12:19pm, 20th October, 2016


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After the attack in Uri from Pakistani side, it was reported that a surgical strike was conducted in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir by our Indian Army to demolish terrorist establishments without harming the common people of Pakistan. The news of the surgical strike came as a sense of pride for India, and for Pakistan it came as a shock. And obviously, the tensions between the two nations worsened further, leading to demand of radical powers like MNS to alienate Pakistan to the fullest. The surgical strike and its various interpretations in our country led to different types of restlessness among different people and political parties.

Some international media agencies, maybe due to their affection with Pakistan or due to some other reasons better known to them, reported that no surgical strike on Pakistan has been conducted at all by the Indian Army. This report came as a political tool for parties opposing BJP to attack its very ethics. The international reporting falsifying the surgical strike also gave Pakistan a chance, never mind how flimsy, to flaunt its ‘innocence’ to the world.

In the Indian Politics, Aravind Kejriwal came out to point finger on the BJP government based on the reports that falsified the surgical strike. However, he did not come direct to storm the government by claiming the reports to be true. The Aam Admi Party came out to the media, asking for proof of the surgical strike from the government ‘to shut the mouth of those who are not believing that the surgical strike actually took place’.


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Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar stated that he supports and appreciates the Army for its action of bravery against Pakistan but do not appreciate the politicisation of the event. Since Mr. Kumar is standing for Liquor Ban, an out of the box measure for improving rural living condition of the country and is constantly urging the state of Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh to implement the measure in those states as well, he wants to remain in the mainstream safe zone of politics, and thus cannot afford to speak any such thing in Central government’s opposition that can produce a bad image for him.


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The defence Minister, Manohar Parriker, is in jolly, since he has done something truly worth thumping his chest in pride. He is openly coming in front of the media with unmatched audacity. He has given credit to the Army and to the Prime Minister, and has said that there is nothing wrong in taking a little credit. In the race of improving image of himself and of his political associates, he recently came up, almost as an afterthought, to say that the teachings of Sangh led him to take the decision of surgical strike.


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Like in case of every other achievement of the government or like in times when BJP government claims of an achievement, in this case also, a few percentage of people in every locality who feel they are next to the Prime Minister, have started feeling as though the surgical strike was done for them only to defeat the Congressmen and the leftists who had been criticising Modi government for various issues.

Arnab Goswami is going ballistic over mere mention of the surgical strike from the mouth of anyone who does not support Modi government, never mind what the person actually wants to say.


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Army is a body of people who stand for the safety of the people of the country by putting their lives to risk. Trying to gain political benefit from the actions and operations of the Army is not only absurd but also hazardous for the country in the long run. It can be easily used by the political party in power to pretend as if the opposition is having antinational sentiments since they are asking questions. This practice will also lead to the alienation of a large section due to their political stand with the opposition—which will definitely lead to increase in the feeling of ‘we’ and ‘they’ within the country.


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If the Army controls our borders and save us from outside attacks, then who is there to save the country from those powers which act for divide in the country, horribly, claiming their legitimacy by performing hyperbole of the government and of the Army?

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