Namo 2.0 or Hindutva 2.0

With election results on the edge today and Modi government on the rise already for the second term, what could be the possibilities of NDA this time? Time again and again in the past 5 years we have seen radical views on the rise of “Hindutva Raj” walking side by side on the streets while also witnessing infrastructural development on a wide scale.

2019 elections hold a really important place as it would decide whether BJP will rule again or Indian National Congress would come back in power.

Let’s have a look at the past and possibilities of Namo 2.0:


More of World tours?

In a news article by economic times, Narendra Modi has supposedly taken 165 trips in total and had a total expenditure of 2021 crores. Though the trips were majorly focused on Foreign Direct Investment which did increase in his tenure but do we really need more of FDI and less attention on the root problems of the country such as poverty, unemployment, gender inequality and others?

Compared to Manmohan Singh’s term the total expenditure of his trips were accounted to be 1346 crores in total.

Total number of countries visited by him throughout are as follows according to Wikipedia:

Visited once;

Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Spain, Sweden, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Vietnam

Visited twice;

Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan

Visited Thrice;

France and Japan

He has been to Germany, Nepal, Russia and Singapore four times in total and finally he has visited China and United States for a total of times.



India has witnessed almost 63 attacks done by Cow vigilantes which according to Reuters report came on the rise after the “Hindu Nationalist government” came in power in 2014. The report also states that a total of 28 Indians of which 24 of them were Muslims had been killed.

In 2014 itself we witnessed almost 4 violent attacks leading to communal tension from august 2014 to October 2014.

It only kept increasing and the numbers came up to 6 in total where individuals were beaten to death, it led to the extremes where a right wing Hindu mob in Jammu Kashmir “incorrectly” suspected that an 18-year-old had been transporting beef and had to suffer injuries due to gasoline bombs bring thrown at him.

From 2016 to 2017, India had already witnessed 16 attacks resulting from mob lynching due to alleged suspicion of cow smuggling and beef selling. The frequency of the attacks took a different turn in 2017 where the attacks rose up to 11 from 5 in 2016.

From 2018 to 2019, the attacks decreased down to 9 but still had some gory news to it where individuals aged 50 were shot in head or thrown in gutter.


Twenty-one parties accused Bhartiya Janata Party of “blatantly” politicizing armed forces for vote bank. The joint meeting of the 21 parties equally criticized how the Modi government had been dealing with national security and failing at it.

“National security must transcend narrow political considerations. The leaders observed that the Prime Minister has, regrettably, not convened an all-party meeting as per the established practice in our democracy.”


On November 8, 2016 Prime minister declared a possibly beneficial decision for the country to get rid of black money and corruption, Demonetisation. This impulsive decision was not even discussed with the RESERVE BANK OF INDIA and RBI itself was made aware of the decision 2 hours ago before it was announced.

Later in the report released by RBI annually announced that our economy lost 1.5 percent of GDP in growth terms which was near to 2.25 crores a year.

Apart from the “Monetary aspect” to it which apparently failed majorly, this decision took 100 lives.


The country saw the rise of infrastructural development on a wide angle, the rise of metros, cleaner cities, our apparent “ache din”. All these came with a cost of lives especially in the north and rural areas of the country.

There was a 28% rise in communal incidents under BJP rule. Statistical data collected by IndiaSpend showed an increase of 47% communal incidents in UP itself from 133 in 2014 to 195 in 2017.

According to RTI in 2017 itself 822 cases of communal violence were reported in which about 111 people were killed and 2384 were injured. Wherein 2016 702 cases were reported in which 86 people were killed and 1921 were injured.


Is our education system forcing children to learn?

The very aim of education is to make a student learn. The topic thus needs to be seen as “is the aim of education to make the children learn as per the needs of tomorrow?”  
India has a large population. We need to cater for a wide range of interests and requirements within the country; ranging from students who will eventually find their vocation in skills to those would find their calling in knowledge-based fields.
Learning happens best when a student is comfortable; when the focus is on building concepts rather than on learning by rote; when the students’ curiosity is aroused and when his or her brain is tickled. Learning happens when innovation, intelligence and knowledge in its truest sense are rewarded. Given the very vast expanse of India coupled with the requirement of imparting education across the swathe of the country with the very diverse teachers available, it merits a thought whether it is even possible to implement any standard measure across the entire country.
Let us take, for example, the fact the enormous number of citizens in India who have over the past several decades been involved in agriculture. Despite these numbers, agriculture has never figured as a field of choice academically. There has been scant search on developing knowledge-based agriculture across India. The consequence of this neglect is that the per-acre yields in the fertile lands along our River valleys are far less than what obtains in the deserts in Israel. 
In the past few years we have seen an unbridled rise in colleges of various hues across India; as also, an increase the number of seats these colleges are allowed to fill through admissions for example in engineering, education or any other field. Admissions allowed are almost never based on any research on the requirement of people educated in that specific field over the next few decades. There then exists a situation where certain professions, because of the glamour or attraction that they may have, make for more students qualifying in them then may actually be absorbed in the industry. We have for instance, a situation where  students do various specialities in engineering; yet end up working in other industry, at levels which are far below that would suit an engineer. 
There exist no incentives for opening a private school in a Rural area, to the detriment of students who are left with few options.  Those private schools who do venture to open in rural areas are left to their own devices. Finding adequate numbers of qualified teachers in rural areas is a challenge by itself. Without incentives, many of the schools then fade away or lower their standards to survive. While education is in the concurrent list of the constitution , there appears to exist no incentives at the state or the central level for this noble purpose.
Coming back to the main issue in hand, it is the very purpose of education system to make students learn. The word “force“ may or may not apply. Yet there are a host of factors which need to be corrected to ensure that high levels of education are available across the country including in remote areas. Further, there is a  need to match predictions of the requirements in various vocational fields in future to the subjects in which education today focuses. This needs to be backed by adequate research.

