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Have you seen a lotus bloom to life?
Have you seen a star twinkle and hide?
Have you heard the call of gunshots triggered amidst the few?
Have you felt the love someone has for you?

Kashmir– the heaven on earth, the Pole star in the bed of numerous balls of fire has been tarnished and ruined. Who would have thought that the crown of India would fall from such a great height, would fall with such a thud that its echo would re-breathe through the walls of hell? Who would have pictured the youth of India, the light bearers of tomorrow to be such active citizens taking a lead and spreading militancy with a fire raging in their souls?

The valley of beauty has lost its charm. Have you ever thought why? There is lack of development, lack of industries, lack of employment. From where do we expect the people to fill their tummies? How are they supposed to sleep with faith that the next morning would not bring with itself their doom?

Education is the key factor that comes to light here. Any skill requires the art to master it. If the youth isn’t educated, how can it master the art to earn and win a loaf of bread to feed their families? There are no teachers willing to inculcate the values the Indian Constitution stands for. There is freedom of speech and expression. True. How many people are aware of this? And among the small number that are, how many do you think have got the privilege of its exercise? It is a saddening picture but the more tear-striking part is that no authority or non governmental organisations are seriously addressing this issue.

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We read in newspapers or see in televisions the young boys turning to insurgency, taking arms and weapons in hands at the time of doing wonders through the pen and its power. Do we ever realise that this can also be attributed to the chaos and worsening conditions of the agricultural industry that produces edibles like apples? The Pashmina that Kashmir is famous for has lost its grandeur due to the black market. How can we expect the people to be oblivious to their condition? Are they not humans who have to sleep with a hungry stomach and a watering mouth?Kashmir_Current News_Happening_Partition_Education 2

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At the time of Partition, as most of us are aware, the Maharaja of Kashmir never accepted the inclusion within Pakistan. It is a different case altogether that even joining hands with the Indian government was due to Pakistan. Do you see the roots holding strong to the grounds? Do you? Pakistan is a very core factor that results in disturbances in Kashmir. From persuading people to join the forces to supplying them with weapons and training them in all circumstances, Pakistan has left no stone unturned. But India has to retaliate. India cannot sit back and view the ruination of its pride on tv sets, in the comfort of their living rooms. Why? It is because this is NOT the India of your dreams and nor the India of mine.

Times have gone far beyond the horizon where people would survive the wrath of the destroyers. It is the hour of enlightenment. It is the hour of survival. So, are you ready to wage a war against the forces that are breaking the soul of Kashmir into pieces? Are you ready to fight for the preservation of the homeland on whose soil you walk miles and reach the stars?

Are you ready to scale heights, melt borders and break the shackles that hold us down in the path of progress?


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