9:11am, 27th June, 2016


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Integrity is too noble to be found in Indian politics. The recent developments in BJP rejecting 14 bills passed by Delhi Assembly is an acute instance of this ignobility.

Barry beat Eobard. For that reason Eobard hated Barry. He could not bear to live with the fact that he had lost to someone. Eobard decides to do everything he can, to trouble and torture Barry whenever and however possible, to make Barry’s life a mess. Eobard thought that one day Barry would give up. These lines could very well be used to describe the current situation between the BJP Central Government and the AAP in Delhi. If you thought you heard the last of AAP facing rejection and the Delhi CM lashing at the PM, well it’s just beginning.

In recent events, the Centre has returned 14 bills passed by the Delhi Assembly. Since Delhi is a Union Territory, any bill before being introduced in the assembly has to be vetted by the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) first. It has to come in the form of a legislative proposal first and if found to be not repugnant with Central laws then only it can be introduced in the assembly, let alone passed. A senior HMA official claimed that the procedure had not been followed by any of these 14 bills. A Delhi Govt official responded by saying that they will examine the issues raised by the MHA and work towards amending them as act of prior approval cannot be the sole reason for returning of the Bills. The bills returned included the Jan Lokpal Bill 2015, the Minimum Wages bill 2015, the Delhi School Bill 2015, the Delhi School Education Bill 2015, the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill 2015 and a bill related to working journalists.

“If he was not allowing the Assembly to function because he was not able to digest the defeat?” – Kejriwal lashed out against this move.


In an earlier issue, President Pranab Mukherjee declined to give his assent to a bill formed by the AAP. The aim of the bill was to exclude the post of Parliamentary Secretaries from the ‘Office of Profit’. The Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal retaliated to this by saying that the PM intends to not work himself and will stall anyone who tries to get proper work done. He asked the PM to trouble him as much as he wanted but not to stall work that intends to serve the interests of the people of Delhi. There were other politicians from BJP and Congress who lashed back at the Delhi CM and for a while there was a major war of words among the three parties. Eventually it died away and was over.
The Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal retaliated to this by saying that the PM intends to not work himself and will stall anyone who tries to get proper work done.


Like before Kejriwal took to twitter to lash out at Modi for this set back. In a tweet Kejriwal claimed that Modi is avenging his loss to the AAP by stalling his work for the citizens of Delhi. In another tweet Kejriwal said that Modi’s slogan is ‘Na kaam karoonga, na karne doonga’ (Neither will I work and nor will I let others work). He even asked why the central government had the right to block the work done by the Delhi govt. ‘Is the Centre the headmaster of the Delhi govt.’ he asked. Other members of the AAP claim that the central government has no intention of passing any of these bills at all.
At one side the AAP claims to be working in every possible way to uproot corruption while the Centre claims that all their bills contain legal loopholes. Who’s to say what is true and what is not true. With the return of these bills the AAP has again started lashing at the central govt. for their interference. Possibly there will be another war of words occurring shortly.

Despite Eobard’s intentions and rivalry, truth and righteousness always prevailed against him. Let’s hope that in this conflict of politicians the truth and right people prevail, especially for the sake of the citizens of Delhi.

Feature image source- kejriwalexclusive