Game Of Thrones : Season Finale

Game Of Thrones IS OVER. The world’s most watched show has aired its last episode.
It was satisfying as well as disappointing. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss wrapped up a show that’s spanned eight seasons, two continents, seven Houses and hundreds of thousands of corpses, and they did a decent job at it, but the last two seasons. In no way, the show was going to give us the perfect conclusion, not after it began rushing toward the conclusion.
It’s all over, with so much story left untold. If left to me, Season 7 should have been 10 episodes setting up the conflict with the Night King. Season 8 should have been another 10 episodes resolving that conflict and setting up the showdown with Cersei, as well as further establishing Daenerys as a dangerous, mentally unhinged conqueror. And Season 9 should have been the end of Cersei and King’s Landing and the fight against this new Queen, out to liberate all of humankind, through blood and fire. The first ten minutes of tonight’s series finale should have been the last ten minutes of this season’s finale, with another season in the offing detailing the fight of Jon Snow and the other rebel Lords and Ladies against Mad Queen. But this is not a perfect world… Trump is still the president…
“What about all the other people,” Jon Snow asks his queen, “Who think they know what’s good?” 
“They don’t get a choice,” Dany responds. 
A conversation that should have happened two episodes back to lead to the Mad Queen and her assassination. 
“Love is the death of duty”: ” Duty is the death of Love”
This episode would have been truly great if we’d just gotten here more naturally. If Jon and Dany’s relationship had been even half as convincing as Jon and Ygritte’s, If he’d truly loved her, I would understand his unwillingness to hear Tyrion’s sermon of sense. But there’s nothing about Jon Snow’s character that would defend Daenerys in this situation. He clearly believed that what she did was wrong, that her speech to the Unsullied and Dothraki was distasteful, the words of a deluded megalomaniac. If the show had convinced me that he truly loved her with an undying passion, that his love would truly overshadow his reason, his duty, then okay. This scene would have felt earned. 
Because Aegon Targaryen is Jon Snow, he does the right thing and kills Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains and “Liberator of King’s Landing” before she can liberate another population.
Drogon had the best Character Arc!
The scene between Jon and Drogon was pretty intense. I thought for sure that Drogon would try to burn Jon and that the fire would have no effect and Jon would very obviously be a Targaryen that Drogon would defer to. I’m glad that didn’t happen. Instead, Drogon melted the Iron Throne, as if even he acknowledged that it was the symbol of power and the very source of evil. in extreme anger and grief, drogon chooses to mourn in peace. He protests to Jon, bowing before he flies away, clutching Daenerys in his talons, perhaps to Valyria.
Jon is imprisoned for killing Khaleesi and then there is a time-jump. Grey Worm and the Unsullied have kept the Imp and Jon Snow in chains ever since. The fate of the Seven Kingdoms must be decided, as well as the fate of Tyrion and Jon Snow.
Farewell Speech by the writers!
Tyrion comes before nobles from the archives and the present — the Starks, Davos and Ser Brienne of Tarth and a grown smug looking Robin Arryn, Edmure Tully and Sam Tarly and various others, including a new Dornish Prince.
Tyrion monologues about the game of thrones conclusion, sounding like a farewell speech by Martin, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, talks about “Breaking the wheel” which they all wanted. The nobles decide, at Tyrion’s speech, that Bran is made king and that from now on kings are chosen by the noble Houses rather than by birth because kings’ sons are monsters more often than not. Everyone agrees, including Bran, and Bran The Broken is named king. “Why do you think I came all this way?” Bran says. This takes me back to episode 2 of this season when Tyrion spoke to Bran, the Job interview for the king. 
Grey Worm Certainly is No Leader!
Bran names Tyrion Hand, plotted much in episode 2?. This seems to convince Grey Worm, weirdly. Grey Worm also agrees to Jon Snow being sent to the Night’s Watch, and for some reason everyone aagrees to this plan, even though Grey Worm and the invading armies all leave and they could just have Jon come back to Winterfell a few months later.
Queen in the North
Much Deserved. Sansa doesn’t bend the knee to her brother. She insists on the North maintaining its independence and Bran agrees (why though ??) and Sansa ultimately becomes Queen in the North.
Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 806
(L to R) Maisie Williams as Arya Stark, Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark, and Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
– Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO
Girl is No One after Killing the Night King!
Literally no one after episode 3. Arya heads out West of Westeros on a crazy exploration adventure. She will eventually find the New World and Kill more people ??
Council of the Three-Eyed Raven 
In King’s Landing, a new council is formed with Tyrion as Hand, Sam as Grand Maester, Bronn as master of coin ( high garden is his clearly) and Brienne as commander of the King’s Guard.
Brienne’s  Love
She does write down nice things about the previous commander, Jaime Lannister, who “Died protecting his Queen”.  She makes sure the world remembers Jaime as a good man.
Jon and the North In Him.
Jon was sent North to the Wall, We get a great moment between Jon and Ghost, who’s missing an ear but still makes Jon smile. Jon goes north of the Wall and lives with Tormund and Ghost, 
probably Tormund reminded him again “You have the north in you, the real north.”   
And we see a sprig of wild green grass coming up from beneath the snow. 
Summer Is Coming!
Big Shout Out to Ramin Djawadi what an amazing Music to the one thing that did not disappoint at all.

