8:37pm, 13th December, 2016


3 mins

To PM,

First of all a huge round of applause for one of the boldest decision any PM could ever take in a democracy; Behave like a dictator. Probably that’s what Abraham Lincoln meant when he explained the concept of democracy i.e. ‘And then on one blessed night, your elected representative will hold the mike and dictate the orders to drag you on the streets.’

We as the world’s largest democracy witnessed a similar incident when the 500 and 1000 Rs. currency notes were demonetized on night of 8th November by your government. Let it be your manifesto of 2014 election, later schemes, various projects and uncountable promises, as your citizen, I grinned every time and said, “Let it be this way.. after all it is for my country’s betterment.”, but this time I think you crossed the fine line between guiding and manipulating.


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You are highly appreciated for your take on digitalized India: Great ambition, I must say but don’t you even have a research crew before launching anything?


1. By census of 2011, India has a total population of 1,210,193,422 people out of which only 377,105,760 live in urbanized area that constitutes merely 30% of Indian population. (sources- Census 2011)

2. And by 2014 records, India has 340,873,137 people with internet availability (Not regularly, though) that constitutes 27% of India’s population. (Source- Wikipedia)

Well now let’s have a take at the demon called black money’s stats.

3. Cash disguised as fake currency and black money make Rs 4 lakh crore in total and it makes 9% of Indian black economy.
(Just for the fact, the coal gate scam consists of Rs 2 lakh crore in itself. Well, yeah! It doesn’t even matter, leave!)

• So, you are expecting from the highly urbanized (30%) and advanced in internet sector (27%) to become digitalized over night? You said in your speech from the mighty Red Fort on 15th august that, even in a village Hathras, which is just 3 hours away from Delhi, it took 70 long years for electricity to reach there. Well even today, there are numerous villages in India which are deprived of basic needs i.e. Electricity, clean water etc. but yeah, you took a bold step!

Welcome to digitalized India, sir! But you know what, Sir, let’s just cut the crap now.

Yes Sir, you identified me correctly. I’m an asshole! And that’s my duty, “muje cutna hi hai!” and I’m doing it quite well. Mai cut hi raha hu from last 70 years, but honestly this time, in last 2014 general election I thought, that’s it! Now it is going to change for me. Me and the whole nation that voted for you to the supreme chair of world’s largest democracy thought the same, but deep inside we all had the unconscious nightmare, Shayad is baar fir se katega!And you are carving it so slowly and smartly with the high skilled art, and that nightmare still continues. Above anything else, you are still left with your half tenure; even now you can try to work for our betterment, it is not too late.


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But you do not have to worry, we illiterates gave 70 years to them to molest us, we will also give you “nice time”, but probably not as much as 70 years, not as much as seats and majority like you had in 2014, maybe you come with the coalition government next time, but we will give you another chance because yes, we like you, as at least..
Aap to keh k lete hai.

From another assholes, (highly influenced by your biased media).

Thank You.

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