3:15pm, 6th December, 2016


Being admitted to the hospital 75 days earlier, the iron lady of South India- Jayalalithaa Jayaraman, profoundly called AMMA, died on 5th of December around 11 pm.

Eventually a woman is said to have been playing several roles from her birth to her death but this miracle lady had actually played a several number of roles; in the real life as well as the reel life.

Before stepping into the politics, she was one among the most awarded actresses of Tamil Nadu and the whole nation. And once she stepped politics, recognitions got a higher stage.

It is a matter of surprise that even when acclaimed to be guilty in a Disproportionate Asset Case in 2014, she won the next elections when she was bailed out. Being elected as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 4 terms, she took almost every possible step to cherish the people of state.

And so was she referred as the Amma for everyone living in her reign of happiness.

In this modern age when everything has got a price higher than what actually our pocket can afford, she sold her products almost at null cost.


Image source: Network18

Food for Rs.5 and water for Rs.10 made every section of the society in Tamil Nadu to sleep with their hunger silent. From food to accessories, she had her tagline of Amma manipulating the people and to help them in every difficult stages of life. She didn’t only help the poors but also developed the city as one among the most visited states in India can be imagined about.

From the spread of her beauty and acting in the film industry, she flavored the Indian politics with her warm love and sharp creative ideologies.

It was no surprise to see thousands of people marching to the Apollo hospital after she was acclaimed to have got a cardiac arrest. Prayers, cries and hymns to the almighty roared the sky that evening when she was fighting with death, inside the hospital.

Nobody wished to stop people from their prayers as they were not only feeling the death of a leader but also of a community mother who had helped them in every struggling days.

‘‘I will die if she dies,’’ said a lady crying at the camera and then beat her chest in pain. The eyes of every citizen there would have been wet and soaked in tears of blood, when finally, in the darkness of lone night, the hospital authority declared her dead.

It was more of a shock than a breaking news, that someone who let her life get short for the welfare of society dies in a hospital room with thousands of lips hymning prayers outside.

Nobody in them believed this, yet they had to.

The lady who lend her shoulder to every crying face, was set up to lifted on a few shoulders and get flamed until her ashes mix with the holy land of hers.

Death of a mother in itself is heart-breaking and after all, she was the mother for many children of her state. The mourn of her death needs a higher level than what words could ever reach at.