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This Father’s day, we all said our dad is the best. But trust me none can match Ruby Rai’s Dad. Ruby Rai as we know is the fake topper who brought disgrace to the state and at the same time broke a “Topper Scam” in the state, which gives the highest number of bureaucrats.

On Saturday last week, Ruby Rai appeared for the re-test and failed to answer the majority of questions. After which she was arrested by the Special Investigating Team and sent to Patna’s Beur Jail. As per media reports in an interrogation, she said that she only told her father to manage her results, but her father made her the topper, “Maine to Papa se kaha tha pass karwa dijiye, unhone ne to top hi karwa diya.(I had asked Papa to see that I pass but he went ahead and made me topper),”  

Rubi Rai during her retest.

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Ms. Rai also revealed that Bachcha Rai, the director-cum-principal of Vishun Roy College was her distant relative. Vishun Roy College is the same college, which allegedly produced fake toppers in Bihar State Board Examinations. Science Fake topper Saurabh Shreshtha was also from the same college.

However, Ms. Rai’s arrest divided the government and some even criticized by asking, why is 17-year-old being arrested for what her father did? After it was found that Ms. Rai is not fit to be a topper, the BSEB announced Kirti Bharti, who secured 408 out of 500 in the examination, as the state topper.

“Biharis suffer a lot of “sautela” treatment, already.”

The topper scam brought a lot of shame to the state, but Bihar is not in isolation, flaws and cheating cases have come to light from other states too. For example recently, similar news where a student corrected his own exam copy came from Gujarat. It will be unfair to look at Bihar and Biharis with a sense of joke and hatred; it’s system’s flaw and similar flaws have been seen in other state’s system too, VYAPAM scam of Madhya Pradesh was the result of one of such flaws. Biharis suffer a lot of “sutela” treatment, already.

What do you feel? Is there any solution to the flaws in our education system?
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