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The Big Indian Family Tradition goes back to the days when marks were categorised in divisions. Though we seldom hear people these days saying “Hey! I passed with a first division.”, the tradition of family happiness and prestige associated with the marks of the ward has undergone no significant change. Ask a child who just entered the plus two section as to what is called pressure. He could provide you with the most appropriate answer, may be something more pragmatic than what even the Oxford dictionary could! The pressure to score a good percentage in boards is not enough. Don’t be blindfolded to think that the rat race ends after securing a 94 or 95 percent. Then comes the pressure of getting into a good university.

The University of Delhi, being one of the most prestigious universities in India is the abode of students from all over the subcontinent and even beyond. Every year after the board results are announced, the rush in trains and flights heading towards Delhi is a trademark of its grandeur. The University was established in the year 1922 with only three colleges being affiliated to it namely, St. Stephen’s College, Hindu College and Ramjas College. The growth of Delhi University has been commendable as presently it holds 16 faculties, 86 academic departments, 77 colleges and five other recognised institutes spread all over the city, bustling with more than a million students who proudly call themselves DUites!


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Admission to the University of Delhi was a simple affair till the previous year. This year, 2016, owing to the Digital India campaign, most of the process is online. This proved to be a cumbersome task. After the announcement of the first cut off, students had to update their college and course on the online portal where they had already created an account during the time of registration. The problem arose when the site could not function effectively due to the mass of data being changed, rectified and printed every second. The students were seen running from one cyber cafe to the other all over the campus. This was because the change in the process was never explained beforehand.

The original documents were submitted to avoid multiple admissions. This was a prick also, as the cancellation process turned out to be another Herculean task. First the admission had to be cancelled on the online portal, its hard copy to be shown in the college concerned and finally, after its verification, the original documents were returned to the student. And then again, back to square one! The other college required the same processes to be conducted by the candidate all over again.


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The newspapers were filled with students complaining about the intricate system of admissions this time, about the rush and the delay. Even after having sky-high cut-offs, every college, be it in the North Campus or the South, saw a never ending line of thirsty, perspiring students waiting for their turn to be admitted into the University.

Three cut-off lists are already out, two more to go and seeing the fall in the cut-offs, many cancellations and admissions would be done! What is to be kept in mind is that the entire process should be crystal clear before a candidate goes for admission into any of the colleges. This would save time and energy as they won’t have to be running after people sitting on Help Desks (though the people at the Help Desk were really really helpful) to ask what to do next.

Many students face a dilemma when they get a better college but not their choice of course. In a battle between a college and a course, one should always prefer the course. The college’s name would be there just for the next three years with you, but what you study now would remain with you for a lifetime. After all, it’s Delhi University! Who cares?

And, one reminder, DO NOT cancel your admission in a college before confirming with the other college regarding your eligibility. Some subjects like Physical Education, Fine Arts, Informatics Practices, Painting etc. are not included in the Best of Four aggregate. There were students, I saw, who were denied admission because the college did not consider their choice of subject as a legitimate one. Also, if you have to do Honours in a subject that you haven’t studied in class 12th, Delhi University deducts 2.5% from your aggregate. Keep that in mind!


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Finally, YOU are the creator of your journey. No one knows the destination. But the journey has to be worthwhile, isn’t it? So, a hearty congratulations to all those who got admission already and good luck to the ones who are still waiting for their turn! To the students of 11th and 12th, all I’d say is that concentrate on your boards right now, for the University’s cut off lists are in to give you the worst nightmare of your life! All the best!

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