Debate or Discuss – Tough choice to opt

In an attempt to be stationed as the principle magnate of any conversation inclined towards reasoning, majority amongst have the emotion of self-importance propelling them towards debates. Often they are fashioned in ways where solely one side will end up victorious while the other will be paid no attention once their voices are overshadowed by the winning side.

Seldom occurs a situation where debates are heralded as an opportunistic duration to gain insights into issues that most remain oblivious to. As the opponents welcome themselves to their respective podiums, crowds who are already in support and have picked their ideal choice for the prize welcome them with cheers and chanting their names.

Once the event begins, counteracting each other’s points becomes the central objective of the debate. More often than reason, it’s usually one’s self own pompousness in voice, that declares one the one who spoke the most sense.

The primary mark of differentiation between debates and discussions seems to be the yearning to gather more ideas rather than hail one’s idea as having more weightage than the other. Openness to alternative ideas and ways of thinking would surely benefit the masses compared to the people sticking to a single way of thinking.

I never seem to take debates seriously for any benefiting purpose. The clashes of egos creating clamouring sounds are sufficient to shift my interest to anything but what is going up on the stage.

Today we have people polarized on issues that are of great consequence to our society. From trivial matters such as changing names of streets in regions around Delhi to the legislation of fundamental rights for the homosexuals, from the use of death penalty to marital sexual abuse scandals. Many of the people today will have strong views on of these ‘debatable’ issues. But often times, they become so highly brainwashed by their personal reasoning that they will not dare to see the other side, much less understand that point of perception.

A YouTube channel by the name ‘Jubilee’ conducted few gatherings of people where folks from completely different ways of thinking would simply sit and explain their own way of thinking to the ones around. I was greatly impressed by the words of conclusion in each video where much of it seemed sincere. Issues ranging from Gun violence and measures to curb the recurrence of it to Gay adoptions to religious education in schools, were scrutinized with proper evidences while being discussed.

Let me be fair in my statement- I have no doubt in my mind that both the parties that met in that room still hold their original views. They are not meant to have any effect, but there were people who gave explanations in hopes that the other side would at least consider their point.

And let’s face it; debates don’t do so well in changing minds either.

But for those who are open to understand the topic of discussion a little further will surely give equal weightage to both sides and surely that is not a bad place to begin one’s exploration about them, mainly for people such as myself who prefer to see both sides before getting to a conclusion.

A spirited debate might work for enhancing one’s resume for higher education at a prestigious institute, however a discussion will give a win-win for both if the case is regarding issues that are important to the times yet to come.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee- Remembering the Statesmen

A writer, a leader, a verbal brilliant and the soul that no one could ever hate. These things not only define Atal Ji but they have been tremendously trying to cope up with the pace that Atal Ji sped in his life. It all started around late of the 1920s when India was struggling to crawl ahead of the Britishers that one of the most efficient child was born. It’d rather become a vague write-up of why and where did it all began, so I will prefer jumping over these precise history facts. There are a few things that Atal Ji taught us and left us with the opportunity to make the angel proud of us. Here, I list a few of those things:

His obnoxiously convincing speeches.

Atal ji was very well known as a versatile speaker who’d rather say his heart out than to speak something that came in protocols. He was known for his brilliance in speeches whenever he grabbed the mic. The opposition parties and others who ever became subject of Atal Ji’s speech knows on how to question himself/herself to deserve it. He once stated his determination and potential to drive the nation with one of his most famous poem “Haar nahi manunga!” He used to speak everything with so much of depth and at the same time introduced wit that the audience went dumbstruck of what to reply first. If you listen to his speech in Loksabha when he was about to resign on his 13 day coalition government, he stated his patience in his long run for the nation. But at the same time, he declared that for the another time, he won’t miss it.

His determination and strength to solely stand against evils.

It was the Pokhran tests that made Atal Ji stand out of all the odds in his own government and tell the world that how important country was to him. Having been threatened to war by one of India’s ally nation, Atal ji didn’t only allow the tests but personally kept everything beneath his desk. He took care of the civilians prior to the testings and with the most feasible approach, carried out everything in precision. The moment that he announced the successful tests, India was already one among the nuclear countries. The scientists and engineers were rewarded for their unimaginable work in the field.

His positiveness towards the facts that could have probably break other leaders.

To explain this, let’s just only remember the famous and decisive Kargil War of 1999. Atal ji didn’t only perceive the threat coming onto the nation but also led the army forces to victory. He then went on to diplomatic wars with countries and single-handed warned our friend neighbor to stay as far as they could from our side of brave arms. His speeches then, are a gem for ears now.

The Poet .

