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Are you single? Happily, sir. Read on to find why being single is better than cheesy romantic relationships, proved by science!

Relationships are a trend these days. Often I see in college people holding hands while walking or hugging too much or even walking while their hands brush. Yeah, I know it’s cute sometimes. Sometimes. Do you see the emphasis on that word? Everyone I know is committed to somebody. And then the people like me are bombarded with questions, “Don’t you have anyone?”. Well, of course I do! I have Mumma and Papa and my family and friends. Are they enough? Yes, they fortunately are.

What if I tell you that science, stats, nature or the mortal stars want you to be single? Don’t make that face. I am so much into MUNs that I have outlived the habit of stating a fact without having the proof. There is a reason the core of the universe wants you to be alone forever. And why not? You came alone, you will leave alone, then why not stay alone? Lead an independent life. When I told my mother that it is literature which fascinates me rather than the laws of gravity and motion, she was worried regarding my remuneration. She still is. But being her single child, that too a daughter, how am I supposed to tell her that I can fend for myself? I am educated and I can earn a living. I don’t need a special someone to cater to my needs.

1. Side-effects of Kissing!
Do you know that a kiss lasting approximately 10 seconds will swap about 80 million germs with your partner? I am not saying this. This is stated by the Microbiology and Systems Biology department at TNO. So congratulations to all the singles out there! We’re at least healthier.


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2. Tagging on Social Media
By the way, are you the super romantic, super cheesy girlfriend/boyfriend? By this I meant to say that do you tag your partner in all the cute posts or quotes that reminds you of them? If you do, I pity you. It is estimated that if you have a high ‘relationship disclosure’ and you post instances of the little joys and times spent together on Facebook or any other social media, you may end up killing your likability when it comes to your friends. And, don’t mistake it to be envy.


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3. Partners or Murderers!
According to a report released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, nearly half of all female murder victims are killed by their male partners. Now ladies, don’t you want to put every dating app in your smartphone into the trash?


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4.The Mammalian Genes
Do you know that only 3-5% of the roughly 5000 species of mammals (including us, yes) form lifelong, monogamous, fairytale-like bonds? Daniel Kruger, a Social and Evolutionary Psychologist at the University of Michigan’s Public Health said that we are special in this regard but then, like most mammals, we are polygynous species. So, be true to yourself. How many break-ups have you had? Just kidding.


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5. Dreaded Divorce
Families in India are threatened by the word DIVORCE as if a gazelle running past a hungry lion. Don’t you see the exaggerated drama in Indian daily soaps? You’ll get an idea. May be because Indians are still rooted to their age old values and cultures, instances of divorce are less in this part of the world. If it is 13 per 1000, in metropolitan areas like the United States, it is 500 per thousand and the numbers are growing steadily. There was a time, a recent one, nearly 10 years ago when stats declared divorce cases to be 1 in every 1000. So, marry wisely. Please. I cannot even imagine how difficult it would be to part from your wealth at the cost of your wife!


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I am a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan and I would just tell you that whenever you think you’re going to fall in love, just remember his dialogue in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayeinge. It is.. “Kisi ki aankhein acchi hain, kisi ke hoth, kisi ke baal..” And trust me, it is not not only for the guys. Even we can pick and choose from the features we have in our check list. But then, it comes down to square one. We have to be. Be here for ourselves. Live for ourselves. Even cry for ourselves.

Don’t ever let anyone overpower you to such an extent that it becomes difficult to breathe for the life you are living!

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