4:23pm, 17th September, 2016


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Religion caste and politics are no longer the prior concerns of india as biryani takes over the tables , contravening with our age old Indian traditions.
This Indian state doesn’t seem to be much Indian when it comes to what goes in their biryani.

Although its not a sin, its just something we Indians don’t do. Slaughter and cook our national animal and serve along with biryanis. Apparently Haryana is a very controversial state and is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Punishment for cow slaughter in the state is 10 years of jail and on the other hand if you happen to be a beef trader you are likely to spend your next five years in the jail.


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Although beef is legal in some parts of india, many in Haryana are taking their pleas to the high court against biryani policing.

Biryani is a very popular Indian dish made out of rice featuring meat or vegetables cooked along with spices. Restaurants and street sellers in Haryana are mixing beef in biryani and clearly raising questions and much more eyebrows on the moral values we as Indians, have been practicing since time immemorial.


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A mewat advocate seeked directions for Haryana gau seva ayog as well as the state government in the Punjab and Haryana high court to target and inspect roadside vendors in the district since they suspected beef being served in biryani. The so called biryani police are inspecting ‘kadais’ full of biryanis and traditional dishes to check if the allegations made of street sellers for adding beef is true to what extent , given its banned and invalidated in most of the country.

Due to the rage on this matter many street sellers and biryani vendors have been shut down in the parts of Haryana state that are near new delhi, the centre of crackdown and eid this year seemed to have lost its flavour in haryana’s mewat after furore over this whole beef biryani issue, disappointing many muslims .


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The 2015 elected Haryana BJP government made cow slaughter a punishable crime under law with a 10 year jail and 1 lakh rs fine.

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