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Among several of the festivals indulging in the praise of Rivers and the Sun, comes one of the holiest festival of Chhath. Succeeding the festival of Diwali by just a couple of days, Chhath involves every section of the society under one shade of the sky.



The reflection of social integrity and fraternity is seen in these four days of the Puja and around a month in its preparation. Too often had our society been fragmented on the bias of religion, caste and social divisions but in this festival of intense purity, different religions unite themselves for the holy praise.

How else could a picture be perfect which includes every section dipping in rivers with their hands open to receive the blessings and their lips hymning in tone. If seen with the eyes of social criteria, the poorest lady of that society stands beside the richest lady of the city in the same water which flows equally and both of them praise the sole sun of the sky.



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Not only bringing together the different communities, Chhath also gives the important message of purity, cleaning and sincerity among every section of society irrespective of their religion. From every house of a colony, people bring out the brooms to clean their vicinity. They have to get assured that the pilgrims, who are in the fast of these 36 hours, don’t get any sort of difficulties in their path of prayers. Lightings, sounds and all the required arrangements are been organised to maintain the festive meter .


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In our upbringings of the Indian society, we are often told to worship the rise of sun which marks the rise of a new day, a new hope and the new bliss of opportunities. But it is the message of this festival that provokes us to thanks the day went behind, that is; to offer prayers for the sun going down in the sky.

Every new day has travelled through a night set behind it. Then why just to praise the new day and not the night that died to give birth to it?

From cleaning the rivers that are mostly used for garbage dumps to cleaning the road which are often seen as public bin for spits and wastes; at least this festival of Chhath, awakens our social responsibilities. Alas! But just these days bring out the sleeping good human in us which defies every weaker part of our evil to give our best to support the pilgrims and to pray the almighty to bless us like they always had been doing.

Bringing not so much out, Happy Chhath to all those reading till here.

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