Things you should know before using/abusing CANNABIS in INDIA.

Marijuana; Weed; Cannabis; stuff; stash, you name it, can be one of the best herb experiences of your life.                        Firstly, it should be known that cannabis has more advantages than the disadvantages it could ever have, but that is applicable only on the PURE gold stuff you score from places which can take you to places after taking a hit!

Secondly, I do not promote cannabis or using anything related to cannabis and THC knowing that it’s illegal to use marijuana in India. But there are certain things a layman or newbie who wants to explore the herb world should know, for your health, especially mental.

Things listed below:

  1. It may not be CANNABIS for starters

That’s right, you read it right. Take it from a stoner who smoked a J on a regular basis for two years.

That friend of yours who is guaranteeing you that this is the best stuff possible to get your hands on, to get high on might not be entirely or even partially weed.

You probably would have come across some herb that is Black in colour and smells like utter crap but nowhere close to an herb? That’s your cue to stop cleaning and rolling it right there, that’s not marijuana. Your dealer may have sold you some laced up old remaining stash also known as “SPIKED” up, with other seriously harmful substances which should not be smoked.

To avoid this, you could ask your friend the source of the stuff or where did he score from, the best thing to do for an unaltered puff is that you can grow your own!


  1. Addiction

You will 110% get addicted to marijuana. With spiked up weed already explained, you will get dependent on that small “Pudiya” “Maal” you’ve been smoking.

I don’t plan to insult marijuana with addiction associated with it. Science has been arguing for years that cannabis does not cause addiction in individuals, but why is statistics proving otherwise in India?

Due to its illegality in India, you can almost forget buying the green stuff easily in our country, which leads to people buying shady stuff from shady vendors. You start getting dependent on it, you’d lose touch of reality after a continuous use, the addiction to be precise would not be much of the THC or the substances your stuff is altered with, but it’d be of that head rush also known as “HIGH”.


  1. Lethargy

Every stoner experiences lethargy or tiredness after they take a toke, your friends you’re planning to have a session with will probably agree to them usually using cannabis at night or after work.

It JUST makes you want to lie down on your bed and do literally nothing. If you’re an aesthetic person, it’ll definitely help you stimulate your brain and produce never-seen results. It has been said that marijuana is a complex plant with 545 different chemical constituents, with each chemical constituent having its own unique combination.

Some of them make you feel drowsy and lethargic. The ever-lasting feeling of not doing anything and just to chill on your couch with NETFLIX on.


  1. Decision Making skills

With the regular usage of this powerful plant, your decision making skills and judgement gets slow, I may not argue for this if the herb is pure and only cannabis. Science keeps suggesting that Marijuana should not be used before 21 years of age. Young users ranging from the age group of 12- 19 can have serious impact on their brain which can lead to hampered decision making skills and abnormality in cognitive functions.


  1. Time and Space

With the regular intake of marijuana say, a University Dorm student who uses cannabis on a regular basis and has been doing it for years, loses the track of time and space. One often gets the feeling of whether it is day and night. It gets impossible and takes fraction of seconds to make out what time of the day it is. An individual’s memory, pleasure, movements, thinking, concentration, coordination, and sensory and time perception gets affected all together.

  1. Legal

It does not work in India the way it does in other western developed countries or locations where marijuana is legally allowed for medical purposes and recreational purposes. They won’t take you to the police station and do the other legal procedures. Here, Anti-Narcotics charges can range from 500-25000 RUPEES. Which you can guess goes where.


Under Section 20 you can be charged up to one lakh rupees and jail term of minimum 10 years. If you are caught with small quantities, it could be ten thousand rupees and Jail term of 6 months to one year and if you’re caught with commercial quantity which is more than 1 Kilograms that jail term could exceed to twenty years with a penalty of two lakh  rupees.

