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The dawn is upon us. Another Rajinikanth film releases and it is frenzy all over. And this time, it’s not only South India but even the north reckons Rajini’s film Kabali. Brace yourself, for this is Rajinikanth we are talking about.

The build-up and hype for the upcoming film Kabali is over the top crazy. When top Bollywood actors’ films fail to cross Rs 100 Crore mark, this Rajinikanth starrer has already raked in more than Rs 200 crore even before release. That, my dear, is a feat only Thalaiva can achieve!

But why are the fans going crazy? Why is such a buzz about Kabali? Should you be seeing it? Here are five reasons to consider.

1. For the only boss Rajinikanth!
No less than a ‘God’ to his fans, Rajinikanth is a phenomenon in himself. Since his debut in 1975 with a fifteen-minute role in Apoorva Raagangal, the star has had a career and mass support that can only be dreamed by others. From a bus conductor to the King of Indian cinemas, his legend is known to everyone.

However, the stint of two bad films – Linga and Kochadaiiyaan – haunts the star now and Kabali would be, Rajini reinventing himself. He is old, for the first time, in the movie. Yet, there are traces of all Rajinikanth mannerism everywhere. This should be an interesting watch.


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2. Based on a real life character of Kabaleeshwaran
Historically, Tamilians were part of Malaysia since 11th Century. Many have also settled there during the British regime. Kabaleeshwaran was a Chennai gangster who operates in Malaysia. He is a saviour of people, who fought for equal pay rights of Tamils in Malaysia.
The story definitely has an emotional punch needed to capture the audience!
Watch the trailer of Kabali here:

3. The direction of Pa Ranjith
Pa Ranjith has made quite a name for himself. His first film Attakathi earned the status of a cult romantic film. The second one, Madras, however, earned him critical acclaim. Madras starred Karthi and featured a plot that described the political scenarios of North Chennai. Both films had a knack and a style unique to themselves.
With a star like Rajinikanth, the expectation is very high from Pa Ranjith.


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4. Fresh cast and crew
Many of the regulars from Rajinikanth films are not in the Kabali team. S.P. Balasubrahmaniam, who sings the introduction songs for Rajini is not there. Music composer A. R. Rahman is not there. Instead, Santosh Narayanan is the composer. And going by ‘Neruppu Da’ he is fiery. But above all else, probably the most valuable addition would be the actress Radhika Apte
Watch the hit song, Neruppu Da, from Kabali here:

5. The film’s treatment
For the ‘Style-mannan’(King of style), Kabali seems to be promising. The teaser, the songs, everything points to a stylish gangster film. It’s probably going to be a fast paced action packed thriller, playing out in two time periods with a lot of Rajini special styles and effects. For fans, this might turn out to be a treat!


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Like it or not, Kabali might be the one to dethrone Bahubali!

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