some fell sick, some were starved at times and some worked all through several nights to make this film happen. I am really amazed by the dedication shown by everyone and this film is the product of our team work.”

The biggest motivation for Omkar was the presence of actor Sunil Barve in the lead role. The very fact that an actor like Sunil Barve said yes to act in his film kept him motivated and inspired to make it happen and he was absolutely humbeled by the sincerity and dedication shown by him. “He would always be there on time for the shooting and help me out in all ways possible during the shoot. Mr. Sunil Barve is an amazing man to work with and a fantastic actor!”


Image source : indiatimes.com

‘Rendezvous’ is now competing among the top 30 short films shortlisted for the Jio Film Fare Short Film Awards 2017. Proud to have made a miniscule contribution by writing the subtitles for this film! You can watch the film here and vote for it:

Story: Va. Pu. Kale

Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: Omkar Nilange

Producer: Param Trivedi

Actors: Sunil Barve, Ketan Sunil Pawar

Cinematography: Darshit Gupta

Sound: Dhruv Parekh

Music: Devendra Bhome

Student Production HOD: Anuradha Bhatia

Production Head of film: Santosh Kadam

Vice President and CTO at Whistling Woods: Rahul Puri

Feature image source : entertainmentbng.com

Step by Step Guide To Have an Arranged Marriage and Then Cry Later

What is the most important thing for a person in his/her life in India? Money? Job? Peace of mind? Nah. You are wrong. It’s marriage, duh, and that too a compulsorily arranged marriage.

This article is dedicated to my cousins, those who succumbed, those who are ready to succumb and those who plan to break free like me.
I grew up in a joint family with the number of my cousins being just two short of comprising an entire cricket team, with our ages ranging from 5 to 25. So, it’s like every two years one of them gets married and consequently I have been a witness to so many marriages being arranged that I now find myself experienced enough to write an entire thesis on arranged marriage.

Image source : onmogul
Times have changed but the approach to marriages in India remains as illogical and primitive as before. The concept of arranged marriages is beyond my understanding and never fails to frustrate me. And since my family is never going to consider me mature or even intelligent enough to listen to my views on any topic, I might as well voice my opinion here.
Yeah so, as soon as you complete your education and get a job, you are automatically signed up for apparently the most important event in your life – marriage. All the ghastly forces in your life, namely relatives, and anxious neighbours, team up to get you hitched as soon as possible. And the fact that you may not be ready to marry in anytime soon in the near future, doesn’t really matter to anyone. God forbid if you are on the wrong side of 25, everyone just gets hysterical about your marriage. And why not! After all, you have already stepped into old age and can permanently lapse into a vegetative state if not married immediately!

Image source : supercoloring.com
Indian parents start preparing for their kid’s marriage quite early. It begins with warning their children as soon as they are capable of comprehending, that under no circumstances, they can marry outside the caste. They firmly believe that caste priority prevails over all petty issues like conduct, character, compatibility, financial stability, blah, blah. As the children reach marriageable age, a proclamation is made among the neighbours and relatives that it’s time to get them hitched , so activate your radars and antennas and suggest suitable matches. As soon as a prospective match is found, some important things are checked first.
When looking for a groom –
*Looks like a human – Check
*Earns enough– Check
*Family– No criminal record. Hence,eligible.
*Visits brothels-No way to find out, so we don’t bother to
*Has erectile dysfunction– Who cares! Anyways we can’t find that out either.
When looking for a bride-
*Looks, looks, looks.
*Again looks.
*Virginity cum character
*Education and career– Well, let’s be honest, as successful and intelligent she may
be, if she doesn’t match up to our standards of beauty, she is rejected.
*Again some more good looks.
If no major issues as listed above are found, the engagement date is fixed. Once they get engaged, the bride and groom are free to date and after they are given enough time to know each other, that is 3 months (Oh! That seems like a lifetime), they are married off.
Now that I have explained the process, I might as well explain its flaws. First of all, all our lives, we are taught not to talk to strangers. And now, all of a sudden, our parents expect us to spend our entire lives with a person of their choice whom we barely know.
And why the hell am I supposed to marry in my own caste? Why in God’s name would I shut my eyes to the millions of options I have out there? Or why can’t I marry the person I love? Am I supposed to check a person’s caste before falling in love with him? We can’t really choose who we love. Can we? 


Image source : nerdymeg
I believe the ideal way to choose a life partner is to date and judge for yourselves who you really want to spend your life with. And at the end, if you are unable to find your soulmate on your own, you can always turn to arranged marriages. My point is, arranged marriage should be a backup and not a compulsion.
Some people argue that in a love marriage, there is nothing new to look forward to and it gets boring. Well if I am marrying someone it would be ideal if I knew everything about him beforehand because what I am looking for is marriage and not some adventure ride full of surprises. Compatibility is the key to a happy marriage but unfortunately, it is the most underrated and overlooked thing in arranged marriages. 

