9:48am, 13th September, 2016


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Looking for the best places to eat in North Campus? Here’s your guide to the gateway of Dillogical Scenes. Go ahead.

1. Big Yellow Door : This yellow-doored restaurant will always disappoint you. Not because it has spice less food, but because it always has a long waiting line. Do you want a free tip? Well, I am an expert in giving one. So, if you want to hang out at BYD, pre-book your table!


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2. For God’s Cake : Relish the aroma of baked bread topped with delicious cream tickling down your curved mouth and giving you the pleasure of a Heaven on Earth. For God’s Cake is the place for people like me who can go to any length to have a Red Velvet Doughnut even at 12 am. Plus, you get delicious spaghetti here too.


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3. QD’s : It is the place where you can fill your tummies to the extent where they might explode at a price which is friendly to your wallet. After all, we are all unemployed kids here, aren’t we?


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4. Phirangi : Ever tried momos? Don’t think I’m asking a stupid question. Okay, let’s rephrase it. Ever tried Hot Garlic Sauce Momos? Yes. Momos with gravy. Trust me, it’s worth a try.


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5. Taxi : Want to get a feel of sitting in a Taxi and having a sumptuous meal? This is the place to make you feel at home. Plus, the little, red, welcoming door adds to its magnificence.


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6. Chache Di Hatti : Even when I have a class at 9, never a day has gone when I haven’t seen a long line in front of this tiny shop stretching till the end of the main road. The best, let me repeat, the best Chhole Bhature can be grabbed only here. But, you’ll have to rush otherwise it would get swiped off the store!


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7. Sudama’s Chai : Sitting outside Hansraj Hostel for like years, Sudama’s Chai hasn’t witnessed even an iota of a difference. It still is served in small cups and it tastes like hot ice cream.


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8. Shawrama Wala : Shawrama Wala, being a neighbour of McDonalds stands in the heart of Kamla. With the most mouth-watering chicken and mutton rolls it serves a good place to hang out with friends!


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9. Anna da Dhaba : Want a bite of the best South Indian food in North Campus? Anna da Dhaba is your place. With the quantity, it provides you with ‘sasti masti’ in the actual sense.


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10. Bistro : This is my place. My place for the best shakes, coffee, mojitos and what not. It is a shake corner that will make your taste buds shake with vigour and thrill! Don’t forget, ‘Bistro is the love of every student in North Campus’.


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