8:33am, 25th May, 2018


A day spent in collecting corpses of lost Palestinians, many of whom were children, was not really worth the so called victory the United States is proud of achieving yesterday, at least not n my eyes.

It was a doomed decision from its genesis- Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, virtually getting oneself entangled in the mess which is the 70 year long land grabbing game that Israel has been playing and cunningly winning by dodging questions by the international media and just spitting over the regulations given by the international communities.

One of the many controversial promises made by US president Donald J. Trump was to go for this move despite its consequences never looked very promising in making peace. To gain the support from the Christian white right wing politicians and businesses and to hit the legacy of diplomacy and peace talks of Obama hard, he made several decisions in his presidency so far that diminished the little image he had of attempting to make the middle-east stable.

How can one of the greatest nations in the world, go so wrong all of a sudden?

To hand the nuclear codes to a man who doesn’t think of any of consequences of the part he plays in nurturing these dangers!

Starting with publicly stating his intentions of backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement, declining to stay in the deal made with Iran after years of negotiations, he now goes on to add another fire to the already tensed relations between two nations who’s conflicts has the potential of causing devastating results.

Most would blame Palestine- A nation that was stripped of its right to exist, its people displaced left in employment and cluttered over what little space Israel gave them. Palestinian Christians unable to visit their holy shrines and Palestinian Jews and Muslims treated the same.

Not to mention, whatever homes they build, are nosedived right back to its foundations by its enemy. Missiles don’t notice age or religion but shatter bones with equal fervency.

This has been the condition for quite some time for Palestine and most likely will be for long.

The welcoming embrace Palestine received from the Pope when the Roman catholic church made saints out of two Palestinian nuns was a sign that not all Christian authorities are people of hatred and division.

But still, the day when over 50 were massacred, none were available to help. While Ivanka Trump smiled and spoke words of luxurious volume, the hollow-hardheartedness of the entire administration was seen by the world. Many of the world leaders stand opposed to this misjudged move made by Trump but none will be able to stop many more of the people from both sides that are going to pay with their lives, because of the greed of one nationalistic xenophobic government and an ignoramus human being who’s actively promoting slaughter of defenseless people in the name of helping his allies.