Most importantly, nobody knows what’s good for you better than you. So you should have the sole right to choose your life partner. You cannot let others dictate your choices even if they are your parents. It’s not disobedience or disrespect, it’s your right as an individual.

So will you fight for your right? Or break under the pressure of arranged marriage? Let us know in the comments.


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Here’s how Demonetisation Gives Motivation for a Hopeful Future

Laws and their implementations are always mounted with some future hopes and certain questions rose on them. And this is exactly how the democracy works.

Around one month ago, our honourable Prime-minister Sri. Narendra Damdodar Das Modi, on a sudden announcement declared the Gandhi series of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 of null cost! A mere piece of paper which people can exchange in the banks and post-offices to get the legal notes.

After that certain announcements and declarations issued by the Reserve Bank of India, queues can be seen in the towns and villages ahead of banks, ATMs and post-offices. People rushed there to get the exchanges so that they can carry out their lives easily.

Certain deadlines were also dictated by the government for these currency exchanges and deposits which are modified almost every week. Days are reduced to a period which ended up a few days back for the exchanges and certain certified shops and stations were allowed to take the notes and give facilities to the 1.2 billion people of the country until 2nd of December.

It was hoped that those people who have kept a huge amount of unrecognised currencies as in a form of black money will get exposed and those currencies would either get void or can be used for the welfare of the country. It was also seen as a huge step to stop terrorist funding which eventually will stop terrorism.


Image Source: IndiaTimes.com

And now, the step seems to get huge in the walk against corruption and terrorism.

The GDP of the country is expected to boost up in the upcoming years at a great stage. According to a hope that the World-bank has expected, this only step can take India’s upcoming future to an evolving day tomorrow.

In the month followed with the announcement, the opposition tried every measure to condemn the government for this sudden ban and certain allegations also followed their words. Both the houses of parliament have worked almost nil in the new session and those crores of rupees which are of the common man, are getting no attention. No debate is being carried out and no one is either ready to hear what the ruling party has to say.

The most common allegation made is the problem faced by people in the queues and around banks. Certain people also died in the gatherings gone out of control.

But can we expect any sun ray without those clouds being peered?

No doubt that the people are facing difficulties and will be facing too; but almost every of the common person can see a brighter future ahead. Every of them know that a scratch today will prevent them from deep wounds ahead.

India is growing and so has the decisions taken for it, be grown too. Hardships for a few days will eventually come and certain martyrs will lose their body at the border but one day, the finest of all, there would be no sadness smoking with the air of the nation and no barriers between the poor and the rich.

Let’s hope for a shine tomorrow, standing in the queues today!


Feature Image Source: IBTimes.com

Why Should We Talk More And More About Sex ?

As I begin writing this piece, I have already made my peace with the fact that I may be judged for my views on one of the most taboo subjects in our society, sex. Yeah…so now that you have sensed the sensationalism of the post, go on, read it further.

Our conservative society tries hard to convince us into believing that sex is dirty, evil and something to be ashamed of. We are raised to believe that sex is something that should be spoken of in hushed tones and never in public.


Image source : studentwapshop.com

By the time we grow up to have an independent thought process of our own, our mentality already has taken the shape, the society wants it to. Our ideologies become so influenced by the environment we are brought up in that we fail to see things in a different light. And this is how people go on believing that sex is uncouth. It’s funny how our society makes us feel disgusted over the main reason behind our own existence. The only time sex is not despised by the society is when it is seen as a way to reproduce. Even thinking of sex as a means of pleasuring yourself or of showing your love towards your partner makes you a dirty character in the eyes of the ever judgemental puritan society.

Nobody will ever tell you that wanting sex is perfectly okay and natural. Sex is a necessity just like food and water. And no, it is not just a means to procreate and produce an heir to your family name. Its okay if sex is just for your pleasure and nothing to be ashamed of.


Image source : beauty-matome.net

I had a notion that my generation has grown out of the misconceptions created by the older generations. But so far, my interactions with people my age have only made my belief stronger that we are still far from being labelled as sexually aware and independent individuals. Especially women, they are still so caught up in pretending to be chaste , pure creatures that they continue to suppress their sexuality all life long. Forget about expressing their desires, a majority of them refuse to admit that they ever feel the need to have sex. Because why not, we are innocent indian girls. We will preserve our virginity for a third of our life for our future husband whose score is already in 100s. And even with our spouse, we will continue believing that sex is only for the pleasure of men; for women, sex is an obligation and a part of their wifely duties. And we sure don’t know anything about female masturbation. Yes , we are shocked to our core, whenever someone mentions it. Yes , we have just grown up to be adult women with no regards to the needs of our body and we also pretend to know nothing about sex because that’s how the society will accept us as women of good character. Yes, we are educated ladies but still we will call that one girl, a whore ,just because she doesn’t shy away from embracing her sexuality.


