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Technological advancement is a way forward in itself. It grows like a tree to bear fruits with which a man feels secure and superior. Early 2000’s saw a descending future for cellphones which were a dire need at every corporate or social level. A change or some eclectic miracle was required to show that technology still had a long way to go in every single measure.

And that’s when Apple Inc. introduced to the world the very poised and breath-taking gadget which changed the very perspective with which they looked at phones: Apple iPhone- 1st Gen. The uniqueness which dictates it from other phones was that it introduced a brand new range of features which none other phone(At that time) had in them. The reason iPhone became a phenomenal success was because the era in which it was introduced. 2000’s was a time when Nokia and Motorola were ruling the market with their cliched models and underlying phones which everyone used. In simple words, it was more about quantity rather than quality(From Company’s point of view). It is then the world got to know about it’s power to change and blend the norms.


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A year after Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone- 3G which was a upgradation to it’s previous model which aimed at the user’s of corporate level which got a great response too. The very reason why iPhone is considered to be of such great class was because of it’s introduction of iPhone-4S to the world. Over 1 million 4S models were sold in the first 24 hours after its release on October 2011. With this, Apple became the largest mobile handset vendor in the world by revenue in October 2011 by surpassing the long-time leader Nokia.


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This tracked a very important phase for Apple Inc. because of the death of Steve Jobs who was a guiding hand and a major pioneer for the company.. This, on the contrary, didn’t let the spirit of innovation and uniqueness let go.

Instead, a year after on September 12, 2012 Apple introduced iPhone 5 which was a major upgradation to its previous model. With a bigger screen, fast processor and sleek and slim design it brought out the very essence with which Jobs always lead by. A year later, it introduced iPhone 5S which replaced its previous iphone’s home button with a fingerprint scanner. This was where Apple focussed on its creative and imaginative perspective. It gave various colour options to this iPhone and raised the bars for other phones higher than ever.


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In the midst of this, Android came out and gave a huge competition to iOS with its similar ideology of the enigma it carried since years. The funny thing here is that One cannot/shouldn’t be the part of that “Android vs. iOS” battle. It’s like choosing or combining Science and religion at a totally different genre which is surely not possible.

So, on September 9, 2014, Apple revealed iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S which had a larger screen than its predecessor and a great battery power upgradation to it. Something unique about it was that its ability to bend at a certain amount which people found interesting as well as disturbing.


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And today the world is looking at Apple’s latest revelation; “ iPhone 7 and 7s. WIth this, it will set a benchmark for all its Apple users and play the role of a futuristic inspiration for the coming generation.

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