Apart from the legal aspect, you get beaten up by the cops or anti-narcotics which is not cool, one should not be beaten up for a plant which grows naturally, especially in a country which has been using marijuana for recreational purposes for centuries.

  1. Tolerance

It starts with amazing trips, surreal experiences but let me guess, no one has told you that it fades away after a point of time? No? Yes, it does, when smoked regularly or abused, the highs won’t be like your early initial trips that amused you about the plant in the first place. You may practice tolerance break which gets worse due to the addiction of other harmful substances.

The same dosage won’t do the trick it used to do earlier, it would not give that DAMN high you have been waiting for days to get again. It goes down, with the increase in the dosage and addition to the previous one, the high keeps going down. Not only that but also the duration of your high decreases, you’ll start getting sobered up soon.

With that said, it wouldn’t work that way if you were in US or Canada or literally any other country where it is legal for medical or recreational use. You just don’t get that GOOOOD stuff here. Keeping North India and some intriguing parts of south aside, the regular use and the increase in tolerance can cause some serious issues to your lungs and digestive system too!


  1. Withdrawals

Marijuana has its withdrawals, which are to be given some serious importance. The withdrawals cause some serious disruptions to the mood and normal living. The withdrawals cannot be seen if the usage is occasional or very rare. But can be seen directly in a person who abuses marijuana is various forms on a regular basis.

Withdrawals can be observed in ways such as:

-Agitated behaviour

– Low mood

– Anger outburst

– Loss of interest in activities interested before


-Delusional behaviour

– Eating disturbance

If you’re starting with cannabis now or are amused with the TRIP world entirely. I’d highly suggest to only use the green stuff which is legit and not some shady packet of buds and seeds which aren’t even green and smell like fuel or probably crap

You need to stick to your health.

Make wise decisions!

Game of Thrones: The Writing Game Lost

Gone are the days of details and shock in the game of thrones.                                                                                     Ever since David Benioff and Dan Weiss of Game of Thrones ran out of A Song Of Ice And Fire chapters, there’s been a shift in quality. An inevitable shift – adapting a series of novels into television is a commendable skill, but show-runners simply aren’t on the same wavelength as George R.R. Martin. Maybe, A disappointing ending is better than none at all.

Detailing the steady decline of the show, which (arguably) began after Jon Snow’s resurrection and the problem of the world of Westeros is suffering under a dictatorship. This isn’t the cruel rule of Cersei Lannister, but a tyrant that stems from above; it the story being the dictator. The story is micromanaging the lives of the characters, forcing them to make illogical decisions, to have clumsy conversations.

Whatever happened in the sequence of events was an outcome of the plot, rather than the characters. The plot demanded that the Long Night ended quickly, so it did. Though it was bold move a little glimpse of the Shock factor in the series. The plot demanded that Daenerys lose her mind, so Missandei was placed into Cersei’s hands and slaughtered. But the plot insisted on keeping Tyrion and Grey Worm alive, to leave a jilted lover into long life loneliness and Tyrion to continue his role in the story.

Countless questions have crossed our minds since season 6 and the ere were no answers more than the plot demanded it: Why did the Faceless Men let go of Arya from the House of Black and White? Why didn’t Sansa tell Jon that Littlefinger’s men were on their side in the battle of bastards? Why didn’t Bran tell Sansa earlier that Littlefinger was manipulating both her and Arya? Why didn’t Bran tell anything to anyone when he knows it all and sees it all? Why did Tyrion betray Varys? 

The story does as it likes, and the graph of characters bear the brunt. There isn’t any justification left, no explanation, other than that every character is being uncharacteristically stupid.

What I love about the show’s defining moments of horror—the death of Ned Stark, the Red Wedding, the death of Oberyn Martell, the destruction of the Sept of Baelor—was how perfectly they fit with everything that had come before while also catching me off guard. Perhaps Dany’s massacre wasn’t ever supposed to be part of that category but was meant to be its own class of magnanimity, which was shot beautifully but was a result of lazy writing.    

It’s frustrating, because I was convinced with the Daenerys descending into madness. I like the idea of her victorious return to Westeros not working out the way she had imagined. But the execution feels clumsy and rushed, providing no backbone to the script. What was the point of Missandei’s death, other than to explain Daenerys’s cukoo-ness? It feels as if That R R Martin told them the end of each character and now the creators are rushing them to meet their destiny and not letting them reach there as they were initially in the first 4 seasons.

That being said, a decline in quality doesn’t mean that the show has stopped being enjoyable. I still very much enjoy watching Game of Thrones. The difference between now and back then while earlier seasons would reward the viewer with small details, the later seasons are better just overviewed.

On the bright side, at least we’re getting a conclusion to the biggest show in television history; however, we reached here might not matter later.

Game of Thrones- DRACARYS: Fear It Is!!

Episode five of the final season of “Game of Thrones” was carnage from beginning to end. 

Danaerys follows the last words of her best friend and confidant: “Dracarys” and goes to town literally burning everyone.

