2:28pm, 21st August, 2016


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After achieving his “Triple triple” at the Rio Olympics, Usain Bolt, the Jamaican speedster, decided to hang his shoes and leave the racing track forever. But his presence will never leave the track because it will guide the upcoming and aspiring athletes to glory.

They say “records are meant to be broken”,but in this case, these records seem unbeatable. I honestly can never imagine a human finishing a 100m race in 9.5 seconds. The world record of 9.58 seconds itself seems Godly. If anyone is going to beat a record like that, I won’t consider him/her as human. He must either be a miracle or a super human.



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Bolt said “I hope I’ve set the bar high enough that no one can do it again”. Well, his hope is more like a fact. I don’t see anyone in 100 years who can match or compete at his level. He is the greatest and he will be missed.


So why is Bolt a GOAT?
Now, the question is where does history place Bolt? Is he the GOAT (Greatest of All Times) in world sport? That means is he greater than Muhammad Ali and, Pele? I am sure he is. And he is greater than by them by a distance although many will disagree with me.


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I have not seen Ali and Pele and that is why I may be partial towards Bolt but I will not be easily convinced if either of them is greater than the Sprint King. There other greats as well – like the two Michaels (Phelps, Schumacher), Maradona, Nadia Comaneci and Carl Lewis.

In India we call the greats as God and that is why Sachin Tendulkar is hailed as God. But in the world of sport, which I think is more objective than impulsive, he is being treated as GOAT. I have no doubt that Bolt is the GOAT.

As a conclusion, I can only think and say one thing “It Is The End Of The Bolt Era”.

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