7:07pm, 15th September, 2016


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One of the safest cities in the country went down in flames this week with protesters ironically lighting the city on fire over a water dispute.

The IT Hub of India came to a halt for a solid two days leaving behind loss of a whopping 25,000 crore and a soiled reputation. This violent protestation was a result of the SC’s ruling to release more water to it’s neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Mobs went on a rampage, lit fire to vehicles with TN registrations and vandalised properties worth of crores. A curfew was imposed and people quivered in terror.


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In the local’s’ opinion, a majority of the rioters aren’t even Kannadiga farmers, but mobs with political motive. “We were asked to leave classes in the midst of a regular working day and were asked to run to safety and not step out of our homes. Roads were blocked and left my friends stranded on the streets.” says Yagnya Kodaru, a student at Christ University, Bengaluru. “On eid, we found no places to eat out as they were all closed and this is difficult situation for college students like ourselves.” she adds.


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The water war between the Cauvery basin states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka is 125 years old and has been causing turmoil to this day. The protests could have been carried out in a more peaceful manner without disrupting innocent people’s lives. Instead, rioters amusingly used fire over a water issue.


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The fire has now died down in Bengaluru, literally and figuratively, curfews have been lifted, and retaliatory attacks in Tamil Nadu have also rested in peace. It is vital for Chennai and Bengaluru to get back on track and allow for safe mobility of their citizens as the functioning of these metropolitan cities majorly lies in their hustle.


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