12:14am, 12th September, 2016


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A nation looks upon its president as the epitome of utmost faith and dedication towards the nation. But recently, one person’s fallacy brought a whole nation to a standstill. Brazil created history for all the wrong reasons when it’s  36th president Dilma Rousseff was impeached for violating budget laws.

Known as a woman of honor, Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff was impeached by the senators putting 13 year rule of the leftist worker’s party to an extraordinary end previous week .In the final debate session, she delivered an occasionally emotional and detailed speech defending her dignity , being accused with the crime of responsibility and later gracefully walked out of the senate with her head held high.

The senators voted in favor of stripping her out of presidency from the world’s 8th largest economy . The citizens of Brazil are relieved that after a 8 month long trail session of steamy debates and impending decisions, the government finally removed their president from office , becoming the first country ever to do so. President Dilma Rousseff was found guilty as charged for changing the federal budget in order to hide the nation’s financial and economic loopholes. The Brazilian senate chose former vice – President Micheal Temer(current president) to serve the term till 2018 elections. He belongs to the most conservative Brazilian democratic party and is trying to restore the financial and economic conditions of the nation by introducing austerity measures to right the wrongs. The impeachment however, might not resolve the political and economic crisis of Brazil but it has instilled a new hope in the hearts of Brazilians that democracy will justify the complexities.

The world is keen to know if Temer will gain as much popularity as Brazil’s controversial ex-president to gather mass and political support to carry out the changes he claims he will and see his nation rise from the ashes like a phoenix .


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