Here is a summary of what happened through the episode.

Lord Varys Gets Roasted

After so much scheming, plotting and general back-stabbing, Varys met his end. He though whispered about Jon on to the Iron Throne; Daenerys found out; he is burned. 

The end of lord of whisperers was much predicted by Melisaandre in season 7 and we saw it coming.


Tyrion pays his Debts

Tyrion not only betrays Varys but also the Dany. He sets Jaime, captured by Dany’s army, free. 

“If it weren’t for you, I never would have survived my childhood,” Tyrion Lannister tells Jaime in the calm. “You were the only one who didn’t treat me like a monster. You were all I had.”

It’s a touching scene between these two survivors of the dysfunctional Lannister family, and it’s shot beautifully, Tyrion standing above the brother who loomed over his childhood in so many ways.


Mother of Dragons 

In about five minutes of pure decimation, Daenerys, riding Drogon, made the Iron Fleet go up in smoke and blasted the Golden Company. All the gold by Cercei was for nothing. Maybe the elephants could have helped.


Jaime and Euron 

The Lannister used his golden appendage to his advantage in taking out the petty, narcissistic Euron. 

The fight didn’t last long, and Euron managed to get a couple stabs in, but ultimately he should have probably sailed back. Euron dies at the hands of the Kingslayer, who walks on injured into the Red Keep.


Cleganes Ball

The fight that we had been hyping for years finally happened. In a back and forth match, which began with the Hound revealing the Mountain’s face. The former realized that the only way to kill the latter was to take him down with him into the dragon fire, which was all over courtesy the Mad Queen.


Jaime and Cersei die as Lovers in Arms

When the brother and sister fled to the crypts of King’s Landing, they discovered that their final escape route has been blocked by the rubble caused by Daenerys and her dragon. 

As the ceiling crumbles around them and Cersei suddenly realized that bending the knee might have been a safer bet, Jaime takes her into his arms for one final embrace.

Last words of Cersei being “I don’t want to die”. All her life she battled death to prove the prophecies wrong and she got scared of dying which in a way is inevitable. 

My disappointment lies in her death. Cersei deserved a better death, a death like a queen. how we miss Mr Martin at this point. 


Jon Aka Aegon Targaryen & Arya Stark

Walking through the streets Jon and Arya witness the wrath caused by the mad queen. Jon sees the madness of men even after the Lannister army surrendered and the bells were rung.

Both the Starks were just probably flabbergasted at the carnage, which was shot really well. 


The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Targaryen Tree

In the end, Daenerys proved to be just as mad and cruel as her father. The Queen that had been promised indiscriminately butchered the innocent people of King’s Landing for what seemed like half the episode, leaving very little of a kingdom to rule over.

The Mad Queen thing in itself isn’t shocking, nor is it a bad storytelling move. What we take issue with is how clumsily Dany’s transformation was portrayed—and that clumsiness, at this late stage in the show, with the stakes so high, feels unforgivable given how avoidable it was.  But most frustrating is the fact that Daenerys, a character whose many virtues and moral blind spots Game of Thrones so skillfully sketched out over the years, suddenly lost her mind within the last couple episodes because of the Targaryens’ well-documented predisposition to mental illness, the death of her best friends, and the fact that her nephew no longer wants to sleep with her. In its rush to deliver a wild reversal—or if you want to be charitable, subversion—of everything the show had established about Dany’s deep-seated goodness and sense of justice, Game of Thrones all but destroyed her character. Where some viewers might see a satisfyingly awful upending of expectations about Dany’s supposed goodness, We see the tragic downfall of the identity she had spent years building for herself.

We are sad, disheartened and this a perfect example of how a TV show decimates a powerful character from a book so well written.

Season 8, Episode 6 preview


DRACARYS for More Dragons ??  

