5:45pm, 21st September, 2016


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Congress is trying its level best to regain the face it lost in UP, almost three decades back. Kisan Yatra is a tried and tested method that they are bringing to the menu again.


Rahul Gandhi, Vice-President of Congress indulged himself in election campaign . Once again, he has taken the charge, this time to conquer the largest state of the country.  He had launched Kisan Yatra his party’s  election campaign at Deoria, a town in eastern UP on September 6 ,by conducting a khaat Sabha. But, as soon as the meeting was over, the public created a chaos to collect the Khaats present over there . There were around 2000 khaats and the aim to arrange such campaign was to listen to the problems of the farmers. But, the public wanted at least some benefits from congress. This attitude of public questions the image of Rahul Gandhi.


Pic Credits- The Quint

In a TV interview with Rajat Sharma, Raj Babbar , Chairman of UP congress said “ Rahul Gandhi is being taken seriously by  the farmers of UP. Rahul is talking about their problems. “ when a woman present in the TV interview asked  about Rahul’s image as according to her no one takes him seriously now. His stand on Gandhi proves that every time Rahul does something he needs to be justified by his party members. It seems all his tactics are now overrated like eating at a farmers house. Day by day it is becoming tough for Rahul to relate himself to the farmers.

Rahul Gandhi’s Kisan Yatra had begun from Deoria and will conclude in western UP on October 5. Yesterday, he conducted a rally in Allahabad, where he was talking how Modiji is underestimating the farmers. .Rahul had undertaken similar campaign before 2012 assembly elections which covered around 15 districts. But, the party managed to win only 28 out 403 seats. Prashant Kishore, political strategist of UP congress is trying hard to increase the party’s vote percentage as the party is already comatose in the state.

Prashant Kishore has proved himself in 2014 and 2015 . But the year 2017 seems tough for him with Congress.