11:04pm, 11th September, 2016


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A flood of “whoa” thoughts, no doubt. Everybody needs internet. For everything. Every time. It has become a basic need for us all, be it for being connected to the social world or ordering pajamas and socks online so you get them right on your doorstep.We love watching our favorite series online, on high quality and that too with no buffering, playing online games, talking to the loved ones, getting important work done in an instant and a whole lot of other things. But there’s a big struggle that follows.We want better speed and connectivity with more data for less money, but we don’t always get what we want.

That’s where comes in Mukesh Ambani, with Reliance’s new launch “Jio”, offering 4G internet connectivity with free data for four months.This has been the hottest topic majorly among teens and students in the country and looks like a huge step to start with in the world of internet.


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Mukesh has also introduced his 24- year old twins and has appointed them as directors at Jio. Isha Ambani, Mukesh’s daughter has graduated with psychology and Asian Studies from Yale University and her twin Akash has majored in Economics from Brown University. The aim of the company is to bring a huge-scale change in the world of connectivity, not only with faster internet but media, cloud services and a lot more.

“Jio’s 4G network covers 18,000 cities and towns, and over 2 lakh villages. By March 2017, we will cover 90% of India’s population. It will be largest 4GE network today,” said Mukesh on the company’s 42nd AGM. And as obvious results, almost everybody is trying a hand at getting a Jio SIM for themselves. The company has provided users with free 4G internet but will it be a win-win for the users and the company after December is still to be seen.

But looking at public’s craze for Jio, Mukesh Ambani has established unbeatable “Datagiri”, no doubt. Calling big companies like Airtel, BSNL and Idea a competition won’t fit in when it comes to compete with Jio, at least for now. In an overall look, Mukesh has done a full-fledged setup to convene the needs and ease up the public with cheaper rates on 4G data. 

The company seems to have a huge profit plan up it’s sleeves, as giving away free 4G data throughout the country doesn’t seem to be profiting the company until December.