5:10pm, 24th June, 2016


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Even as the world shudders under the shock of the results of the Brexit referendum, news keeps coming about how this historical decision can have further complications. This is an incident where intolerance, xenophobia and bigotry masked by the slogans of independence and liberty, won out against the universal notion of brotherhood and unity.

After a hectic day of polling on Thursday, the citizens of the UK woke up to a nervous Friday, when the results were announced in the morning, after the counting process. The results were as you’d have come to know, 52% in favour of leaving the EU as opposed to the 48% in favour of staying. The views of the majority are clear and democracy is upheld, but what the poll didn’t take into account are some glaring repercussions for the UK and the World for the majority’s one moment of satisfaction. In fact, the negative effects have already started being felt everywhere; financial markets have started to tumble, tensions are rising between the countries of the UK as they remain spilt over this issue, and the Prime Minister David Cameron has made an official statement of his resignation in the coming months. All this seems to hint towards greater turmoil in the UK for at least the next 2 years. The following shows a small facet of the twitter storm which raged in the aftermath of the decision and also includes some interesting facts you might have missed about the polls:

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