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“And, Mahendra Singh Dhoni finishes in style!”


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How many times have we heard commentators yelling this sentence from the top of their voices? How many times have we seen Mahendra Singh Dhoni finish matches, making his team a victor?  How many times, we Indians, have been made to jump up with joy, seeing Captain Cool make extraordinary decisions to make India win? There is no wisdom in counting the number of times we have witnessed M. S. Dhoni performing miracles on the cricket ground. The achievements of Captain Cool are more than numerous, and it would take volumes to cover them up.


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For a change, let me ask you now. . . How many times have you imagined a limited over cricket match without MSD since he became the captain of the team? I bet there would hardly be anyone who’d have had such a horrific imagination. There is hardly any cricket fan who is not upset – or, at least, shocked – to hear the news of M. S. Dhoni’s stepping down from the position of Captain of Indian Cricket team for limited overs.

Some sources also claim that, after stepping down from position of Captain, Dhoni may even seek retirement from One-Day Internationals as well. Some time back, when his biopic, M. S. Dhoni – The Untold Story, was released, some people had this idea that the captain may seek retirement now. But the majority of people still wanted – and hoped – MSD to bag the next world cup for India.


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The simplicity of a down-to-earth person and the required temperament of a sportsperson, along with his extraordinary decision-making skills made Dhoni achieve heights which most will only dream of achieving. His passion in his work, his hard-labour and his ability of not losing temper even in most unfavourable moments made him an ideal for many.

The only Indian captain after Kapil Dev to make India win the World Cup, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the first Indian wicketkeeper to effect five international dismissals in an inning against Australia – equalling Adam Gilchrist’s record. It would not be incorrect to state that M S has been the man to make and break records continually. He holds the record for highest runs scored by a wicketkeeper in an ODI. Let me iterate here that we cannot sum up the achievements of Captain Cool in a single article or episode, but it would take volumes—literally! M. S. Dhoni is the first Indian to hit ten sixes in an ODI and has made the record of scoring 120 runs in an ODI from boundaries and sixes alone.


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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not a name anymore; it is an epic, a heroic tale, an unmatched story. And there is no exaggeration here. M. S. Dhoni has to be a captain unlike any other Indian Cricket team has ever got. He made us all Indians proud with his myriad achievements, and made India shine with brilliance in the world of Cricket.

Today, when he has stepped down from Captaincy, we can only thank him and hope that he doesn’t seek retirement anytime soon – as the rumours are stating. Every cricket lover in general and every Indian cricket lover in particular is expecting to watch him set his hands free to bat without any worries as he doesn’t have to worry about making decisions anymore.

Dhoni has been the most successful captain in Indian Cricket team till date, and he will never be forgotten from the history of cricket.

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