3:36pm, 13th May, 2019


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Episode five of the final season of “Game of Thrones” was carnage from beginning to end. 

Danaerys follows the last words of her best friend and confidant: “Dracarys” and goes to town literally burning everyone.

Here is a summary of what happened through the episode.

Lord Varys Gets Roasted

After so much scheming, plotting and general back-stabbing, Varys met his end. He though whispered about Jon on to the Iron Throne; Daenerys found out; he is burned. 

The end of lord of whisperers was much predicted by Melisaandre in season 7 and we saw it coming.


Tyrion pays his Debts

Tyrion not only betrays Varys but also the Dany. He sets Jaime, captured by Dany’s army, free. 

“If it weren’t for you, I never would have survived my childhood,” Tyrion Lannister tells Jaime in the calm. “You were the only one who didn’t treat me like a monster. You were all I had.”

It’s a touching scene between these two survivors of the dysfunctional Lannister family, and it’s shot beautifully, Tyrion standing above the brother who loomed over his childhood in so many ways.


Mother of Dragons 

In about five minutes of pure decimation, Daenerys, riding Drogon, made the Iron Fleet go up in smoke and blasted the Golden Company. All the gold by Cercei was for nothing. Maybe the elephants could have helped.


Jaime and Euron 

The Lannister used his golden appendage to his advantage in taking out the petty, narcissistic Euron. 

The fight didn’t last long, and Euron managed to get a couple stabs in, but ultimately he should have probably sailed back. Euron dies at the hands of the Kingslayer, who walks on injured into the Red Keep.


Cleganes Ball

The fight that we had been hyping for years finally happened. In a back and forth match, which began with the Hound revealing the Mountain’s face. The former realized that the only way to kill the latter was to take him down with him into the dragon fire, which was all over courtesy the Mad Queen.


Jaime and Cersei die as Lovers in Arms

When the brother and sister fled to the crypts of King’s Landing, they discovered that their final escape route has been blocked by the rubble caused by Daenerys and her dragon. 

As the ceiling crumbles around them and Cersei suddenly realized that bending the knee might have been a safer bet, Jaime takes her into his arms for one final embrace.

Last words of Cersei being “I don’t want to die”. All her life she battled death to prove the prophecies wrong and she got scared of dying which in a way is inevitable. 

My disappointment lies in her death. Cersei deserved a better death, a death like a queen. how we miss Mr Martin at this point. 


Jon Aka Aegon Targaryen & Arya Stark

Walking through the streets Jon and Arya witness the wrath caused by the mad queen. Jon sees the madness of men even after the Lannister army surrendered and the bells were rung.

Both the Starks were just probably flabbergasted at the carnage, which was shot really well. 


The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Targaryen Tree

In the end, Daenerys proved to be just as mad and cruel as her father. The Queen that had been promised indiscriminately butchered the innocent people of King’s Landing for what seemed like half the episode, leaving very little of a kingdom to rule over.

The Mad Queen thing in itself isn’t shocking, nor is it a bad storytelling move. What we take issue with is how clumsily Dany’s transformation was portrayed—and that clumsiness, at this late stage in the show, with the stakes so high, feels unforgivable given how avoidable it was.  But most frustrating is the fact that Daenerys, a character whose many virtues and moral blind spots Game of Thrones so skillfully sketched out over the years, suddenly lost her mind within the last couple episodes because of the Targaryens’ well-documented predisposition to mental illness, the death of her best friends, and the fact that her nephew no longer wants to sleep with her. In its rush to deliver a wild reversal—or if you want to be charitable, subversion—of everything the show had established about Dany’s deep-seated goodness and sense of justice, Game of Thrones all but destroyed her character. Where some viewers might see a satisfyingly awful upending of expectations about Dany’s supposed goodness, We see the tragic downfall of the identity she had spent years building for herself.

We are sad, disheartened and this a perfect example of how a TV show decimates a powerful character from a book so well written.

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