DRACARYS for More Dragons ??  
Amidst Leaks, Waiting for the Second last episode of Game of Thrones .. here is a fan theory 
Much like most seasons of Game Of Thrones this season also has its share of leaks. latest being the videos leaked on Twitter and hence predicting the fate of the main characters of the show. But in the nerd-ish world, we have theories still doing the rounds. 
In the past Game of Thrones has surprised us with trashing most fan theories, the biggest being the Azor Ahai. Most fan theories were better than the show itself. What happened to the writing ??  RR Martin possibly drank all of it. I m still going ahead with this one. I hope this turn out to be true, else I will be very disappointed.
Daenerys is losing dragons faster than she’s losing advisors. A few episodes after poor Viserion was killed, reborn as an ice-dragon, then re-killed, Rhaegar followed its sibling thanks to Euron Greyjoy.  
Now, Drogon is the only dragon on Game of Thrones, period. We’ve been told over and over again that Daenerys’s dragons are the first the world has seen for 150 years, which means that Drogon, as far as we know, is the only dragon alive. 
Daenerys Targaryen is facing her biggest dilemmas yet: whether to risk Drogon in combat and whether it’s worth seizing the Iron Throne quickly and ending her enemies if it means killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process.  
But Is Drogon make it the last dragon? 
The Theory claims to have more Dragons coming. Now if it turns out to be true, Cercei and Euron have no idea what they have in store.
The above theory is believed as the opening credits in this season have been in sync with the events of the show. Like the tiles turning blue with the advent of winter or fire pits around Winterfell. So if we look closely the ring in the credit roll has house insignias and events and we see 4 dragons embossed with a star. We all know Dany had three dragons and two died so that means there are more dragons coming to burn them all. 
Also, we see in the trailer of episode 5, Euron Greyjoy looking towards the sky in disbelief with dragon noise in the background. This could be a shock he gets seeing more than one dragon.
How do dragons reproduce?  
In George R.R. Martin’s books, dragons are described as being gender fluid. So even though Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion were all named after men, they may be biologically capable of gestating and laying eggs. So in theory, one —or several — of those dragons could have laid eggs long ago.
What’s more likely is that Drogon already laid eggs earlier in the show. Drogon disappeared for a while when Dany was in Essos. It’s possible that the creature went over to Valyria to lay eggs. That would certainly make for a big surprise at the end of the season.
There could be more eggs hidden in the Shadowlands. 
Illyrio Mopatis, the man who arranged Dany’s marriage to Drogo, gifted Daenerys her petrified dragon eggs in the very first episode of season 1. He told her that the eggs came from the Shadowlands beyond Asshai and implied that they were the last of their kind. But there’s a small chance there are more dragon eggs hidden somewhere in the Shadowlands.
Maybe above all is false. But, with more Dragons or Not the mother of dragons looks pretty angry after Mesaandei was executed and we know she is going to go all out Dragon style following the last words of Messandei “DRACARYS!!”.

THE MET 2019 So “CAMP”- MetGala

The annual Mother of all Fashion extravaganza is here- MetGala 2019 

For all you newbies: The Met (singular) is shorthand for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
and the MetGala is the annual opening of the new theme and collection of garments at the museum which will be on display this year.  
Happens in New York. Has a different theme each year. 
This year’s Theme: “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” a play on writer Susan Sontag’s seminal essay, “Notes on Camp.”
New York City’s largest museum is paying homage to Susan Sontag, and to camp. The exhibit has more than 200 pieces of “camp” that span several centuries. There’s an entire room dedicated to Sontag, who died in 2004 at the age of 71. 
The exhibit will open to the public on Thursday and will be on display until early September.  

What is CAMP?

A question that can only be answered by a few. 
it’s definitely not camping with your friends or family in the wild or the back yard of your house.
This is “camp” like the aesthetic; like Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay “Notes on ‘Camp,’” which serves as a framework for the gala’s theme and the Met’s “Camp” exhibition. She says 
“Many of the things in the world have not been named; and many things, even if they have been named, have never been described. One of these is the sensibility – unmistakably modern, a variant of sophistication but hardly identical with it – that goes by the name of “Camp”
It is not a natural mode of sensibility if there be any such. 
Indeed the essence of Camp is its love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration. 
Camp is esoteric-…..”
All art I believe in their respective times is politically relevant. So was this Article and what it says.
Sontag might have not appreciated this event and neither this article, but again might have just loved it for the being a rebel. 
Read the essay to understand it more or better confuse yourself further,
I would not go into the politics of the article and the furore it caused, because this piece is about the MetGala 2019 and some of the favourite Looks.
Sontag’s notes self explains what Camp is through the right examples.
“Camp is a vision of the world in terms of style – but a particular kind of style. it is the love of the exaggerated, the “off” of the things-being-what-they-are-not. 
The best example is in Art Nouveau,  the most typical and fully developed Camp style. Art Nouveau objects, typically, convert one thing into something else: the lighting fixtures in the form of flowering plants, the living room which is a grotto.”
Camp champions in the fluid nature and where lines are blurred. It is was makes people uncomfortable yet comfortable. as she says “Camp is the triumph of the epicene style. ( the convertibility of “man” and “woman”, “person” and “thing”) …Life is not Stylish. Neither is Nature.”
Now that we know what camp is .. things were expected to go crazy at this year’s MET Gala.
Here I pick for you my favourite Looks from MET Gala 2019 : 

These Women so CAMP!

1. Janelle Monae
An animatronic feathered eyelash covering a breast, designed by Christian Siriano 
Source –

2. Emily Ratajkowksi 
Designed by Dundas, channelling the most camp artist ever, Cher. 
3. Saoirse Ronan.
So Camp in Gucci
4. Lady Gaga
Back to being Extra but in sobered clothes, Gowns to Lingerie, Camp enough!
by Brandon Maxwell 
5. Cardi B
Ten feet of tulle and silk organza of Thom Browne, topped with 30,000 burned and dyed coque feather, all topped off with a Stephen Jones x Thom Browne hat.
 6.Katy Perry 
Moschino Chandelier Dress

Men, at the MET GALA 2019

But the Men, at the MET GALA 2019, were more camp than most women on their Camp-est day!
1. Billy Porter
He Shut down the Met Gala red carpet when he arrived on a litter—carried —in a theatrical nod to Ancient Egypt. The “Sun God” ensemble, by The Blonds, included a bejewelled outfitted with 10-foot wings, a 24-karat gold headpiece, as well as custom gold-leaf Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and fine jewels by Andreoli and Oscar Heyman 
2. Jared Leto 
In a long-sleeved red, silk gown encrusted with jewels from Gucci.  the real showstopper was the decapitated wax-like replica of Leto’s own head, which he carried around like a macabre purse. 

