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The battle of Aleppo has been a part of the Syrian Civil war since 2012. The battle continues with no sign of any ceasefire in the near future. Here are some of the basics about the battle

When and how did it start?

On 15 March, 2011 protests broke out all over the nation against the government led by President Bashar al-Assad. The protestors demanded a democratic reform and demanded action to be taken against the corrupt within the government. The Assad regime and the security forces responded to the public through means of harsh resistance. By July in the same year, rebels took up arms against the government as a united militant group.


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Who are the big players involved in the war?

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US had sided along with the rebels. Most of the rebels came from the Aleppo countryside and from towns including Al-Bab, Marea, Azaz, Tel Rifaat and Manbij. Russia on the other hand has been allies with Syria even throughout the cold war. Syria has also been a regular Russian arms customer. From 2007-2011, Russia accounted for 78 percent of Syria’s military imports, including aircraft and high-tech missile systems. Russia’s presence has helped Assad secure victories over a few cities in the recent years.


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Ceasefire attempt

Turkey had recently managed to strike a ceasefire deal with Russia temporarily to allow the civilians to evacuate the city. Unfortunately, less than a day after the deal was struck the ceasefire was violated by both parties. Not only that but civilians claim that the rebel groups began shelling any civilians attempting to flee the city.


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Current Situation

The West blames Russia for using terrorism related techniques to combat the rebels. Russia on the other hand accuses US of supporting terrorists by backing the opposition. Recently Russia established a permanent military air base in Syria. Russia’s chances of accepting a no-fly-zone remain low. As long as Russia dominates the skies, however, Assad enjoys a significant military and political advantage over his opponents.


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We hope the battle ends as soon as can be for the sake of the innocent civilians dying every day. Indeed, this is the ugly face of war that those civilians suffer from right this very moment.

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