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It’s just out and it seems legit. The Banter King, The Guy Who The Country Doesn’t Care Anymore… The One & Only Arnab Goswami has resigned as the Editor-in-Chief of Times Now. He announced his resignation in an editorial meeting. Sources say that he intends to start something of his own.

For those who don’t know, Times Now is an Indian News Channel which started in 2005. Led by Arnab Goswami, it eventually became the No.1 news channel in the country with the TRPs greater than all shows. Arnab is famously known for his “aggressive journalism” for which he was equally praised and criticised. Go check Twitter, you’ll find the banters people are making about him. His Newshour Debates always went on a rampage on social media.


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Honestly, I find him a bit annoying and I do have a justified reason behind it. It’s the repeat telecast at 1 am that my dad usually watches because he comes home from work at that time. So it’s basically bidding goodbye to a goodnight’s sleep for us. “THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW” voice passes through every door with equal impact. He does make legit arguments and speaks for the right thing but then that’s where the problem lies. HE SPEAKS AND SPEAKS AND THEN SPEAKS SOME MORE. Judging from the way he mediates a debate, I can say that Arnab is a kind of guy who hates to see the other side of the coin. He is like ‘The Stalin of Journalism’ who has one motto… “I am the Absolute”.

When I see the Newshour, I don’t see a debate on a topic… I see an annoying teacher scolding a group of children. I don’t see people exchanging opinions… I see something that a teacher in every school describes a noisy class. You know it… It’s a “FISH MARKET”. When I first saw Arnab, I was amazed by the way he controlled the debate but as time passed on, He not only became a guy going ‘blah’ but also “The Face of Annoying Banters”. In simple words, Instead of becoming the “GOAT of Journalism”, he became “The Goat of Journalism”.

Now that Arnab is leaving Times Now, people are like “It’s The Demise” and I can’t help but agree more. If Times Now is the No.1 news channel of the country it’s only because the hype that Arnab creates.

In the end, I am just very eager to see the future, but be assured that Arnab Goswami part two is coming. Wait for it.


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