3. Ezra Miller 
Trippy Camp!!
In a  Burberry suit, Miller carried a face mask on a stick, hiding his own face painted with five optical-illusion eyeballs next to his real eyes, equalling seven eyes in total.  
4.Harry Styles & Micheal Urie 
Harry Styles opted for a ‘gender fluid’ Gucci look at the Met Gala.
Christian Siriano  styled Urie’s fluidity.
5.Hamish Bowles
Purple, feathers, poodles, heels. All of it.
6. Jorden Roth 
Dramatic Iris Van HArpen Cape  

“Game of Thrones”- The Last of the Starks

The Last of the Starks
Queens and their Loyals
The fourth Episode of Season 8 moves on quickly from the Great War to the final war for throne. 
With setting up stage for a war, the foundations for betrayals and loyalties are also set. 
The Dust is settling down the Great War is over, Thanks to Arya .Okay before begin a big shout to Arya Stark yet Again! 
The episode begins with saying final goodbyes to people lost in the Great War. leading to a celebration of the win.
Arya is finally Hailed by Daenerys herself, who in order to build allies with the House Baratheon makes Ghendry the Lord of Storm’s End. 
With the merry making there is Love making and heartbreaks, Tormund at the hands of Ser Brienne and Ghendry by our Nightking Slayer, Arya Stark.
While we thought Ser Brienne & Jamie had a platonic exchange is episode 2, it goes to next level of breaking Virginities of different kinds. The two Knights get together, may be finally Jaime will have kids that won’t die.
The Biggest Secret in Westeros
Even though Jones not want the Iron Throne, Dany is anxious with the kind of support he has from the people.So to be with the Dragon Queen, Jon is given a condition by Dany, that his secret must always be a secret and he must not tell it to even his Family. Jon is a Stark too and he the words family resonate with him, so in no time he tells it to Arya and Sansa in secrecy. But Sansa who is more of a queen than anyone else right now in the show quietly leaves the information with Tyrion. who later tells it to Varys. So till now 8 people know about the biggest truth of the series: Bran, Sam, Jon, Danearys, Arya, Sansa, Tyrion and Varys.
Image result for the biggest secret of westeros
Sansa the Queen
With no regrets about her past Sansa is strong and has better judgements than all queens in westeros. She advices Dany to let the armies rest a little to recover from the war but in vain. Using wordplay that she fed Ramsey to the hounds, Sansa enforces her no regrets to the Hound. She takes Charge of winterfell and makes it clear to Jon that she does not trust Daenerys. Sansa is most Suited for the Queen in my opinion than anyone.
Image result for Sansa the queen
Arya the Assassin 
Being Lauded and Proposed does not deter Arya from her path. She leaves Winterfell yet again, with the Hound, to complete her list. 
Game of Thrones
Cersei has Plans for everyone.
She with Euron Greyjoy await the tired army’s return.
And yet so, Mother of dragons loses Raeghal to Qyburn’s dragon killer used by Euron. the Big crossbows by Qyburn not only kill the dragon but also destroys the Targaeryan ships. the tired Army is made to Run for life. The Mother of Dragons is incandescent with rage at losing her baby, and to make matters worse Cersei has captured Missandei. 
Image result for cersei on roof
Daenerys’s plan is to take her remaining dragon, the Dothraki, and the Unsullied and lay waste to King’s Landing, kill Cersei, rescue Missandei, and seize the Iron Throne. Tyrion and Varys, who have both spent much of their lives suffering under ultra-violent tyrants in King’s Landing, very much want her to reconsider. They finally persuade her that it would be prudent to give Cersei the opportunity to surrender, knowing she won’t, because then the people will blame her for the carnage that follows. That buys the advisors a little time, if nothing else.
Back in Winterfell, Jaime hears the news of all this and reconsiders his decision to spend the rest of his days sleeping in Brienne’s room while she keeps watch over Sansa and Arya.
In front of the gate at King’s Landing. Daenerys’s army is … not large. The decision to rush off instead of resting and regrouping appears to have been not so prudent. Cersei is at the top of the wall with  Missandei, The Mountain and more of those gigantic crossbows. Tyrion explains that Daenerys demands Cersei’s unconditional surrender. Qyburn counters that Cersei demands Daenerys’s unconditional surrender.  Tyrion is reduced to making his case directly to Cersei, which does not work. He still seems to think this pregnancy is somehow going to cause her to act like another person, and he is still wrong. Cersei tells Missandei it’s time for her last words. “Dracarys!” she shouts. Which, yeah, is High Valyrian for “Burn these bastards to the ground with dragon fire.” As if telling Dany to go all out and triggering in her The Mad King. And then the Mountain comes forward, swings his sword, to Kill Messandai.
Game of Thrones
As the Living have won, Jaime gets back to his loyalties which are Cercei and the Lanisters.
Let’s be honest Bronn never was going to kill the Lannister brothers and bargains his deal to become Lord of High Garden. His Loyalties are pretty much same as always, the money and castles.
Image result for tyrion and varys
But unlike Jaime, Tyrion and Varys seem to doubt their old loyalties and may switch to a new one. With Dany more leaning towards the Mad king traits they are left with not much choice and Jon’s Truth is only helping the cause. They have detailed discussions about it and they realise they are loyal to the realm and want the good of the people and so when the time comes they will probably take no time and switch sides to the Male Heir to the throne. 
For me it all was over last episode, but then we have 3.. err just 2 more to go!
Valar Morghulis!

