10:06am, 2nd November, 2016


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One of the most awaited movies of 2016, ADHM has hit the screens in all over India last Friday. Till now you must have got the various reviews on it. Some loved it, some didn’t, but everyone watched it.  In case if you haven’t then we have some reasons for you to do so. ASAP! Amid every buzz, if you are used to the cliché ends of the bollywood: Hero and Heroine end up loving each other, then KJ has something for you this time.


ALIZEH – Yeah, everyone said, Ranbir again stole the show with his kind of charm, but this time it is Anushka as Alizeh who owned the movie (or at least 1st half). If that “filmy person” is still alive and kicking in you then you are the one who is going to shout your throat out in the whole 1st half. Her character, dialogues, acting and the way she holds the screen is mesmerizing. Her performance deserves your presence in theatre this time.

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SABA – Long time! No? Missing the hotness of Dhoom girl, the charm of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam then you better keep calm, because she is on fire this time. She appears only in the 2nd half but it is worth to wait for her. Not awarded with a long role but the part she played was sizzling and courteous, too much courteous, indeed. The way she expresses herself in her winded “shayris” is something you are going to Google afterwards.

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Have you been ever friendzoned? Get up man, watch it! – Have you ever friendzoned anyone? Want to know how does it feel? Then you are the one who should be sitting in the theatre in the very next show. Karan Johar framed the entire drama in a very sensitive and heart touching way. Must Watch! For this context.

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Dialogues – the heights of success for Aashiqui 2, YJHD, OUATIM1-2, GOW1-2 were their dialogues, it is same is the case with ADHM. The trailers were itself so promising in terms of dialogues which continued in the movie as well.

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RANBIR – Did you fall in love with Bunny, Ved and Jordan? You can’t even forget these names in your worst hangover, then get ready to add another one in this list; Ayaan. This time Ranbir is childish, stubborn, loving, charming and the most important adjective: this time he is like Ranbir. He will make you cry, laugh and feel the movie in his own way.

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The movie got the most heart touching music album of the year. Yeah, it wrenches your heart too. The only time you will allow your throat to rip apart is the 3 min 26 sec cameo of SRK. KJ raises the toast in name of friendship this time. 

ADHM is not for masses, it is for classes! 
Go and watch it. Well, don’t forget to take your friendzoned friends with you.