11:08am, 29th July, 2016


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What happens when Rahul Gandhi speaks? It gets trending, usually for the wrong reasons, but this time the ‘Arhar Modi’ comment is probably trending for the right cause.


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Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday took a jibe at Modi Government criticising their inefficiency in controlling the price rise, particularly of food items like lentils.
“Today in villages people are raising a slogan: Arhar Modi,” he said at the end of his speech in Lok Sabha today.

Gandhi took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “You talk about Start up India, Make in India but not about price rise.” He said Modi had not commented on price rise in the BJP’s second anniversary celebrations nor had the issue of high food prices been discussed in the parliament.

He demanded Modi to give a date by when pulses will become cheaper.
He asked why the Modi government was not utilising the money saved on oil import due to global drop in oil prices to give relief to rural people, especially farmers.

In his reply, finance minister Arun Jaitley said that the money saved due to fall in crude bill was being diverted to building rural infrastructure like roads and go-downs.
Jaitley claimed that the seasonal price rise was a common phenomenon and added that after the monsoon, the prices would soon stabilise.

The despair of common man has been on the rise since few months. Price rises in vegetables and pulses, one after another has been haunting the households. People are starting to feel the heat. Although, Jaitley claims that inflation is ‘under control’, we the people need some kind of visible impact. Unless Jaitley, or Modi Government, can deliver visible results, such jibes will get trending and their image is going to get tarninshed.

Is this the much awaited coming off age for Rahul Gandhi? From the perspective of Congress, there is no better time but only time will tell.

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