 His dedication, his wit, his patience and his philosophy; everything was very clear in his pages that he too often took to his speeches and readings. He was one of the finest explanatory people that didn’t only explain scenarios but also explained how it was to live life according to him. Been a master of words and expressions that no one could ever teach in any workshop, he solely led victories of debates and diplomacy with his pen and words. He said that to convince people of their aim, he had to be meticulously vicious of the evils that he was working against. 

These things not only explain more about our beloved leader but also tells more about how a person he was. He was more of a soul that cramped the humanity with his goods and left us with a question on how far have we lived on his expectations. We owe you sir and the nation shall never write its history without mentioning you as one of the leaders in dragging the cart of India out of the mud of nepotism and ignorance.

The “Karmic” baggage of Kerala

In such events that upset the normal routine of people’s lives, the protocol to be followed, usually in a sane society, is of sending sincere condolences or providing assistance of any kind to better the lives of those in pain.

Majority within the nation followed this conformity of human emotions, as social media was flooded with hashtags of prayers and aid. However, some within the same realm do not wish to follow those inclinations of the majority.

And what their predilections of their own nature would carry might not be the most pleasant thing to come across.

Love for animals is always admirable but when personal views on dietary ethics blind one’s judgement to utilize basic human reasoning, often it just appears simply ridiculous. Not to mention, highly offensive.

While much of nation is morning for the disastrous flooding in Kerala and help is pouring out to assist people and even animals, few people are justifying this horrific act of nature as divine judgment for consuming cows and slaughtering stray dogs.

One often has to think that what kind of divinity would judge a group of people where 99% of the people had nothing to do with that incident, but then I do not really get updates from God about his latest tantrums.

It was truly a horrendous atrocity of nature that left so many people lifeless and many more without a shelter. Families are unable to find their own requirements in terms of basic needs. Children are open towards infections due to the obvious polluted waters.

While the country looks with grief at the state of things, some might just use this as a way to reflect on their moral righteousness and making assumptions based on their blatant arrogance. Kerala is not the friendliest of states in India when it comes to oppression of other ideas and open-mindedness. Religious tolerance and high literacy rates have made this state a target for the religious right.

Consumption of cows is one of the things the religious right holds against this state. Many from those groups which certainly do not highlight the views of the majority relate the consumption of beef with the penalty of the Floods.

As much as the argument is overwhelmingly devoid any scientific backing, for most it comes up as deeply derogatory. It shows similarity with a few of the ultra conservatives in the US who usually relates mass shootings with black metal songs and hurricanes with the acceptance of gay marriage.

Keeping in mind that most of the people who are personally affected by this deluge are less likely to have tortured cows and killed stray dogs for no apparent reason.

I doubt that they even personally know someone who would have done such acts. But nevertheless, the unwise would continue to assault them with their deep seated arrogance and claim tragedies as divine acts of justice.

Such hatred of people based on demographics as to applaud sufferings of people is appalling in general.


10 Best Poems Of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Available On YouTube

The death of the legendary Poet Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee came as a shock to all of us. Here we bring to you some of his most famous poems written and recited by him that are available on YouTube for you to relish one more time, or again and again, the beauty of the master orator .

1. Geet Naya Gata Hun

2. Aao Phir Se Diya Jalayein


3. Aaye Jis Jis Ki Himmat Ho

4. Doodh Me Darar Pad Gai

5. Sheesh Nahi Jhukega

6. Bharat 

7. Gunji Hindi Vishv Me, Swapan Huaa Saakaar

8.  Maut se Than Gayi

9. Kshama Karo tum Bapu 

10. Unchai

Don’t you agree he was one of the best? Watch below, Why we miss him, our obituary for Atal Bihari Vajpayee here.

Section 377- A Christian perspective

Since the mid-1950s, social issues have a crucial part in determining the number of people in pews on Sunday mornings. Many denominations in the United States, tried to hold back on the progress of issues such as allowing African-Americans to be accepted as leaders or even as members within the congregation, one example being the Church of the Latter Day Saints. But today, segregated churches are a rare phenomenon.

Similar to this, acceptance of people from the LGBTQ community is something that many denominations are struggling with today. Many are splitting from their actual groups in order to protest or support this idea.

The United Methodist Church, USA which tends to be more on the moderate side than on any extremes has voices speaking for and against gay marriage. The denomination being the largest of the ‘Mainline Protestant’ group of church that tend to be more accepting of differences compared to the evangelical and charismatic groups of churches, will hopefully make a decision on this highly divisive issue very soon. Other churches such as the United Church of Christ, Metropolitan Community Churches, the Episcopal Church, etc. have already been accepting LGBTQ people as leaders in the church as well as bless their marriages.

