8:48pm, 2nd December, 2016


I don’t often watch News at 9 on any Indian Channel, because I understand that 9 PM is the Editor’s time, is the Opinion time. There’s nothing wrong in Opinion Journalism, it is good that different channel represents different ideologies, and people can make a rational decision about any topic after their shows end.

However, when it comes to Mr Arnab Goswami, I really don’t watch his shows anymore, instead I look for his speeches, his Interviews, because that’s the better way I think I can understand him better, his shows are no doubt to loud, and being a 20-year-old I failed to understand why decimals are important to make a point.

Although I agree with him when he says he wants to break the league, because Journalism is the most creative service to the Humanity, and neither creativity nor service to the humanity can be bound in a structure.

Journalism fights for others freedom, and hence freedom in creativity is very important in Journalism. The experiments Sir Ravish Kumar do on his shows are prove of how much creative journalism is appreciated and hence, one should never be bound in the lines, and rules of tradition way of Journalism.

I also agree with Sir Goswami when he says he want to bring the Journalism out of Noida, and Delhi.

In fact in the diverse, and developing country like ours, one city should never act as a hub for Broadcasting Journalism. Once in a conversation with a CRPF Officer at IGI Airport, he asked me, “Tell me as you studying Journalism, why don’t you people cover my village in northern Bihar, where floods are not seasonal anymore, it sometimes stays as long as a year, and when you recover the flood hit back again.” I was in 1st year of Journalism that time and had no answer.

We the so-called Journalism students, travel all the way to Delhi, to study Journalism, to work here because back in our states there is no single head office of a National News Channel, it’s all in Noida, that too at a single concentrated place. And those who have studios back in our states are regional and sorry to say, their voice stays in the state only, it rarely comes up in national TV sets.

Strangely the news we watch these days sometimes goes like, why Kejriwal sneeze a lot? special coverage of a Chief Minister’s sneeze; can you imagine? of course, you can, because strangely, people like you, and me, whom we call the viewers enjoy watching the sneeze story, instead of asking for hard news, news that matters! news like in Patna, in Jamshedpur, in Jaipur homeless people are still dying out of cold, and hunger. News like one can still be convicted if confesses their relationship with the same gender, news like Hospitals are failing to provide providing healthcare. News like, Fire stations are not well equipped, and much more which actually affects us.

I don’t know why but we as viewers have stopped asking for real news, for hard news.

And, that’s why I feel the necessity of headquarters getting out of Noida so that every state capital has at least one headquarter of a news channel. I would love to Imagine a nation where Zee News establish it’s Headquarters in Guwahati, ABP establishes it in Bhopal, News 24 in Lucknow, News Nation in Sri Nagar, India Today in Chandigarh, NewsX in Hyderabad.

Delhi can be Nation’s Capital, but it’s not the nation.

I believe having news headquarters, not in metro cities will solve a lot of problems; it will stop the migration, which is over populating the capital, fewer people, fewer pollution. It will provide employment to locals like me, who love their city more than any other city.

If the media organisations are really committed to the humans, instead of having different ideologies I think they should support the idea of spreading headquarters out of the nation’s Capital.

I might not be a big supporter of Sir Goswami, but when it comes to this idea, I cannot resist supporting it.


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