9:12am, 7th August, 2016



There’s so many people to wish today – BFFs, BFs, School Friends, college friends, office friends, society friends, train wale friends, Facebook friends – the list goes on. How many of us realise the importance of these friends? Here are 7 heart-touching ads that will put a smile on your face as it explores the most important relationship. Happy Friendship Day!

1. Skybags Last Try

Simple, naughty and impressive. Just like a friend.

2. Domino’s Friendship Day

So much truth in this. Like seriously, how many of us even remember our school friends?

3. Cadbury Family Relatives

The cute ad we all remember. Nice start for a friendship!

4. Pepsi School Farewell

Didn’t we all have plans about what we will become and how we will help our friends then? I and my friend had a plan to start a new partnership company when we were in 6th. He was going to be the accountant.

5. Airtel Ad

Again, it’s the simple truth that only the innocence of kids can understand.


Cute, and actually one of my favourite. That guy is so honest.

7. Google Partition:

The ad that took us all by throat and filled with so many emotions that in went viral instantly. Don’t cry.


Don’t you think these ads are worth watching again and again? Some of them have made us think of our childhood friends, some of them has made us emotional. But I am smiling now, overwhelmed by memories and nostalgia, and my eyes a little wet. I hope you also liked these. 

If you like this post, call one of your friend, whom you haven’t met or called in a long time. Tell him/her how bad you miss their company. Would you do that for us?

Pinky Promise?