8:37am, 8th March, 2018


Happy women’s day to all our readers. It’s a day to celebrate womanhood in all its essence and glory. It’s not a day specifically for women, but for all of us to embrace and appreciate feminity in whichever form it is manifested in our lives.

Today there’s so much chaos and confusion surrounding the ideas of feminism. So many people, so many versions. Seldom, we come across thoughts that are as refreshingly put together as in this video by WildChild. This video will make you look at women’s day through an entirely different coloured lens.

All these people that are around you, are a part of your experiences. And experiences are what makes a person. Experiences shape our attitude towards life. Some of these people might teach you valuable lessons , some might show you the dark side of the world. Some might treat you unfairly, some might go on to become a part of your happiest memories. Some may give you life goals, some may inspire you to achieve more. But every one of these people is helping you gain an insight on life.

This video beautifully explains how a woman realises her true beauty, her through potentials through the plethora of different kinds of people she meets in her everyday life; that all the experiences she goes through , whether good or bad are vehicles taking her along the journey of self discovery. These small lessons and experiences that you gain in your daily life ultimately agglomerate over time to transform you into the woman you become- limitless, above all judgements, without any boundaries. You learn that you can overcome all your weaknesses, you just need to tap into your inner strength. That you can achieve anything if you try hard enough. You can be whatever you wanna be, you don’t have to be afraid of anything or anyone. You can rise above any hurdle that life throws at you; you just need to have confidence in yourself. Your life can be a failure or a success. It all depends in which direction you steer it. You realise that you are not defined by your face or your body. Those are temporary. Your soul is eternal. And true beauty lies in your soul that no one can ever take away from you. So this women’s day, let us all resolve to celebrate our uniqueness. Here’s to the limitlessness of womanhood!!