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If you have just come out from a theatre after watching ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’, then it is not possible – not at all – that you are not feeling immensely inspired. Before even ending of the movie, you’d have already started hearing voices in your head telling you to start taking determined steps towards achieving your aims in life. (I am feeling the same right now—that’s the reason I am writing this in the first place.)

The movie – like the life of Captain Cool – is one of the most inspiring series of events we’d ever come across; you have to agree with me on this!


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After watching the movie, I could not hold myself back from writing about it. At first, I thought of writing a review and rating it, but I dropped the idea because (i) I don’t watch movies often enough to judge them, and (ii) horribly, it could have been considered as a judgemental approach towards a great cricketer’s journey of success. So, here I am, picking some points from the movie that touched me, and could help us in our journey of life too.

Marks Is Not Everything—But Then You Gotta Have A Better Substitute

When Dhoni started playing cricket at school-level after being prompted by a teacher, Bannerjee sir, he began focusing on it more than anything. He even, once, finished (not completed) his 3-hours exam in two-and-a-half hour so that he could catch the train leading to where he was selected for a match. He also promised his father that he would pass in the examination, and thus made his father let him write the exam for two-and-a-half-hour to catch the train after that. Here, what is worth pondering over is that he was not running away from studies, but was too determined for Cricket that he was ready to compromise with his academics.


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Living For Our Parents And Sacrificing For Them

Though his passion – and the only aim of his life – was always cricket, yet he agreed to join the tiring railway job even though he did not like it in the least. He did this, keeping aside his dream, to earn for his parents and family who needed that he did something to earn money and uplift their financial condition. But living for your parents does not need you to keep yourself totally aloof from your dreams. Mahi practiced for equal amount of time as he served as a Ticket Collector. Hatsoff to him!


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Respecting Superior Opponents, But Not Becoming A Cult Follower

A young and dynamic character of Yuvraj Singh appears on the screen during the state level match between Bihar and Punjab. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – who had always been applauded till then – could not make Bihar win against Punjab. Yuvraj Singh from Punjab scored more than what the whole team of Dhoni’s did. Mahi calculated later that they did not lose the match on the ground, rather the players had already accepted their defeat when they had seen Yuvraj the previous night in Basketball court, walking with his headphones on and with dominant attitude (Tashan, to be precise) in his movement as he passed by them.


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Being Natural In Relationships

Probably, one of the cutest dialogues from the movie was: main valentines phalentines nahi maanta.(I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day!)
The dialogue showed that Dhoni was never actually trying to bewitch a girl with false promises and flirty talks—this is what most people need to learn today. He said straightforwardly to Priyanka that he did not believe in Valentine’s Day, but also bought gifts for her for the day. (Though he could not give her the gift, to know why he could not give her the gift, you should watch the movie. If I tell you the reason, it’ll be a spoiler.)
He said, “Main valentines phalentines nahi manta,” to Sakshi too. This led her to start crying, but was immediately soothed when Mahi proposed her for marriage instead. A lot to learn here, a lot!


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Believing In Yourself

This is the sole essence of the movie as well as the life of Captain Cool. This is the one thing that we find every shot of the film promulgating. From leaving his job to practice and play, to straightforwardly putting his view as Indian captain before the selection board to remove two of the greatest players from the team, as they were not doing up to the mark, we see the belief that MSD had in himself in every walk of his life. His belief in his decisions is what led him to achieve the title of one of the greatest Indian Captains of all time. This is the most valuable lesson that we learn from the biopic, and it undoubtedly is the most needed trait to acquire if we are dressed up to chase our dreams.


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