8:17am, 25th May, 2018


For a while I have been keenly keeping an eye on the recent political turmoil engulfing the United States. A significant period of my political identity has been strongly linked with the Liberal left my faith on their beliefs and ideals but the 2016 November elections shifted my views and sparked a strong sense of skepticism and detailed analysis of my closest beliefs.

Since Donald J Trump’s victory in a bid for the White House, the liberals in the United States have been highly vocal and critical about their unfair defeat. According to them, Trump didn’t win the popular vote but was still somehow chosen at the 45th President of the US instead of Democratic nominee, Hillary R Clinton.

For Democrats and liberals, Trump is the personification of the mind-sets of the racist and discriminatory white supremacists of the US. Many have criticised him of spewing venomous and inflammatory words against immigrants, Muslims and transgendered people. And while the persistent recklessness of his will made him get out of Iran deal and move the embassy of Israel to Jerusalem sparking a new row of violent and fearful atmosphere in the controversial region of the middle east.

But how fair have been the liberal side of the spectrum?

Recently, the big news about Trump’s recent rant is trending towards his “animals” comment. In an interview with the Sheriff from the Fresno county, California, Trump was asked a question about MS-13 gang members (A band of people renowned for their heinous torture methods of killing and raping people) where he referred to these people as ‘animals’.

Shortly after that, many well-known people who identify themselves as liberals jumped on Twitter and other social media platforms to condemn this man’s remarks without understanding the context of it.

Many News portals such as the New York Times, Vox, CBS news, etc made their headlines as ‘Trump calls immigrants animals’ when the context was clearly different. Many even came in the defence of MS-13 saying that even they are humans and shouldn’t be treated as anything less than humans.

Trump’s remarks in the past might have surely been the catalyst for this but people jumping to conclusions so quickly without wanting to see the bigger picture, in order to create more paranoia and animosity between people of the Political and racial spectrum, is something democrats and liberals shouldn’t have done.

How insanely racially biased one has to be in order to come to the defence of rapists and murderers.

The liberals pride themselves on being educated and well-informed and then this happens that makes them equally ignorant as the ones that went on and supported Donald Trump.

It would be almost impossible for me to deny Trump’s racist remarks and his fan club of white supremacists, but for once, Anyone can defend him and rightly so and what’s worse; the liberal news networks gave Trump the winning card this time.

It almost makes you think whether or not, any in the political spectrum really cares for the rights of the people or are just really excellent in giving heart felt speeches about freedom and justice for all people.