‘Game Of Thrones:’ The Catspaw’s Dagger

So the Dragon-fire did nothing to The Night King, and he even found a way to evade Jon Snow, but the demonic creature was eventually taken down by a tiny Valyrian Steel dagger, carried by Arya Stark.
Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) tries to kill the Night King on Game of Thrones.


Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) tries to kill the Night King on Game of Thrones
That fateful dagger has had an enormous impact on this story, first making an appearance in season one episode two, when Bran is bedridden, injured after Jaime Lannister pushed him out of a window.
A mysterious catspaw assassin attempts to murder Bran with the dagger but is stopped by  Catelyn Stark, who practically cuts her fingers to the bone trying to disarm the assassin. Bran is saved by his direwolf, Summer, who tears the assassin’s throat out. When the dagger is examined later, it is found to be made of Valyrian steel, with a dragonbone hilt, indicating a royal, possibly Targaryen, heritage.
Catelyn holds a secret meeting with Maester Luwin, Ser Rodrik, Robb, and Theon — Ser Rodrik concludes someone gave the dagger to the assassin. Maester Luwin concludes the dagger being too valuable a dagger to belong to the lowly assassin, is Catelyn’s first clue that the assassination attempt came from someone of great wealth and importance. Thus, Catelyn takes the blade to King’s Landing, where Littlefinger reveals that the dagger once belonged to him, before he lost it in a bet to Tyrion Lannister. Of course, Littlefinger is telling lied, as usual, but the lie provokes Catelyn into arresting Tyrion, sparking tension between House Stark and House Lannister, eventually exploding into the War of Five Kings.
Ned Stark holds the dagger temporarily but loses it to Littlefinger after he betrays him. Littlefinger quietly keeps the dagger until he arrives at Winterfell, several seasons later, and gifts the dagger to Bran Stark, who at this point, knows the history of everything, including the blade possibly. Bran then gifts the dagger to Arya, in the exact same spot where she later killed the Night King.
But Arya’s first use of the Catspaw’s dagger is to slice open Littlefinger’s throat. It isn’t quite clear, but it seems likely that the dagger was Littlefinger’s all along, and that he was behind the assassination attempt, though this has never been confirmed; his motivation is a little murky. Little Finger also denied any ownership of the dagger to Bran.
Later, Arya uses the dagger to spar with Brienne of Tarth, and she uses the “dagger drop” move which later proved effective against the Night King.
At the Citadel, Samwell Tarly studies a book about the Long Night, the ancient victory over the White Walkers. While studying, Sam happens to linger on a page detailing the use of dragonglass to forge weapons, the page also features a prominent drawing of the Valyrian Steel dagger. It’s a great foreshadow to the outcome of the Battle of Winterfell, and possibly, a clue to the importance of the dagger to the ancient nobility of Westeros.
Here’s what that page says:
The Valyrians were familiar with dragonglass long before they came to Westeros. They called it “zīrtys perzys” which translated to “frozen fire” in Valyrian and eastern tales tell of how their dragons would thaw the stone with dragonflame until it became molten and malleable. The Valyrians then used it to build their strange monuments and building without seams and joints of our modern castles.
When Aegon the conqueror forged his Seven Kingdoms, he and his descendants would often decorate their blades with dragonglass feeling a kinship with the stone. The royal fashion for dragonglass ornamentation soon spread throughout the Seven Kingdoms to those wealthy enough to afford it. Hilts and pommels were and are the most common decoration for dragonglass if too brittle to make a useful crossguard. Indeed, its very brittleness is what relegates it to the great houses and the most successful merchants.
Of course, Arya eventually uses the dagger to take down the Night King, destroying his entire army in one efficient stab.
The future role of the Valyrian Steel dagger is unknown, but hopefully, Arya will soon find a way to insert it inside Cersei Lannister.
Perhaps it was Cersei who was behind that fateful failed assassination; her motive is solid (to ensure Bran’s silence), and she’s certainly the type to murder a small child.