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There are many ways to die, and road accident is surely the worst among all, but the irony is it’s the most prominent way to kill us. According to a report released by the ministry of road transport, almost 400 people loose their life in road accidents in India every day.

Our newspapers are filled with the stories of tragic road accidents, you just need to flip a page and the grief continues. Recently Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association lost a right-handed batsman Vikrant Kumar in a road accident near Una, he used to play for Under-23 and he died just four days after his 23rd Birthday.



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While in Punjab nine pilgrims from Ludhiana lost their life when a pick-up vehicle carrying them crashed with two heavy vehicles near Sainiwas village yesterday.

In India last year a total of 5,01,423 road accidents reported, which killed almost 1,46,133 people.

According to the same ministry of road transport report, 62% of that accident was because of high-speed.



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While, a report published in the World Health Organization’s website not only blames the high-speed vehicles but also blames the poor roads and infrastructure for the accidents, it says:

A heterogeneous traffic mix that includes high-speed vehicles sharing the road space with vulnerable road users as well as unsafe road infrastructure and vehicles that are in poor condition all contribute to the high fatality rates seen on India’s roads.

To know more about road safety and how we can reduce the chances of getting killed in a road Accident, TheMatchbox.Co recently had a conversation with NDTV’s Kranti Sambhav, who hosts an automobile show Raftaar since last 13 years.


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Mr Sambhav has an opinion that “Many Indian roads are world class but majority of them are badly engineered, and also the human negligence and reckless driving, are the two reasons why the mortality rate on Indian roads remains disturbingly high.

Talking further about reckless driving, he also mentioned that it is mostly because authorities are unable to enforce traffic laws, he said, “enforcement is weak and we need to work on it.

And, according to him, “political willpower and corruption,” is one major reason of weak traffic enforcement, it could’ve been better but “political class is never serious about it.

As he believes the Road accidents are mostly because of our devastating driving skills, and thus Mr Sambhav suggests to “be as safe as possible while on streets, and the best possible way is to wear all the safety gears, especially while riding two-wheelers,



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He also added that “Safety gears are cheap and easily available, these days.”

We all have lost someone from our family or friends in any of these terrifying road accidents. In the era when we are raising our voice in polarised political debates, it is also important to discuss the issues which matters, road safety is one of those issues, however, we never ask questions regarding road safety to our government, which clearly shows our disinterest in real issues.

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