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As children of the Internet era, we might be the first generation to be watching both Hollywood as well as Indian TV serials. And we have grown fond of both. Let us delve into some of the, subtle and not so subtle differences between these two equally popular ways of leisure:

The Similarities, first:
In this century as well as the times that were, The Big Screen has always had that glam to attract viewers of all sex and age. But have only films taken us from reality to stardom? Have only films brought home the unknown?
Here comes into picture the daily soap. Both Indian and Western tv series have captured our minds, our attention. It drives a wave in viewers and there is a magnetic pull through which we get engrossed in the lives of the characters who somehow seem like us, wayward and sometimes pragmatic. We regard ourselves with them and you know what the scene becomes? We laugh with them, cry with them and rejoice in their name. They have had such an indelible impact on all generations and will continue this magic even for the ones to come.

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About Differences.
There is a complete contrast in what the directors of Bollywood see as entertainment compared to the ones of Hollywood. Straight from the plot, to the names, the costumes, the food, make up, destination, screening and what not!


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Structure & Style
The first major difference between serials here and there are that Hollywood series are shot in volumes, generally known as seasons. Here, the bond is signed for a specific time period, be it a year or two and the serial runs in continuity.


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What About Characters?
If we look into the characters and their lives, we see a contrast. While here the majority of tv shows are centred on the life of the hero and heroine and their big Indian families (keep in mind the saas and bahu and the kids and the son-in-law and paternal uncle and.. the list is never ending).


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Serials of the West have a centred theme, like historical fiction (Downton Abbey being my favourite), crime thrillers like Quantico (starring our very own Priyanka Chopra), teen series which include The Vampire Diaries, Scream Queens and Pretty Little Liars and many more like the evergreen Friends and How I Met Your Mother. They have a plot and they stick to a genre.


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Culture & Value
Indian series appeal to our native masses. They portray the family bonding that encourages an urge to watch it. The respect from a son to his mother, the love of a father and a daughter are so well expressed that it instills in us the values that make us Indian. Hollywood tv series on the other hand have a distinct culture, which is very obvious. They display the western trends more than indigenous satires and comedies.


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If we compare on the basis of revenue we find that the budget of Hollywood daily soaps is far more when compared to the Indian. This may be because of the rise in their popularity and also the domination of American dollar as a standard currency all over the world. The demand for Hollywood entertainment is rising each passing minute.


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To sum it all up, we as viewers get a way to spend our leisure, be it via Indian or foreign tv serials. The wait for a new, exciting telecast or when the life of the protagonist takes a sharp bend can never be forgotten! This is how these series have moulded us and the way we react is the way we mould their plot holes!

What differences do you see between Hollywood and Indian TV serials?

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