8:41am, 31st August, 2016


What is happening in India? In a time span of just a couple of weeks, reports of deaths and begging due to inefficient and corrupt healthcare authorities is coming up on news. In another such dire turn of events, a 12-year old boy, Ansh, died on his father’s shoulders after being denied treatment at a Government hospital in Kanpur.

Sunil Kumar,36, residing in the Faisalganj area of Kanpur reported that his son was down with high fever since Sunday and so took him to a neighbourhood doctor. The doctor there told him to take his son to a better hospital.

On Monday, Sunil ran with his son on his shoulders to the emergency ward of the government-run Hallet Hospital, the biggest in the city, where his father waited for 30 minutes before he was told to take his son to the children’s ward which was 250m away from there. Allegedly denied a stretcher, Mr Kumar rushed out on foot, hefting the boy on his shoulder, where the doctors declared him dead.

The Hallet hospital claims that the child was dead when his father brought him.Uttar Pradesh health minister Ravidas Mehrotra said: “Whoever is guilty will not be spared.”

This makes one think about the destabilizing conundrums which the bigger cities go through when it comes to the medical facilities they provide. At the political level, such problems needs to be solved with certain dignity. A medical apathy like this surely irks the masses and at some level affects individually too. Government hospitals needs an undivided attention of the authorities to make it more accessible and credible for the citizens which in turn will bring a sense of responsibility into them.