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So, the Game of Thrones Season Finale is finally out and has surely ignited a fire of cravings for more of it.

The Finale is a pack of lots of Shocking deaths i.e. more or less the beauty of the season, Vengeance acts, Memories, Revelations, Revolutions, Thrones and the Queens. George has truly done more than what we can call justice with the Finale. If you haven’t seen the Finale yet, trust us, reading this article will help you to sustain your position as a Game of Thrones fan.

1. For peace or not, but The Sept rests now… Forever

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The episode starts with Loras’s trial, which doesn’t take too long as he confesses to all his crimes and agrees to join the faith militant. It was now time for Cersei’s trial except she wasn’t there nor was The King. Shady, right? Well it was. A major explosion happened then and there. It created the largest death bed after The Red Wedding, with the ashes of Margarey, Loras and Mace Tyrell, Lancel and Kevan Lannister, the High Sparrow and all his little Sparrows.

2. House Tyrell left of no heir

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The death of Margarey along with her Father and Brother left House Tyrell no heir. Olenna Tyrell is full of vengeance and she joins hands with House Martel.

3. The fall of King Tommen

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Margarey’s death and her blood on his mother’s hand left Tommen of no choice other than opting for a peaceful death. The beauty of the scene lies in how complementing the silence was with the way Tommen chose to self-murder i.e. not uttering a word and jumping from the window of the King’s Landing in his grief.

4. Iron Throne gets a Mad Queen

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For those who haven’t guessed it yet, the explosion that consumed the Sept was of the wildfire. Cersei chose to burn thousands of innocent including the Tyrells to burn alive in order to avenge the pain and disrespect few gave her. She has also kept the Septa – The Shame Nun captive. After Tommen’s death she’s the only one left alive near the throne and so she now sits on the Iron Throne as the Queen. Jamie reaches King’s Landing at the time of crowning ceremony and the glances exchanged between him and Cersei showed how lost they both were now. After all of this, it won’t be wrong for people to see her as a Mad Queen just like the late Mad King. Would it?

5. Arya back in game, working on her list

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At the Twins, Walder Frey is celebrating over his victory over the Starks. When in next scene he has been served a pie by “a girl”.  Anything more needed to say?

6. The Red Priestess banished from the North

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Ser Davos confronts Melisandre, with the toy that he finds in burnt state, in front of Jon. She confesses her act but also she believes it to be just the will of the Fire God. Jon banishes her from the North and promises to execute her if she’s ever seen in North.

7. Tyrion rightfully the “Hand of The Queen”

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With Daenerys having her army and ships, she is all set to sail to the Westeros. But, Tyrion makes her realize the liability that her love for Daario might become in future. She not only takes his advice and breaks up with Daario, but also names Tyrion, The Hand of the Queen just as his father was to hers.

8. Littlefinger’s dreams… Iron Throne and Sansa

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Well the man who is the foundation of all the wars for Iron Throne couldn’t be expected to be not mesmerised by the thought of conquering it. But, as he tells Sansa, he wants it along with Sansa and offers her to sideline Jon whom he calls the Bastard not for north.

9. Revelation of the Third Dragon i.e. the R+L=J code

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Brandon Stark, now the third eyed raven goes into his vision where he saw his father at the Tower of Joy (in Episode 6). It is finally revealed that the screams that Ned heard were of Lyanna Stark. She is seen in a state of heavy bleeding, the brother-sister bonding shown in the scene touches one’s heart deep. The biggest highlight of the scene is the moment when Lyanna hands over a child to Ned and asks him to Promise her to protect the child. This in fact is the revelation of the biggest and oldest fan theory R+L=J which means Jon Snow is not Ned’s son but in fact Mad King’s and Lyanna Stark’s son, which makes him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

10. Jon Snow– The King in the North

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Jon and Sansa’s homely comfort could be easily sensed in their small conversation about trusting each other and how “Winter is here” and how Ned always promised it.

Our favorite Lyanna Mormont shows a classic example of how The North Remembers and declares Jon Snow her king which leads to a wave of shame in other houses of the North. All the warden pleads for Jon’s forgiveness and reunites the North by declaring him The White Wolf- The King in the North. The fierce chanting did make our heart go away.

11. Khaleesi sailing to Westeros with the Tyrells, the Martells and the Greyjoys.

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Khaleesi has set a classic example of a true queen by uniting The Tyrells, The Martels, The Greyjoys, The Unsullied, The Khalasar and of course her Dragons. The ending couldn’t have been more perfect with Khaleesi, her dragons and her massive fleet, all ready to crush the Seven kingdoms and with all having their favorite ones for all the different reasons.

The words before the release of the Game of Thrones season 6 Finale were all about how it’s the longest episode in the season’s history. It diverted the audience’s minds from all the events that may take place to the quantity of content that the longest episode might hold.

But, those who have seen the season finale must know how captive the Finale was, that even the increased length couldn’t satiate our hearts.

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