6:06pm, 9th August, 2016



Manhattan Short is a prestigious short film competition that takes films to across 100,000 film lovers across the world. The competition can be an entry point to the Oscar for the top 10 films selected here. From India, 10 short films have been selected. These are 4 must watch films from these you can watch on YouTube.

Agli Baar



The Third Eye

Short films have grown as a great way of expression. Beyond the clutch of pop culture, yet well within the reach of public eyes, they have grown exponentially in recent times. Short films, these days, explore and convey concepts, opinions and ideologies thoroughly and deeply. In the Internet era, consumption of information and ideas has increased manifold and therefore the amount of time people invest in anything is declining. At such times, short films are the best way of conveying ideas. They are precise and on point without the usual ‘masalas’ of pop culture.  

With proliferation of camera, more and more people are getting engaged in creating short films. There are thousands of narrative videos being uploaded to YouTube every day. The quantity is awe inspiring. There’s also quality content coming in. However, they get submerged beneath the vast quantity. It becomes, necessary, therefore to help real talent get noticed. Good short films need to come into public’s purview so that they can have the desired impact.

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Organisations like Pocket Films and competitions like Manhattan Short is doing precisely this. It’s bringing the best of films into limelight.

I hope, you’ve enjoyed watching these short films. There are many more to come. And this, might only be the beginning for the short film revolution.