But that is more about the present groups of people that have their own perspective on scripture and believe their interpretation to be more accurate compared to others. Should people who are more scriptural support the idea of two men or two women marry each other?

Taking the six primary clobber passages into consideration, perhaps it could be said that the Bible sees same sex behaviour in conflict with religion. Study of scriptures in Koine Greek and Hebrew however, seems to emancipate these clobber passages from being homophobic in anyway. That is something not many conservatives are comfortable with as it contradicts their understanding of their faith.

That upon a deeper study of the scripture would give a picture of the faith that contradicts the character of Jesus himself.

A rebel, who challenged the religious authorities for their hypocrisy, embraced the outcasts, had murderers as his disciples and forgave those who went against their religious ethics from being killed by a mob of people.

That is Jesus, who personally was completely silent on the issue of homosexuality but had a lot to say against religious leaders who in their hatred and disgust of other for not behaving like themselves, were blinded to their own arrogance.

Reading Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:24-30 in English would make you see homosexual acts as a sin and reading 1 Timothy 2:12 and 1 Corinthians 14:34 would make you feel that Women should never exercise authority over a man but submit to his authority. Which are why, for the fear of being called archaic, many evangelical churches in India now ignores the sexism in the Bible while promoting the homophobia that they perceive in the scriptures.

It’s a sad scenario where most of the followers of Jesus can’t stand up for people who are persecuted wrongly but instead add fuel to the fire for their entertainment.

I personally feel no reason as to why one cannot be devoted to his faith as well as stand up for people who are in need. I will not be condemning the fringe groups of the Indian Christians that stood for a law that criminalizes the lives of up to 50 million people, as they too have a right to speak their opinion.

However, when those opinions are taken seriously while making laws that govern the lives of people in a country, an obligation arises to speak against them.

Passages from the scripture point mainly towards a deep sense of sacrificial love for one another instead of persecuting people who might not similar to the rest. One of them is as follows:

 Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying,

Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

  • Matthew 22:35-40

And what kind of love would one be promoting when they cannot see their neighbours as human beings but criminals and lesser human beings for being in existence?

Being gay and Christian isn’t contradictory, Loving Jesus but failing to love all people however is.

We Live in Rape Culture


Where are we? Does any of this make sense when you hear it like this? The agony, the rage and the intolerance that people felt while a few movements in our country put us into grief for not being able to make our country worth living but did anybody think of these? Where are they? The leaders, the representatives, the beggars whom we have given control over us, is there anyone around whom we can look upon with hope?
Definitely, there must be something wrong with our upbringing that brought us into such deep girth of hatred that we now, hate the fact that we were born human to show some humanity.

We use a large percentage of brain to prosper among the billions of lives that exist cordially with us. The expectation to behold our race prominent among others is what we should actually focus ourselves upon. But what do we focus on? Raping a girl who has not even started to realize that the world which she is a part of, is nothing more than a cage with hungry wolves who just want to lick some skin and hear some moans out of you as they grapple your flesh. If it would have been something to laugh upon, we could have depicted this as a graph of which age group experiences what amount of such threat. And trust me, talking with the science background, the graph would be a straight line parallel to x axis which infinite percentage of risk and is common for all age groups.
Nobody is safe.
Articles here and there focus on women because they’re the ones being molested and fingered upon the self-respect very often and very easily. But here, I wouldn’t exclude the males as well. They feel similar threats but talking of truth, the percentage is strictly negligible.

The basic format of articles like this bound me to write in a way that the ending paragraph suggests something that could be considered as a help for implementation. But what am I supposed to write when it is about your ethics? What do I suggest to make you understand that your wish to touch someone else is more heinous than my wish to personally assault such people! Is there any way that I could provoke those monsters to realize that the girl they left with no life in her, was nothing more than a child who saw an uncle, a brother and a guardian in them. They not only tore apart her clothes but didn’t even consider fragmenting her skin. Going deeper into her became more important for them so as they felt manly after it. Being culprit to my own soul, I consider myself not worthy enough to pay condolence to the soul whose peace can never be achieved, not even if the guilty are hanged.

We can only talk of dreams. The dream that every girl, if you see naked, reminds you more of a human than a man who wishes to grab her. The dream that every single girl who passes your road in the midnight with whatsoever clothes, reminds you to be citizen you pledged to be and to not become the dog who simply tries to bite each and every part of the flesh that’s visible. The dream is to leave a girl back to her home if she finds difficulty on those days of her month rather than you deciding to uncover her body so you could satisfy your greed to touch something meaningless. These are dreams that shall now, considering what we are growing in, be given as chapters from the very primary education. As for now, education and the scream to be polite seems the only way to protect a few girls who are, till now, free from the holy rape mark.