3:27pm, 23rd August, 2018


In an attempt to be stationed as the principle magnate of any conversation inclined towards reasoning, majority amongst have the emotion of self-importance propelling them towards debates. Often they are fashioned in ways where solely one side will end up victorious while the other will be paid no attention once their voices are overshadowed by the winning side.

Seldom occurs a situation where debates are heralded as an opportunistic duration to gain insights into issues that most remain oblivious to. As the opponents welcome themselves to their respective podiums, crowds who are already in support and have picked their ideal choice for the prize welcome them with cheers and chanting their names.

Once the event begins, counteracting each other’s points becomes the central objective of the debate. More often than reason, it’s usually one’s self own pompousness in voice, that declares one the one who spoke the most sense.

The primary mark of differentiation between debates and discussions seems to be the yearning to gather more ideas rather than hail one’s idea as having more weightage than the other. Openness to alternative ideas and ways of thinking would surely benefit the masses compared to the people sticking to a single way of thinking.

I never seem to take debates seriously for any benefiting purpose. The clashes of egos creating clamouring sounds are sufficient to shift my interest to anything but what is going up on the stage.

Today we have people polarized on issues that are of great consequence to our society. From trivial matters such as changing names of streets in regions around Delhi to the legislation of fundamental rights for the homosexuals, from the use of death penalty to marital sexual abuse scandals. Many of the people today will have strong views on of these ‘debatable’ issues. But often times, they become so highly brainwashed by their personal reasoning that they will not dare to see the other side, much less understand that point of perception.

A YouTube channel by the name ‘Jubilee’ conducted few gatherings of people where folks from completely different ways of thinking would simply sit and explain their own way of thinking to the ones around. I was greatly impressed by the words of conclusion in each video where much of it seemed sincere. Issues ranging from Gun violence and measures to curb the recurrence of it to Gay adoptions to religious education in schools, were scrutinized with proper evidences while being discussed.

Let me be fair in my statement- I have no doubt in my mind that both the parties that met in that room still hold their original views. They are not meant to have any effect, but there were people who gave explanations in hopes that the other side would at least consider their point.

And let’s face it; debates don’t do so well in changing minds either.

But for those who are open to understand the topic of discussion a little further will surely give equal weightage to both sides and surely that is not a bad place to begin one’s exploration about them, mainly for people such as myself who prefer to see both sides before getting to a conclusion.

A spirited debate might work for enhancing one’s resume for higher education at a prestigious institute, however a discussion will give a win-win for both if the case is regarding issues that are important to the times yet to come.