10:11pm, 26th November, 2016



Have you ever imagined someone shot you on middle of your head and left you alone to heal it? Welcome to the most innocent and lively torturous ride of 3 hours: Dear Zindagi! Are girls out there reading it? Good, you have got another reason to go on ‘Aww!’ mode as after English-Vinglish , Gauri Shinde is all set with her vision to cater young women.

We have 5 lessons for you to live your own story more lively:

1. Do only romantic relations matters? – We all have cried because of ‘our him or her’ and tried to flush the whole world but why is it like this, when only that one relation matters? The movie has the answer: “Why we cry for them? Look it this way – we all have someone special for our coffee time, gossip time, intellectual time and the crying time without which we feel void, then why to overrate the romantic one with so much importance? Let it play its part.” As simple as that.

2. Why always the difficult way, try an easy one! – Success is through the path full of fire, they said it and you agreed! Did you try the easier one, especially when you were not even ready for the difficult one? Can’t we keep it simple? That’s what the movie says, ‘Why always choose the difficult one, try the easier one. Live with simplicity.’

3. Have you ever been to furniture shop? – Have you imagined that even buying a chair can be an answer to all the problems? But the visionary Gauri Shinde did, and she did it in the most fantabulous way: “Whenever you go to any furniture shop, do you select the first one you see? NO, you look for all other options, sit on it, jump over it and then decide the final one!  Why not the same with relationships.. why do you want to die on a single broken chair? Can’t you buy new one?”

4. Don’t try to forget but to forgive – Are you also trapped in worst memories of your life? Let it be your childhood, teen or adultness, we all are caged up by the beast called, ‘I’ll never forget it.’ Its okay, if you feel so then don’t. We can do one thing; let’s just forgive them, not for anyone else but for ourselves so that we can open our cage and FLY!

The best thing is everything involved. Did someone tell you that SRK only has 35 minutes of role? Don’t get depressed, sometime and especially this time, that much is sufficient. All you would feel when you  step out from the theatre is like someone washed you sweetly to remove your disguised face with the purest water and then dressed you in the way that you can own your own personality.

5. It’s your story! – You thought only you knew about all your heartbreaks, failures in career and all the bad stuff you have gone through, then how did she came to know about all these, so accurately with exactly the same emotions. Yeah, this time your life is portrayed on the silver screen. It is your biography!

But to in contrast to your character on screen, your story in real life is incomplete.

You suffered and now you thought you are healed. Sorry sadly but you are not, all the pain is lost somewhere inside you only; you need Shahrukh Khan to pull it out of you!

I won’t say this time to go and enjoy another most sensible and finest movie in Bollywood..

This time you should go to complete your own story!