The Crown Of India – Our Kashmir.

The wound not operated becomes a cancer and a gift that is never opened, ultimately becomes a relic holy enough to open up. The things that we merely debate about could be the issues that only need a little guidance and little approach to be resolved into open strands rather than staying like the curls.
One such example been hot all around in the world is about the issue of Kashmir in India.
Kashmir, the heaven on earth, the Himalayan borders, the guard of Asian countries and the homeland to our brothers – irrespective of the community that they belong or the caste they are of. The issue of Kashmir independence and its history is a very delusional bog to step in. So before you point out a sword of historical corrections, I make it quite clear that this article doesn’t deal with any sort of past happenings or any facts and figures that is subject to doubt. I will talk about the present that our youth are living in there in the heaven of earth. Or I’d better say, the place that was once a heaven.
As far as the rest of the nation is concerned, Kashmir takes a very reserved and fragile part of the Indian country. The topmost region that is a neighbor to our divided brother, the Pakistanis. Kashmir still runs on its own laws, its own set of rules and regulations and it has entirely different political propagandas. The Indian army along with the Indian government is responsible for holding up the boundaries of its nation whenever or however any international threat as in form of war approaches our gate. The same is being observed in Kashmir. But if everything’s so clear and logical, then why do we hear of the violent abruptions that not only brings blood to the lakes of Kashmir but also provokes the external enemies to take hold of the psychological behavior of the young minds? Is it really that bad in the state up there that we don’t talk about it much? Well, it’s only an unsolved issue because we fear to do so. We fear to take actions. We fear to stand tall on our deeds rather than just accepting and putting forward some guidelines for the state to create peace in themselves by helping each other.
It is undoubtedly a very known fact that the terrorists that enter in our country are majorly concentrated in the upper areas of Kashmir. The youth that was supposed to hold books and industrial works in their hands is now holding stones and pebbles in their hands to overcome their future. We deny to accept the fact that mistakes are never a snap of fingers but they are the damn clap. We forget that today we need to overcome our fear so that the future lives about to come in Kashmir does not feel the same. We hear several news that somewhere our armies are being attacked by the mob with stones or at some places they are being abducted and brutally killed by the terrorists. And in somewhere we hear about the merciless forces that torture and kill the common people. But upto how far do we have to only listen to these things and not act against them? Yesterday or tomorrow, everyday our men die. Some in the form of army-men while some in the robe of fellow Kashmiris. Now it’s not only a matter about a state being at war, but it is more about humanity and the humans living there. We shouldn’t ignore the crores of people being innocently held there as hostages in their own country. But again the curl turns around of the question that how do we act against it and who shall act upon this?
The martyrs are held at same place whether they die in war or are killed by any abduction. And so is the condition about our own countrymen. It is both, the fear and the fearlessness of our armed forces that leave our own crown unprotected and naïve enough to be continuously been exploited by the traders of human disciplines. The fear in common people about some armed men that they would be killed if they raise a voice for their welfare snuggles around the environment that give birth to Maoists and terrorists. They, inspite thinking of ways for cooperative work, focus on the power presentation to achieve anything. The “FIDAYINS” that are probably the extinct being for humanity are now deepening their roots in the minds of those people who fear to come out and seek truth. This is one part of the coin. What promotes them to do so independently is the fearlessness of the terrorist group to rise against the peace and provoke war within their own country. This country belongs to each and every human being that vows to respect and take care of it. But to the contrast, this country can turn a barren graveyard for all those who will to destroy the inner strength and stability of this.
The fearlessness in the minds of terrorists have provoked people like such to take hold of the ground. The government, whosoever, takes care of such issues shall understand that someday or sometimes whenever there comes a time to teach the wrongs with a slap of truth, we must be willing to do so. We need to get our stiff hands upon those who attack. We need to make our grip tightened among those who dare to deepen fear in the valleys and we need to stab each and every person whoever plans to bring harm to our countrymen and our country as a whole.
And for as far is the integrity and peace about secularism and regional disputes is concerned, we have all of the nation to hold our crown of Kashmir just like the rightful king ought to wear it. You can certainly irritate our peace but could never eradicate our harmony. The valley is still ours and for as long the landmasses will be divided by boundaries, we take oath to protect our people and our state with all our lives and dedication.