12:34pm, 4th November, 2017


Reading newspapers is one of the most popular habits of people across the globe. It doesn’t seem to lose its charm even after the introduction of Internet in the scene. Though the idea of newspapers has never been criticised before, I would like to bring forth some arguments against the practice of reading newspapers. Read it till the end. You should really stop reading newspapers:

1. Because it is boring

I know you really find it extremely boring to read text printed over that recycled paper.  Don’t you hate it reading extra small articles surrounded by advertisements of underwears and some shoe brand which you have never heard about? You might be an avid reader and you follow your routine of reading newspaper very religiously, but you would definitely agree that the whole idea of newspapers is really boring.

2. Because it is an outdated practice

Don’t you know this already? Why on earth would you read from a bulk of extra-large sized sheets which is not even comfortable to hold in your hands and read from, while you can read the same thing with only one hand on your phone which even makes you look cool! Oh! Come on. I know you knew this drawback right from the time you found that news can also be read on your phone.

3. Because it is wasting your time

While reading newspaper, you find it difficult to quit it after reading just one or two articles. You cannot develop the will to keep the paper aside unless you at least leaf through every single page. This is a common habit of most of the people, if not all. And there is nothing wrong with this habit, since you are a sincere human being, concerned about what is happening in the world. But what about the time that you waste leafing through pages and reading stuffs time and again which is of no use to you?

4. Because someone is telling you over the internet

Okay, I know you have already decided by now that you will not read newspapers from now on. And I appreciate that. I appreciate the fact that you agreed to do so because some random person on the internet is telling you to.


Sorry but I was just messing up with your confidence. If any of my arguments really made you decide to quit reading newspapers, then most probably, you are not even habituated to reading them. Reading newspapers is not boring and is not at all outdated. It is, in fact, one of the most authentic ways to get yourselves notified about what is happening around you. I think and advise that everyone must read newspapers every day. It is one of the coolest things which is still prevalent, in this world of internet where there are more fake news going viral than factual ones in the digital arena.