10:10am, 30th September, 2016


Okay. So, the very moment when both shook hands was the defining tint that one is going to fuck the other in every stature possible and the vice-versa. Just a couple of things you should know, I will be mentioning Trump as ‘Drumpf because Originality and transparency is what Drumpf abides by. I felt so privileged that I was watching the most awaited and scrutinising debate one could ever expect from them. Little did I know that it will turn out to be a debate between two kids fighting and accusing each other of guilt and retrospective loss.


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The only person who seemed legit in the entire course of the debate was neither Hillary nor Drumpf, it was surprisingly Lester Holt (Host). Without him, the entire debate would have been about how the other party had failed America or will fail America in any possible manner. Some really unexpected points put forward by the leaders made me think about the very reason that why did they even care to debate about it. They could have just used a pager to convey their views.(Sorry).


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So, when both were asked to explain their plan to make America a better place to live, first Hillary spoke to tell her party’s agendas which sounded very cliched and monotonous. Helping the middle class by improving their economic state, indebt college fees and other shit. Contrarily, Drumpf was all about how if his party is dominant he will lower down tax pay from 35% to 15%, without any base of whether or how he will put it into action. Moving on, Drumpf was so obsessed with bringing back all the jobs and companies back to America that it looked like he would have risked his own money to bring them back.


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With Hillary’s “Fact Checker” and her public sources, she was sure that her party would generate 10 million jobs and that Donald’s would degenerate 3.5 million jobs.

Being a true businessman at heart, he just focussed on how the wealthy, after becoming wealthier, will be able to help the poor. On the other hand, Hillary was adamant that if the capital was focussed on the middle class people, it will generate a trust factor at all ranks and between them. When Lester moved their focus to the African-Americans, it got pretty difficult for him to handle them. Because one agreed over the fact that African-Americans are gaining their place in the society and the other was not satisfied with the treatment of the blacks yet.

It all ended as a fairytale come true where both are smiling and agreeing on random stuff which no one cares about (as compared to other pressing issues). A point of mock debate turned into a mockery of debate. Let’s just say that all the hard WORK and facts will be answered on November 8th with all the dignity they maintain and show towards each other.

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