Image source : favim.com

Yes, sadly , that is how most people think. And if that is the mindset of my own generation, what is to be expected from our parents’ generation? It is this mentality that has prophesizes that premarital sex is satanic and trivialises the concept of marriage as a license to have guilt free sex. If only we as a society were more vocal , accepting and informative about sex, so many teenage pregnancies, sexual crimes and spread of STDs , that happen only because of lack of awareness, could be avoided. But our society has made everything related to sex , a taboo. This is partly the reason why most of the sexual crimes go unreported, because the victim doesn’t receive any support or sympathy; only disgust and ridicule.


Image source : google.co.in

We need to stop sensationalizing and scandalising sex. We need to talk about it more. Sex is not a taboo, so its high time we stopped treating it like one. So go on, embrace your sexuality and be comfortable with it .

Feature image source : irishexaminer.com

Oh my god! What surprises does Marvel hold in the new trailer for Spider man Reboot? Watch Now!

‘When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t and then the bad things happen. They happen because of you’ ~Peter Parker (Holland version)

Ever since Marvel studios announced their plans for an Avengers movie every social media platform was loaded with memes and jokes revolving around the fact that Spiderman would not be in the movie as Sony was holding the rights for ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and they had no intentions of sharing the character with Marvel Studios back then. We have seen the character of Peter Parker grow younger from Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield and now Tom Holland. The question on everybody’s mind is, Is this finally Spiderman’s big break? Let’s hope so because two reboots in less than a decade is quite a short interval.


Image source : disquscdn.com

Marvel Studios has recently released a trailer for the upcoming Spiderman standalone movie titled ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’. The trailer features a young peter Parker returning to his boring old life after the events of ‘Civil War’. We get to see Peter Parker trying to balance his school life along with his life as Spiderman along with juggling with his personal life. Having proven his worth before, Peter is hoping to be indoctrinated into the Avengers officially. He attempts to continue his heroic work by stopping robberies and other minor cries throughout the city. Despite his attempt to prove that with great power comes great responsibility, Tony Stark keeps putting him off telling him to keep focussing on his school life and avoid being a superhero. Peter gets his chance when a bird like man threatens to unleash chaos.


Feature image source : cinemablend.com

In the trailer, we get to see Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Zendaya as Michelle, Laura Harrier as Liz Allan, Marisa Tomei as May Parker, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, John Favreau as Happy Hogan and Michael Keaton as Vulture. Despite this being a well-known fact Stan Lee will also make a cameo appearance in the movie.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled to be released on July 7, 2017.

Feature image source : comicbooknews.com

2nd Delhi International Queer Theatre & Film Festival Kicks Off This Weekend

The 2nd Delhi International Queer Theatre & Film Festival (DIQTFF) will be conducted on Dec 10 & 11. The festival organised by LGBT youth support group Harmless Hugs & Love Matters is considered to be one of the biggest LGBT theatre & film festivals in North India.

Out of 200 submissions received, the two day event will screen around 15 selected national & international films. The line-up also includes a photography exhibition on LGBTQ issues and 6 Queer Plays offering striking reflection of gender diversity.

During a conversation with The MatchBox,  Mr. Harsh Agarwal, president, Harmless Hugs , said “that the purpose of the theatre and film fest is to create a safe space for the LGBT community to watch inclusive LGBT films on the big screen with no shame, guilt or anxiety,  it is  emotional and a huge goose-bump raising experience; and for the mainstream audience a window to understand LGBT people better, by dispelling myths and misconceptions they may have.”

Mr Agarwal added “With section 377 still in place, they face lot of difficulty in hosting this festival annually. Financial support is needed to make this an every year affair. Our effort has always been to make it a sustainable festival, where everybody seems involved, making this a festival of the masses irrespective of their genders, and not just of a community.”


Star attraction

This year, the biggest highlight is going to be the presence of Piyush Mishra who will be the Chief Gust at the festival on Dec 11th.

Piyush Mishra,An award-winning actor, lyricist and also singer, Mishra has worn many hats. But speaking for and with the LGBT community would be a first for him.

Mishra will be heard addressing the audience and sharing some nazmein to pay his respects to the community.


I Step on Air – Performance (English)

Oxana Chi and Layla Zami ,German-French queer couple who present their story through performing arts.

I Step on Air is a dance-theatre-music performance inspired by the Afro-German activist May Ayim that the couple performs with the use of dramatic expression, innovative live-music, and witty but empowering text.